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LCPC Orly Katz

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Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

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Orly Katz is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCPC
Years in Practice: 15
State: MD

Thank you for taking the first step to make a difference.

My name is Orly Katz. I am a professional counselor in MD, VA, DC and in NV. I am also a maternal child nurse.

My passion for relationships and individual counseling stems from my life’s experience, on the job exposure and advanced continuing education.

My professional background started in the late 1970s as a nurse-midwife in Israel. In 1985, I immigrated to the USA and continued working as a maternal child nurse. Although nursing was rewarding, I felt that my work was missing a vital mental health component, that I believed was integral to a holistic approach that I wished to provide for my clients.

I later obtained an education in counseling, where I focused on relationships and couples. I facilitated support groups for new mothers, new parents, and worked with children and incarcerated women. My work with a diverse population and in different cultures taught me to accept people without judgment.

My pursuit for the most current, research based approaches motivates me to continuously take advanced classes and training, and to read and participate in forums and discussions. This ongoing learning process keeps me updated, while refining and expanding my therapeutic approach.

In my practice, I strive to provide you with the most empathetic, yet objective environment where you feel heard, respected and validated. Together, we will collaborate to customize a plan and provide you with the most tested, up to date tools and techniques to get to your desired wish. Your input and feedback are crucial to our work together.

What sets me apart from other therapists?

Style: My roles as a wife and mother, life experience as an immigrant and professional background all work together by deepening my value and respect for people. I view my clients with great perspective, which allows me to balance an empathetic technique with understanding. With this approach, I am better able to provide clients with direct and straight forward therapy. Clients tend to value this way of “not sugar coating”, or “not hiding behind the bush”.

Clients’ Comments: “This is exactly what I need.”

Specialty: Focusing on relationships and couple counseling, I am known for getting to the root of the issue faster and assisting my clients in customizing the best therapy for them, through educating them on worthwhile, tested approaches. Clients value this method of “nailing it”, or “getting it”.

Clients’ comments: “Coming here is like going to an ivy league school”.

Client Led Discussion: Together with my clients we continue to evaluate the therapeutic process. I guide my clients to set their pace and progress with confidence and trust. They feel empowered.

Clients’ comments: “It feels good, I am hopeful,” and “We have a road map--we are not going to be in therapy forever”.

I look forward to working with you.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Orly is a great therapist, she listens and give great feedback.

Dec 14, 2022


When I had my first session with Orly, I could tell she genuinely cares for her clients. She is thoughtful and really listens to the person and their feelings. I would highly suggest Orly for therapy sessions. I was feeling so many negative emotions before I met with Orly but she talked them through with me and I am extremely happy to say I am in a much better place. She helped me realize something that I had not realized I was going through. I cannot say enough great things about Orly. I have gotten my life back and feel so much more in control. I owe it to working with Orly. Thank you Orly for caring about me and helping me feel like myself again.

Nov 20, 2022


Orly is professional and personable. Has been skilled at presenting thought provoking materials and suggestions.

Nov 06, 2022


Great person who listens and cares.

Oct 07, 2022


Orly has been my therapist for the last 2 years and I absolutely love our sessions!

B.E.·Jun 04, 2022


Highly recommend.

K.E.·Feb 15, 2022


Orly is absolutely wonderful! I look forward to her weekly resources and prompts. She is impartial, unbiased, and genuinely thoughtful.

L.A.·Dec 30, 2021


Orly Is a great listener and reminder of some thing I’ve mentioned. She’s also a great motivator and provoker an insight on myself.

A.N.·Dec 27, 2021


Orly listens, she asks questions that help me get to the root cause of my issue, she is honest and direct but doesn't judge and truly cares. I really look forward to my weekly conversations with her.

A.S.·Nov 09, 2021


Orly has been wonderful to work with so far, she is very prompt and thorough in her responses and is very compassionate. She is a great listener and has some helpful suggestions for practices that help me to implement what we have discussed in sessions. I like that she provides exercises to work through.

E.M.·Sep 04, 2021


Orly is very easy to chat with and provides good advice when you ask for it but can also simply listen to what you have to say if that is what you want in that moment. She sends weekly essays to all of her clients about general topics, and those essays are very nice.

L.O.·Jul 26, 2021


Orly has been really great in helping me deal with the issues I've had since coming aboard. She's patient and objective when needed as well.

