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MSW, LCSW Joy Rumsey

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Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

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Joy Rumsey is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: MSW, LCSW
Years in Practice: 9
State: MD

We all find ourselves stuck at some point in our lives and it takes courage to ask for help moving forward. If this is where you find yourself, let's walk through this journey together. I enjoy the process of working with those who seek change in behaviors, relationships, and management of challenging life circumstances.

Throughout therapy I will encourage the use of your strengths and your own expertise to reach the goals that you have established. We will work toward developing specific skills to utilize in order to manage unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviors in efforts toward improving long term emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

I am a Clinical Social Worker licensed in Maryland with a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have worked as a therapist for 8 years in hospitals, schools, and outpatient private practice settings. I have specialized training in addictions and extensive experience facilitating outpatient programs for adults struggling with mood disorders and substance abuse issues. My inpatient and outpatient employment has allowed me to work with families and individuals dealing with a wide array of issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, life transitions, spiritual issues, grief and loss, self harm behaviors and family dynamics.

I hope to work with you!

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Joy is a compassionate, thoughtful, wise therapist. I've been working with Joy for the last 10 months because of persistent depression/dark thoughts precipitated by a crisis of faith. I felt comfortable with her almost immediately and our weekly conversations have helped me process what was going on in my heart and mind. The topics varied from week to week; sometimes top of mind, recent events with work and family; sometimes deeper, long-standing struggles I've been facing with the evolution of my relationships and my faith in God. Unlike some clients, I didn't have very clear goals/outcomes for therapy and even those I eventually came to articulate were big and not immediately solvable. I just needed someone like her to process stuff with. I appreciate that Joy hasn't tried to force me into a specific goal or treatment modality but let our work together develop organically. She asks thought-provoking questions that make me pause and think. These questions have often helped me to see myself and the world around me in a different light. Because of her ability to listen, her sensitivity and empathy, I can answer honestly, from the heart -- more than I would naturally be able to do with others. While I don't feel "fixed" or that I've resolved my struggles, I feel better, more whole, more mature, and less alone than I did when I started with Joy. If you're reading this, I hope you'll be fortunate enough to get the chance to work with her.

J.O.·Aug 27, 2021


I really appreciate Joy’s style. She’s very personable and it’s easy to open up, which is important in therapy. I’ve seen a lot of progress in how I unpack and approach situations. Highly recommend her.

T.A.·May 14, 2021


Joy was my therapist in 2019 when I lived in MD for a few months, and now I am back with her again in 2021! She is absolutely amazing!

K.A.·Feb 18, 2021


Joy is an absolute joy to work with. When you talk with her, she’s genuine in all her responses and is really calmly and lovingly helpful when things appear hopeless to you. Every session we have is more like I’m talking to a kind and wise friend who always knows what to say rather than someone just listening to “fix” my problems. And (when I DO put the things she says into practice) I notice a difference in my mood and overall outlook on life. Over the course of our sessions, I can honestly say I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement and so have my friends and family members. :)

B.L.·Jan 14, 2021


Joy is an exceptional counselor. Her wisdom always speaks volumes into my situation. She is a highly empathic person and makes everyone feel welcome in her presence.

J.U.·Dec 19, 2020


Joy has been extremely helpful. She has created a safe space for me to speak and understand my truth.

S.T.·Jun 03, 2020


I love her, she is so sweet and caring and she really truly loves her job as a counselor and she wants what is best for me. She is already doing wonders for me! She is amazing.

K.A.·Feb 03, 2020


Joy has been open minded and supportive. I’ve needed a listening ear who could provide sound advice and thoughts when I am overwhelmed or confused. I think this is a great match.

E.L.·Jan 31, 2020


Excellent counselor that is willing to listen and get through all your issues. She was always available when I needed her and really helped me improve myself. A really great person to have by your side.

P.A.·Jan 11, 2020


Joy is very comforting and encouraging. I've recommended friends to BetterHelp based on the level of expertise she offers.

A.N.·Sep 13, 2019


I've had more than a handful of bad counseling experiences, and have always looked for the one that works for me. Not only is BetterHelp a wonderful resource for those who may not have the easiest time with their schedules, but it provides an open, constant platform for both you and your counselor to discuss your needs. This could not be better represented by the care and attention Joy Rumsey pays to her patients. She is insightful, capable of coming up with many levels of care depending on your needs, and mindful of boundaries in a way I have not previously experienced. Truly she has made counseling sessions enjoyable in a way I never thought they could be. I feel supported, and like I have an outlet to find better ways to structure my life and mind.

M.E.·Sep 09, 2019


I have been very inconsistent with how often I use betterhelp, but Joy has always been consistent in her responses. She's always there to be helpful whenever I need it!

S.A.·Aug 28, 2019


Joy has been the most helpful in addressing my needs from BetterHelp. I love how we connect on a personal level and the support she provides is unmatched!

J.E.·Aug 16, 2019


Joy shows genuine concern for me with issues I discuss with her. She offers numerous ways to contact her and resources. I find her very easy to talk to and very helpful.

T.I.·Jul 14, 2019


Joy is insightful, friendly, and humorous.

X.I.·Jul 06, 2019


She's great

B.R.·Jun 13, 2019


Joy is very understanding and listens with concerns. She really helps me feel like my worries and concerns are valid and helps me work through them calmly.

M.A.·May 19, 2019


Upon connecting with Joy I also immediately sensed that she was truly a great counselor. She isn’t quick to make judgments and asks all the important questions that really unpack the underlying issues and paradigms related to my anxiety issues. I feel that she has a genuine sense of empathy and compassion for her clients. I don’t feel like I’m necessarily talking to a counselor. I feel like I’m sharing my inner world with a person who really wants to know me and help. Sharing and being vulnerable is an issue for me but Joy has worked to build trust with me in my own timing. I appreciate what has happened in the last few weeks.

S.A.·May 06, 2019


Joy gives attention to every single sentence I say :)

A.N.·Apr 11, 2019


Joy has been a great help. She responds in a timely manner. She keeps a safe place while challenging my thoughts.

C.H.·Feb 21, 2019


I have had such a great experience working with Joy. She knows how to use the online platform to the advantage of the client-therapist relationship. I feel valued and listed to each time I interact with Joy. She has really helped me deal with my anxiety and self-confidence issues. Thank you, Joy!!

L.I.·Jan 24, 2019


Very helpful, and provides very relatable tools to get through my anxieties. Would definitely recommend!

B.R.·Jan 23, 2019


I find my time and messages with Joy to be very beneficial to my personal development. When I tell her what's going on, I don't feel judged and I'm able to get a response from her within a reasonable amount of time. She has taught me valuable skills that I have been using to address my everyday struggles.

R.O.·Jan 08, 2019


Joy was incredibly helpful in getting me through my divorce. She was respectful and quick to respond and helped me get to a much better place.

E.L.·Jul 23, 2018


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