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Samuel Abbott is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: PhD, LCPC
Years in Practice: 16

Hello, I am Dr. Samuel (Andy) Abbott, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in the state of Maine and also a Licensed Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LPCC) in the state of New Mexico. I am also a National Certified Counselor. I have studied with numerous mentors to gain a further, in-depth insight into existential psychotherapy, which is my passion. I earned my graduate degree in counseling in Arizona and went on to study Academic Psychology to earn my Doctorate degree (PhD). I moved my family back to my home in Maine in 2002 and have been in practice for over 16 years in the Portland area.

I provide existential therapy services, specializing in men's issues, couples, and adolescents. I have extensive training in a range of modalities including, strength-based coaching, existentialism, family-therapy, CBT, I am heavily involved in continuing research and emerging trends of therapy and present findings nationally regarding new techniques and services. I am an educator to graduate and doctorate students who are pursuing their goal of becoming therapists themselves.

I am an avid film fan and seek out live music performances of all genres. I love restaurants and experiencing new cultures.

I look forward to guiding you in a discovery of seeking your intrinsic being and devising a plan to live your most congruent and authentic life.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $35 to $80 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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He’s wonderful

P.A.·Nov 01, 2021


Dr Abbott is thoughtful and I appreciate how he has been helping me. I’ve only had two sessions on the phone but am looking forward to continuing my counselling.

K.A.·Oct 18, 2021


I’ve really enjoyed my time working with Dr. Abbott so far. I had been looking for someone that I could connect with and that would understand me on a different level. His approach is very unique. He gets you to really think deep about your desires and then helps you to navigate the way to get there. I appreciate this about him.

M.A.·Sep 16, 2021


My time working with Andy has been beyond valuable so far. Andy listens closely, holds space so well, and shows up with a gentle yet highly encouraging spirit that keeps me wanting to move forward. He has been the sound voice amidst all the noise and has never failed to provide unwavering support throughout all the highs and lows. After almost one year of working together, I feel lighter, more confident, more equipped to handle life's uncertainties, and closest to my most authentic self than I have ever been. This is all helping me take important strides forward towards goals that are most meaningful to me. Whether you are seeking therapy for the first time or are looking for a different therapist, I believe you have nothing to lose and so much to gain from working with Andy.

A.L.·Aug 03, 2021


It did take me a few sessions to really warm up to his style of positivity, but I'm so glad I stuck with him! He's such a compassionate person and knows how to ask questions in a way that makes me WANT to really sit and think and do the work to make positive changes. It's only been a few months, but this has been the best counseling experience I could have asked for and I'm so thankful for all of his help and encouragement!

D.A.·Jun 16, 2021


Insightful and helpful!

R.I.·May 04, 2021


Dr. Abbott is a great professional. He is extremely supportive and energetic. I usually am a bit reticent to connect with someone so positive but I can say with confidence that his positivity has been really helpful to help me open up. Thank you Dr. Abbott!

O.L.·May 04, 2021


I love Dr. Abbott and feel like I can really open up and be myself with him. I've tried quite a few counselors over the years and Dr. Abbott is the first I've wanted to stick with.

L.A.·Apr 14, 2021


Although I have only been working with Dr. Abbott for a few months, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far. He is very compassionate, understanding, and easy to talk to, but also authentic, and will tell you things straight up. He makes you feel heard and validates your feelings, whatever they might be. Dr. Abbott is a great person to talk to and has helped me during a very chaotic time in my life. I am very pleased with better help and Dr. Abbott!

E.M.·Apr 13, 2021


I haven’t been speaking with Dr. Abbott for very long but I’ve really enjoyed the communication so far. I’m hopeful for the process we are embarking on and for getting on a video call with him. He speaks to me not just as a patient with issues but makes me feel human and heard. He also has sent great recommendations to do/read to get more knowledgeable with how I’m feeling/what I’m experiencing or have already experienced. I recommend Dr. Abbott and feel confident I’ll continue to recommend him.

M.I.·Mar 04, 2021


So far, Dr Abbott seems to be kind, professional, friendly and focused on the positive!

A.N.·Mar 02, 2021


I thoroughly enjoyed discussing with Dr Abbott. He is enthusiastic and very knowledgable. He listens intently and gives you nuggets of wisdom to take with you and ponder or implement. I would definitely recommend him.