B.Y.·Jul 12, 2021


She's so patient and compassionate. It's easy to open up to her.

K.A.·May 18, 2021


I feel that I am in very good hands with Orly. She provides exactly the right amount of deep support, provocative questioning, analysis, and listening. She is no-nonsense and delightful; I look forward to our sessions and find myself calmer, more forgiving of self, more adventurous, and more thoughtful. I highly recommend Orly, I've seen noticeable progress since beginning our sessions.

H.A.·May 10, 2021


Orly really understands my background and culture. She has helped me identify issues that I could not put into words. She is very professional and kind. She is also quite perceptive. I feel that she is someone that has not only extensive professional experience but also life experience. I am very happy that I was paired with Orly as my counselor.

S.H.·Apr 28, 2021


Patient understanding helpful caring

A.N.·Apr 06, 2021


Ms. Orly is very approachable and appreciative with the things I tell her about life/stories/problems. She gives worksheets or exercises to make me fully understand myself. She is very supportive with the things I tell her I do such as my hobbies and likes. She is also very considerate and will always encourage you to see ways to make your life better and find answers when you are anxious. Overall, I recommend her a lot! You’ll not regret having her.

Z.E.·Mar 31, 2021


I feel listened to by Orly, deeply and with understanding. I feel she wants to help me, not with tricks but with real conversation and understanding, providing me advice and knowledge that gives me food for thought.

M.A.·Mar 22, 2021


Orly takes the time to listen and respond to you based on your statements, not based on what she wants to tell you. She puts effort in each day and responds quickly to messages in between sessions. I would recommend her to anyone!

N.I.·Mar 22, 2021


Orly has been an amazing part of my transformation in my matriculation to being a person for myself this making everyone around me better.

C.H.·Feb 27, 2021


Thank you for your guidance and support! I wanted to get therapy for 3 reasons and we are focusing on 2 of those reasons which are prioritized right now. I have been finding her advice useful and I am looking forward to continue working together.

M.A.·Feb 18, 2021


I love meeting with Orly weekly. She has helped me work through some of the issues I've been dealing with over the last few months.

B.E.·Jan 20, 2021


Orly is a wonderful, empathetic listener and a true support person if you are having trouble coping by yourself. Highly recommend!

N.A.·Dec 08, 2020


Wonderful counselor! Very skilled and compassionate.

B.O.·Dec 02, 2020


Dr. Katz is kind and knowledgeable, there's comfort in her care knowing that.

L.I.·Oct 29, 2020


Orly is easy to talk to and kind. A very supportive person who listens to you.

M.A.·Oct 12, 2020


Orly has been very helpful in our first two sessions.

T.Y.·Sep 23, 2020


Orly is easy to talk to, offers excellent feedback and makes me feel comfortable.

L.I.·Sep 14, 2020


She is kind, respectful, and thought provoking.

K.A.·Aug 24, 2020


She's a wise person that knows how to analyze a situation. Even the pitfalls of a decision

A.N.·Aug 08, 2020


She is amazing. Listens and responds after all informarion is laid out.

F.R.·Aug 04, 2020


Orly is amazing, and super helpful, patient, insightful, and easy to talk to. I look forward to our weekly video chats and feel grateful to have a neutral party to speak to about things that I may not want to openly discuss with family and friends.

T.I.·Aug 02, 2020


Orly is a great listener. She asks questions that allow you delve deeper into issues and get to the heart of the matter. Her ability to provide a different perspective than you might not otherwise consider was very helpful to me. I highly recommend Orly!

V.A.·Aug 02, 2020


Orly is amazing and patient with me. I've been with her for about 2 years I'd say and since she's my first ever therapist I really appreciate her efforts to help me with the things I need help with.

B.Y.·Jul 31, 2020


Orly listens to me and provides constructive ideas on how I can decrease my stress levels.

A.S.·Jul 30, 2020


She is very straight forward and practical in her approach, while still super empathetic and understanding. She has expertise in a wide range of areas, so she gives great advice and I feel safe coming to her to ask for help.

J.E.·Jul 02, 2020


Orly has helped me tremendously by listening and providing me with actionable tools that I can use. Orly is responsive, compassionate and informative. I have enjoyed working with her and am excited for this journey of growth and self discovery.

