Can Sex Addiction Treatment Turn Your Life Around?

Reviewed by Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC

Published 06/22/2022

Being addicted to sex is something that can hurt your life in so many different ways. If you’re suffering from sex addiction, then it can be hard for you to focus on anything but your sexual urges. There are many different types of addiction that you can have issues with, too. Some people might be addicted purely to seeking sex, but others could be addicted to porn, masturbation, or even specific sexual fetishes. When things start to get out of control with sex addiction, it can be tough to keep your life on track.

This is why so many people have started to seek out professional help with sex addiction treatment. There are various types of sex addiction treatments available that can assist you. If you start getting treatment for your sex addiction soon, then will you be able to turn your life around completely? Keep reading to explore the many ways that sex addiction treatment can make a difference in your life. You’ll learn about treatment styles as well as how getting help can help you to get back to living a satisfying life again.

Sex Addicts Anonymous

You’ve probably heard about groups that help people to get through problems with addiction. One of the most famous groups like this is known as alcoholics anonymous. People who are addicted to alcohol go to AA meetings to keep their urges in check. It’s a good way for people to stay on the path to recovery, and it even helps people to continue to stay sober years after they have given up alcohol. When it comes to sex addiction treatment, this method works very nicely, too.

You can get sex addiction help if you choose to go to sex addicts anonymous meetings. Most of these programs go through a familiar 12-step program pattern to help those addicted to sex. You’ll learn how to come to terms with your addiction so that you can start making positive changes in your life. These group meetings involve being around other people who are addicted to sex, and you’ll likely be in a group that will have a mixture of people who are still struggling as well as those who have been through these problems and gotten better.

Talking to the group about your struggles can help you to feel better over time. This works so well because it helps to hold you accountable for your choices. Many sex addicts feel as though they aren’t able to control themselves at all. Going to a sex addicts anonymous meeting will give you a chance to put things into perspective. It keeps your mind in the right place to start to realize that there are consequences to your actions. It takes you out of the mindset of not controlling your urges by helping you regain control.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that recovery is going to be easy. Learning how to cure sex addiction isn’t as simple as attending one meeting and then going about your business. Many people attend these meetings for years to ensure that they can stay on a positive path. It can be very satisfying to know that you’ll be able to help others who are suffering once you get to a good place in your life, though. There are also other options to consider if you think that going to meetings won’t be enough for you to turn your life around.

In-Patient Sex Rehabilitation Centers

In-patient sex rehabilitation centers exist for those who are struggling with sex addiction. When you have a serious sex addiction that has thrown your life into turmoil, this is likely going to be the best solution. Professionals at these sex rehab centers know how to treat sex addiction, and you’ll be able to get good results. Facilities like this work very much like other rehab centers for those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

You can admit yourself to one of these facilities so that you can abstain from sex for a long period. If you’ve been seeking out dangerous sexual situations, then this could be a good way to help yourself. You’ll be able to try to heal yourself in a facility that you can count on to keep you safe. Often, you’ll find that facilities like this will offer therapy as well as meetings that are similar to the ones mentioned above.

Patients will be staying at the facility for a certain amount of time to work on their sex addiction issues. Some programs might take thirty days, but others will take significantly longer than that. You’ll be working on learning to control your impulses while you’re in the sex rehabilitation center. Sex rehab might be the perfect way for you to start regaining control of your life again. Individual therapy sessions can help you learn more about yourself and why things have gotten to this point.

Anyone who feels like they’re running out of options due to sex addiction will benefit from sex rehab. It’s something that has helped even those who have extreme sex addiction issues. This doesn’t mean that sex rehab will be easy or that you won’t have to work to get your impulses under control. It’s just a great option to take advantage of if you feel like your life is in constant turmoil due to your sex addiction.


Sex addiction therapy is a very common treatment for sex addiction that can work wonders over time. The most popular type of therapy that is used to treat sex addiction is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This is a type of therapy that helps people to change the way that they think about things. It can help you alter your behavior to stop doing certain sexual activities that are harmful to your life. Most people suffering from sex addiction will benefit immensely from working with a professional therapist.

It’s also good to know that a therapist can help you get to the bottom of your sex addiction. Some people who become addicted to sex will have these urges spring up because of something else that happened in life. This can be a very complex topic, and it’s hard to say what could be causing you to feel addicted to sex. Some might have abandonment issues from past relationships, while others might have gone through sexual or emotional abuse in the past.

When you have a compassionate therapist who can help you work through your past issues, it allows you to put things into perspective. You can learn how to cope with what has happened in your past so that you can start to build a more promising future. It’s also great to be able to learn from a therapist when it comes to coping mechanisms. This can make it much easier for you to cope with the sexual urges that often cause you to seek sex in unsafe ways.

This form of sex addiction treatment has the potential to help you to turn your life around. It might take time to get the results you’re looking for, but it won’t be nearly as hard as trying to beat sex addiction independently. Many people will benefit from using therapy as a part of a sex addiction treatment strategy. Therapists can help you when you’re going through an existential crisis, and they’re also going to be a source of strength for you when you’re feeling weak. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist if you feel that you could use someone to talk to.

Mental Health Medications

It isn’t uncommon for people going through sex addiction issues to have other mental health problems. You might be feeling like you’re having anxiety symptoms, or you could even be a bit depressed. If you’re worried about whether your depression is contributing to your sex addiction, then you might need help. You can take this depression test to try to confirm whether or not you’re going through a bout of depression. If you know that depression is a problem, you can go to your doctor to get a true diagnosis.

Mental health medications have the potential to help those who are going through sex addiction. There have been many cases where sex addicts have started to feel their urges become less prevalent due to taking antidepressant medications. Sex addicts who are also going through various anxiety issues can benefit from taking anti-anxiety medications as well. It’s just important to discuss what is happening with your doctor to figure out what to do from there.

Your doctor will determine whether you need to be on antidepressant medications of anti-anxiety medications. Generally, a physician is going to be treating your depression and anxiety instead of your sex addiction. It just so happens that treating mental health issues can help to turn your sex addiction around over time. This isn’t going to be the cure-all that will alleviate sex addiction problems for everybody, but it can make a difference in your life. Consider speaking to your doctor today if you know that you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious.