How Depression Memes Are Used As A Coping Tool

Reviewed by Laura Angers, LPC

Published 12/29/2020

Dealing with depression isn't easy because it includes a range of emotions. You may feel sad one minute and irritable the next. It makes going through daily living challenging because sometimes you feel out of touch with others. When depression symptoms make everyday living a struggle, it is essential to understand how to cope. Knowing how to manage makes a difference while helping you stay focused and proactive to move forward. While it is important to have a treatment plan for your depressive symptoms, many also find memes about depression helpful when coping.

How People Relate To Depression Memes


The internet is full of memes on different topics, subjects, people, places, etc. While some see them as an inside joke about a situation regarding understanding people's feelings, opinions, and experiences, they help connect the dots. Someone sharing a depressing meme could feature a thought or emotion others can instantly relate to. Memes about depression are viewed regularly by people young and old. Because depression affects people differently, you are likely to find a meme you can relate to by instantly recognizing the scenario in captions.

Memes about depression bring humor to the concept of feeling sad. When people can relate to them, they see how humor is used to give a different perspective. Some say humor has a way of helping to control negative thoughts associated with depression. A person with depression may experience humor differently based on their ability to control negative emotions. Since there are memes used in different situations related to depression, they influence people to cope with their feelings.

Depression Memes Help People Confront Struggles

Mental health stigma is common, and sometimes people don't want to get help when they suspect depression. Such memes encourage people to do something about what they are feeling. Many are more likely to talk about their struggles. Some may think memes about mental health could bring on depression symptoms, but it is not true for many. It helps people put their situation into perspective. People can express their emotions using humor while helping themselves feel better. In many cases, it makes talking about challenging aspects of depression a little more comfortable such as sadness or when you feel empty.

Depression memes make tough depression topics relatable while letting others experience their emotional hurt. They help others understand what a depressed person goes through mentally and emotionally. It gives another perspective about why depression is challenging to live with and how it affects a person's life. Memes about depression can discuss difficult topics more comfortable to start and encourage people to listen. Also, you learn how people in different age groups live with depression and see things from their perspective.

You Gain Insight On How To Talk About Your Depression


People find mental health memes relatable because it speaks to them. When it is difficult to talk about your feelings, a meme may have words or vocabulary with it that helps you make a connection. You'll learn how to talk about your symptoms and how they affect your emotional wellness. People are more likely to share memes because they know others will know what it means. People often struggle to talk about their feelings because they don't know the right words to say or make their thoughts into spoken words.

It is common for people with depression to feel hopeless or empty. Sometimes it is challenging trying to put these thoughts into words. People with depression may feel something, but they may not know what it is called. A meme can give them a name and a sense of relief when people learn someone else can relate. Sharing memes among peers and friends help with reassurance. A person with depression will know their feelings matter, and their feelings are valid.

Wouldn't Depression Memes Make People Feel Worse?

Many would say they don't because they provide insight into how a person with depression feels and their emotional hurt. Many social media platforms have regulations to ensure people are safe when it comes to potentially harmful material shared online. Some social media platforms have certain words or phrases it looks for and triggers people's response to seek help through mental health hotlines or support networks.

Keep in mind some social media platforms only provide so much protection when it comes to internet memes, especially depression memes. Some platforms may have rules against memes with graphic photos. Some may think such memes are toxic, but many social media platforms know there is a balance between supporting and removing content they deem inappropriate.

Underlying Messages Of Hope

People that relate to depression memes may feel hopeful about their future. Knowing they are not the only person to experience these feelings can make a difference when moving forward. While there are memes on challenging topics, there are memes with positive messages that bring hope. Sometimes depression leaves a person feeling hopeless or worthless. There are plenty of memes on these feelings that put things into perspective. It helps you think about things to be grateful for and what to look forward to in the future.

Sometimes memes for depression can be thoughtful and unique. People get surprised at how a creative thought can be paired with the right picture and a few choice words. Besides feeling hopeful, people feel like they instantly connect with others when shared online. It is interesting to see how many times a meme is shared among others. A thoughtful photo with a few words, a sentence, phrase, or expression can go far mentally and emotionally.

People Can Connect When They Feel Isolated


Depression can make you feel alone and withdrawn from others. With memes, depression has another side that connects you with others that know what it's like to feel alone. It can be hard to talk about your feelings, especially with people you care about. Social media plays a significant role in helping people be open about their feelings. You can find internet memes shared randomly in social media message feeds, but you'll find even more among support groups and forums for depression. They act as a conversation piece and get people talking.

People find memes about depression significant because they represent their feelings. While they are creative and humorous at times, they help get your point across so you can make meaningful connections with others who relate, whether you know them or not. Memes can represent an experience you've been through. When you feel isolated, it is essential to find ways to communicate your feelings. Talking about your feelings starts the healing process.

Memes Have A Profound Effect On Feelings

People with depressive symptoms often relate to memes about emotions and different situations. Sometimes the severity of someone's depression could play a role in how such memes affect their feelings. Some studies look at the significance behind internet memes, including mental health memes—people with different types of depression benefit from them. Most people benefit from their shareability, humor, relatability, and ability to improve a person's mood.

Some memes are so relatable, people may save it or make a collection of them to refer to when they feel sad. Memes have a way of helping people regulate their emotions and be aware of their feelings. Sure, some mental health memes are hard to look at for some, but they allow people to express their thoughts and recognize them through creativity. Memes may be relatable, but sometimes people interpret them differently than others. It may have something to do with how a meme influences a person's feelings and what emotions they feel tolerable.

They Do More Than Cheer You Up


Sometimes memes are seen as a corny way to put a smile on your face. For others, people may perceive them as a form of therapy, depending on how they affect their thoughts. A person may look at a meme and get a different interpretation of a situation they experienced. Instead of instantly comparing something to the worst-case scenario, depression memes, funny or sad, may help you focus on the positive. A person with depression may see their situation differently through a depression meme. Others may see memes as a reflection of their state of mind but with a touch of dark humor.

People have personal opinions about whether memes help them cope with their feelings. There is potential for mental health memes to improve mood, but more research is necessary to understand this possibility. They are seen as a positive way for depressed people to connect and share with others. Some may find it easier to connect with people to be a part of their support network. Depressed individuals may feel less alone as they share memes that reflect their thoughts. People gain a sense of belonging that helps destigmatize depression to focus on moving forward and getting the help they deserve.