What Are Some Good Jobs For Introverts With Anxiety?

Reviewed by Aaron Horn, LMFT

Published 06/24/2022

Having an anxiety disorder can make it hard to do things that some people take for granted. If you happen to be an introvert with anxiety, you might even have issues interacting with the public. Some people have social anxiety disorders that make them want to shut themselves away from society, but others just get very nervous when interacting with people closely. Whatever your problems might look like, it’s important to know that you can live a normal life. People with anxiety issues can work all sorts of jobs, but introverts with anxiety might find certain career paths more appealing than others.

Keep reading to go over several types of jobs for introverts with anxiety. If you are worried about experiencing job anxiety at many traditional workplaces, this list should help you. Finding good jobs for people with anxiety will allow you to consider your options. You might just find the perfect career path for your situation. You can find a good job as long as you keep an open mind and consider the possibilities.

Stocking Shelves At Stores

One of the best things about getting a job stocking shelves is that you get to do a lot of work by yourself. You might interact with some of your co-workers a bit, but you will mostly be unloading trucks and putting things where they need to be. There are lots of “stock” jobs that you can apply for in most cities. You might be able to get a job stocking your local department store at night during the off-hours. It’s also possible that you could get a job helping to unload trucks at a warehouse.

For the most part, these jobs aren’t very lucrative, but they do have some advantages. This is going to be the type of job that has some growth potential. It’s appealing for introverts because you don’t have to deal with the public much, if at all. If you get a job that involves unloading trucks into a warehouse, then you’ll only ever deal with co-workers and your boss. Consider the practicality of this job if you’re fine with lifting heavy boxes and think this work would suit you.

Working With Pets

Working with pets has the potential to be a very good career for people with anxiety. It has been shown that pets can actually reduce anxiety symptoms in people, which makes it good for you to be around them. Besides considering getting your own pet, it might be good to have a job involving working with pets. Many people make money by walking dogs, training dogs, grooming pets, and doing other things. If you love animals, then this is a career path that is well worth looking into.

You might be surprised by how much some of these careers can earn you as well. Good dog groomers will have to deal with the public, but you’ll mostly be working with animals if you’re not the owner of the business. Dog walking and dog training services can even make decent money depending on the area that you’re in. This could be a relaxing, low-stress job that will appeal to you if you’re inclined to look into it. There are many pet jobs to consider, so just try to pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Landscaping Jobs

Landscaping jobs can be some of the most satisfying jobs out there for those who like to spend time outdoors. There are several types of landscaping jobs that you can get as well. You could get job working with a local landscaping company. These jobs won’t pay super high wages, but it could be good work depending on the season and your area's climate. It’s also possible to get a more complex landscaping job that will involve creating custom garden areas, trimming trees, and helping people with irrigation.

As you might expect, the more complex and skilled landscaping jobs will allow you to earn more money. You will have to deal with clients if you start your own landscaping business, but many landscapers do their work while their customers aren’t home. Your interactions with people would be professional and fairly limited in a job like this. The work that you get to do outside could also be very helpful for your anxiety. Being out in the sun and working with your hands could put you in a much more positive place. Gardening has been noted as a good way to reduce anxiety.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a job type that has become much more plausible in the past decade. You don’t have to try to get work at a newspaper or major website to make money as a writer now. It’s possible to take on clients to help them market their products or write informative articles about industry topics. Many skilled writers take on freelance work as a side job, but some also choose to make it a full-time career. The amount of money you can make as a freelance writer depends on your skill and work ethic.

The best part about freelance writing is that you get to do it from anywhere. You can write from the comfort of home on your trusty laptop and earn money using your writing skills. Of course, you need to have the right skills to make this work. If you aren’t a good writer already, then this will not be a practical course for you to take in life. Many successful freelance writers were English majors in college, and some have even written professionally in other ways. You don’t need a lot of experience to get started, but you do need to prove yourself so that people will take a chance on you.

Website Design

Website design is another option that winds up being quite similar to freelance writing. All businesses need to have professional websites in the modern era. If you know how to design aesthetically pleasing and intuitive websites, this could be a great career idea. You’ll be able to do all of your work from home, and the majority of your correspondence with others will be through email or over the phone.

Some website designers take local clients only, but you might have better luck if you try to find jobs on major freelancing websites. Many people are looking for help with website design, and you could find some lucrative jobs. It’s going to require you to know your stuff regarding website design, though. If you haven’t taken courses to learn about website design, then it might be less likely that you’ll be able to get work. Just consider it as an option if you have the proper set of skills.

Forest Ranger

Forest rangers spend a lot of time on their own just looking after the areas that they’re in charge of. Sometimes forest rangers will work with other rangers, but you’ll find that these people spend most of their time alone. You shouldn’t seek out isolation because you’re introverted and have anxiety, but this career option still might appeal to you. The pay is likely going to be pretty solid, and it can be nice to spend a lot of time relaxing in the forest. If you’re the type of person who loves the outdoors, then it’s well worth thinking about this job.


Cosmetology careers can be good for people with anxiety as well, but they can be somewhat challenging. It’s a potentially good career because you can earn a good living while having small interactions with clients. It might be good for you to get comfortable with others by doing these types of things so that you can become a bit less introverted over time. Being introverted is completely fine, but being a functioning introvert is likely one of your goals. Interacting with your clients as a cosmetologist is a good way to help you move forward, but it’s up to you to decide if this idea is a comfortable one.

Treat Your Anxiety

Ensure that you’re getting treated if you have an anxiety disorder so that you can feel more capable of doing your best. If you haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety yet, then you should take this anxiety test. It helps some people to realize that they need to talk to their doctors about anxiety. It’s not a diagnostic tool, but it’s a good way to become aware of how significant your problems are. Once you’ve taken the test, it’ll be simple to make an appointment with your doctor to receive treatment.

Your doctor can help you by prescribing anti-anxiety medication, and you might even benefit from going to therapy. Over time, anxiety symptoms can become much easier for you to manage. Many people with anxiety note that things are tougher initially. They get better at coping over time. It’s even possible that you could do well in many types of careers that you wouldn’t have thought you could do before. You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to the career options above if you work on your anxiety issues with professionals.