N.I.·May 16, 2020


Orly has been great. She seems to understand my issues even when I can’t put them into words. She’s reliable, empathetic, and insightful. I feel so much better after our conversations and written communications.

E.L.·May 12, 2020


Orly is very compassionate and quick learner so that I don’t need to explain same things over and over again. I like her sincere advice and feel like she has been known for some time. Very comfortable to talk to!

T.O.·Apr 30, 2020


I personally think that she cares a lot about her clients including me. She would give me activities to divert my attention to positive things.

Z.E.·Apr 30, 2020


She is AMAZING!! What else is there to say? She is perfect for Me, I cannot speak as to how she would fit with someone else, but for Me, the algorithm worked well. As for her competence and expertise, to be able to dispense the clear, concise and helpful advice she gives by phone, no less, is unbelievable. Again, she is Amazing. I am very grateful to have met her.

L.A.·Mar 25, 2020


Orly is the consummate professional, flexible and insightful. I highly recommend.

M.I.·Jan 15, 2020


Orly was helpful and gave the right balance of empathy and advice.

C.L.·Jan 09, 2020


Orly is wonderful in that she is a problem solver- she wants to give you the tools to help yourself and some helpful perspective, but her end goal is that you no longer need therapy. I find that so refreshing when I have felt difficulty in making progress with other counselors.

A.L.·Jan 03, 2020


She's very patient, understanding, and is a great listener.

N.I.·Dec 21, 2019


Absolutely amazing and helps me develop an awareness about myself that now makes me more confident In myself and how to manage certain situations.

C.H.·Nov 26, 2019


Orly has been great in helping me understand boundaries and how to create them for myself. She’s also made me aware of unhealthy communication patterns that I often don’t recognize. Extremely insightful.

C.R.·Nov 08, 2019


Orly Katz is an incredible therapist who is clearly very experienced and passionate about what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking help. My first session with her definitely made me feel more optimistic about how therapy can help me see positive change in my life. Thank you, Orly!

E.R.·Oct 02, 2019


Very helpful and knowledgeable. Understands my concerns and offers relate able advice.

L.E.·Sep 30, 2019


Orly is great and is very empathetic. It was great meeting Orly! Can’t wait to continue with my therapy.

P.E.·Sep 30, 2019


I think that Orly is an excellent counselor. She is experienced, kind, caring and patient. She has the ability to assess and understand a problem very quickly, allowing her to dispense the most productive resolution. I love her, I think she's great!

L.A.·Sep 16, 2019


Orly Katz has a good grasp of counseling techniques and knows the right questions to ask. She is friendly and willing to move in a different direction when I need to.

B.A.·Jul 27, 2019


I feel lucky to have Orly as my counselor. She is very caring and can remember everything I said. She can often figure out the root cause after my long, tedious explanation. That's like a Ah-ha moment. Will keep in touch with her as long as I can!

A.N.·Jul 22, 2019


Orly Katz has helped me so much with my anxiety and is helping me learn to manage life’s stresses.

A.V.·Jul 09, 2019


Orly is a good listener and has provided me with good insight on myself and what I'm goin through.

M.O.·Mar 13, 2019


Orly has been an awesome resource for me. She knows what she is doing, she is respectful and most importantly, extremely helpful.

L.A.·Mar 06, 2019


Ms. Katz has been a monumental help for me since I started this process. I can't thank her enough for the things she has taught me that I have started to incorporate into my life.

B.Y.·Jan 09, 2019


Very supportive and responds very quickly.

C.Y.·Dec 07, 2018


Orly has been nothing but helpful. She is extremely knowledgeable and super easy to talk to! She has an extremely broad perspective and is able to put herself in my shoes in a way that makes me feel like I’m not speaking with a “lay on the leather couch and talk about your problems” kind of therapist. Our conversations are productive and yield results.

R.A.·Oct 27, 2018


She was so helpful to me. Just in our first session, she made me realize something and I made some small adjustments and things so far have been working it's way up.

T.A.·Sep 24, 2018


Felt really good to talk to someone who has pretty good feedback and advice.

M.Y.·Sep 14, 2018


Orly is a patient and understanding counselor with the admirable ability to re-contextualize my anxieties in a way that allows me to acknowledge their causes, as well as figure out how to address them.

D.Y.·Sep 08, 2018


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