What Are Common Manic Symptoms?

Reviewed by Aaron Horn, LMFT

Published 06/22/2022

When it comes to mania, there are certain symptoms that you should be aware of. Moreover, you should know what mania is and how it relates to other mental conditions. This article will explain how to recognize mania and bipolar disorder and how these disorders can be treated.

What Is Mania?

Mania occurs when a person experiences periods of intense bouts of energy. Generally, mania is associated with bipolar disorder since many people who experience mania also experience down or depression.

Mania Symptoms

Here is a look at symptoms associated with mania.

  • Feeling like you don’t need any sleep
  • Feeling happy or elated
  • Talking a lot, more than normal
  • Doing risky things, like gambling, shopping too much, or taking illicit drugs.

If you notice that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consider taking this mania test to find out more about your options.

Bipolar Disorder

You may have heard about bipolar disorder but heard it called something else. It can also be known as bipolar depression or manic depression. This condition causes periodic changes in moods, which can lead to a great disruption to a person’s life, in several different aspects, including eating, sleeping, and being able to work. There are a couple of types of bipolar disorder that should be noted.

Bipolar I Disorder

This type of bipolar disorder is characterized by intense periods of depression, or down feelings, and intense periods of mania, which are times when a person feels up or happy. Usually, depressive periods are longer-lasting, but symptoms of both types may be experienced simultaneously when it comes to Bipolar I. Moreover, this type may lead to hospitalization in some people if their symptoms are severe enough to warrant it.

Bipolar II Disorder

This type also deals with major depressive episodes, but the mania aspect is less severe. The mania that someone may experience with Bipolar II is thought to be hypomania, which is considered less serious than mania. However, both types are serious and require treatment. This is discussed in The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, which also lays out how difficult it can be to notice a patient’s symptoms at first. It may take a while for a doctor to be aware of all the symptoms present. If you experience symptoms of bipolar disorder, it is important to discuss these with your doctor, so you can get the best treatment plan for you.

Bipolar Symptoms

Here is a look at possible symptoms.

  • Feeling sad or that your life has no meaning
  • Not feeling any pleasure, regardless of what you do
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Eating too much or not enough
  • Unable to think
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Not making good decisions
  • Cannot control thoughts
  • Feeling like you have energy all the time

If you notice that you have one or more of the symptoms of bipolar disorder, and they are affecting your life, reach out for the support you need. Talk to your doctor about treatment options and see what is available to you.

Treatment Options

A couple of major treatment options are utilized when it comes to treating bipolar disorder. One is psychotherapy. This can be practical, as certain therapy types can help a person learn how to change their moods, deal with stress, and other aspects that may be beneficial for a person who experiences symptoms of bipolar disorder. A 2017 study also explains how important it can be to utilize psychoeducation. This essentially means providing someone as much information as possible about their disorder and what can be done about it. In some instances, it may be necessary to involve family members in this psychoeducation as well.


Different medicines are used when a person experiences bipolar disorder, and the type of prescription is determined by the present symptoms. You can discuss this with your doctor to find out which one they recommend for your symptoms. Since there are many types and it can be hard for a doctor to be aware of all of the symptoms you experience. You should always be as honest and open as you can with mental health professionals, so you can get a treatment that can improve your symptoms.

Home Treatment Options

There are also additional changes you can make to your life and routine, which may help you when it comes to your treatment.

Sleep At Night

You may find positive results when you start to sleep at night. An adult should get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. It may be helpful to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time each morning. This can allow you to set a routine for yourself.

Eat Healthy Meals

Another aspect that will help your overall health is changing your diet. Be sure that you are eating enough calories and that you are eating healthy foods. Again, eating at around the same times each day can also be a good way to start a routine.


Exercising is also something that may impact your life for the better during your treatment. Exercise can get rid of stress and improve your mood. It may also help you sleep at night. If you often have trouble sleeping, this can be especially helpful, but make sure you work out during the daylight hours. Exercising at night may have the opposite effect and keep you awake.

Learn To Relax

Learning to relax is not easy to do, but it is good for everyone. One way to relax is to stop and do something that makes you happy. For example, when you feel stressed, or something is bothering you, go ahead and take a few minutes to keep breathing, eat your favorite candy, or play with your dog. An activity that makes you happy might help you relax and forget the things that were bothering you.

Limit Decisions

Since mania may cause you to make risky or dangerous decisions, as you seek treatment, you should limit the number of big decisions you make. Examples would be a job change, moving to a new place, or buying a new car. You can talk to your doctor about how to approach certain situations.

Avoid Alcohol And Drugs

You should also stay away from alcohol and drugs. This is especially important if you are taking medicines since these substances may interfere with them. If you are already addicted to either of these things, you need to seek support to get off of them. Talk to your mental health professional if you have an issue with addiction, as this is a treatable condition as well.

Count On Others When You Need To

Having a support system on your side is a significant factor for successful treatment. If there are people that you are close to and trust, do your best to keep in touch with them. You may need to lean on them as you start your treatment. Talk to your loved ones, visit with them, or do things together, so you can make sure you are on good terms with the people you love the most. Do your best to keep from isolating yourself, even if you feel like that’s what you want to do. When there are people that care about you and want you to get better, allow them to help when they can. Talk to them about what is going on with you and how your treatment is going. They could be able to offer suggestions or provide you with kind words.


Bipolar Disorder is a condition that can’t be cured, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t helpful treatment options available. Many people that experience Bipolar Disorder will experience it for many years of their lives. However, their symptoms may change over time. When you reach out for the treatment you need, you may see a reduction in symptoms and feel like yourself again. This means you’ll be able to go to work or school and do other things that you want to do.

Be sure to always be honest with your doctor and make sure that you tell them everything you are experiencing because this will give them a chance to develop an effective treatment strategy. You should also remember to be patient since results might not come quickly. This doesn’t mean that your treatment isn’t working. You can see relief from bipolar symptoms if you follow the advice of mental health professionals. Reach out for support when you need it because it is available for you.