B.R.·Feb 22, 2021


Great listener and subtle help in many ways.

J.I.·Feb 15, 2021


Andy is wonderful in many ways. He never fails to keep the human component alive in his approach, and he has allowed me to take things at my own pace, while giving a pause or a nudge as needed. Andy is consistent, reliable, and very easy to talk to. For anyone looking to process, heal, and elevate, Andy makes way for that through his expertise, kindness, wisdom, authenticity, and remarkable ability to make one feel heard and empowered. He has been my greatest advocate and solid support through it all. Thank you, Andy.

A.L.·Feb 02, 2021


Dr Abbott is a good listener, thoughtful and a real cheerleader. He helped me come out of a difficult period with support, advice and kindness. I would recommend.

C.A.·Jan 12, 2021


I’ve been working with Dr. Abbott for a while now off and on. It is awesome to be able to have a counselor that knows me and is able to help through different situations in life.

K.A.·Jan 06, 2021


I am satisfied with my experience.

R.I.·Jan 04, 2021


Dr. Abbott is fantastic. Not pushy or in my face, listens, understands what it is I want out of this experience.

J.A.·Dec 03, 2020


I deeply enjoyed working with Dr. Andy. He is kind, compassionate and just gets it. He helped me tackle my stress and anxiety, while simultaneously turning my marriage around. He helped me work through my mom guilt and I feel like I am on my way to living my best life thanks to his help and guidance. Andy is real. He is direct and will tell you what you need to hear, but never in a harsh way. Honestly, I was hesitant to work with a male counselor while I had so much animosity toward my husband, but his insight and point of view were invaluable. I've never been happier in my marriage. I wish I could continue counseling indefinitely, but the financial resources are needed elsewhere in my life. However, if I ever need guidance again, I will not hesitate to come back and seek out Dr. Andy.

A.S.·Nov 27, 2020


I would highly recommend Andy to anyone looking for help, Andy helped build confidence in myself and what I am capable of. He really helped me get through difficult period where I wasn't doing well at work, with my relationship and was not taking care of myself. Andy helped me find the inner strength and confidence to get myself back to where I needed to be with at work, helped me find myself and find a right path to a great relationship with my Fiancee. Thank you for everything Andy for the last 7 months :)

M.U.·Nov 27, 2020


I am so impressed with, that I have decided to pursue becoming affiliated with them as I prepare to re-enter Private Practice myself, as an LCSW. Times are definitely changing business as usual!

E.Z.·Nov 23, 2020


Dr. Abbot is kind, authentic and thoughtful in his approach to support. He often asks thought questions that guide you to an answer you already hold in your heart. His approach is great when you want to grow and develop skills and confidence in yourself. I’m grateful for his support during a very challenging season of my life.

J.U.·Nov 07, 2020


I appreciate how Dr. Abbott is taking the time to listen to my experiences and while offering guidance to help me almost “retrain” my brain to be able to cope and stay calm. I’m still new, so time will tell, but I really appreciate how he listens and has something to say every time. Very friendly!

K.I.·Sep 30, 2020


Dr. Abbot is very helpful and positive.

A.M.·Sep 29, 2020


I am finally getting the help I need

S.O.·Sep 23, 2020


Dr. Abbott is heaven-sent: really focuses on the sub-level root issue and responds to all queries in a timely manner. Therapy, let alone online therapy, is new for me and Dr. Abbott has made this transition very easy. He's great to talk, extremely professional and coaches me with meaningful prompts. I highly recommend him to anyone new to therapy as well as individuals who want to take therapy to a higher level.

J.E.·Sep 22, 2020


Andy is great! His approach is upfront and honest. He doesn't pretend be holy than thou and focuses on being the best humans we can be. He helped me see things I couldn't and change my perception of my life. If money wasn't an issue I would stick with counseling and with Andy for a very long time.

I.S.·Aug 14, 2020


Dr. Andy conducts himself in a very friendly, respectful, and professional manner. He makes himself available in any way you are more comfortable communicating with him. He responds in a timely manner and partners with you to work things out at your pace.

R.O.·Jul 31, 2020


Dr. Abbott is very positive, responsive and understanding. Thank you, Dr. Abbott.

K.I.·Jul 20, 2020


He is extremely kind, helpful and supportive. With his help I've been making a lot of progress in recovering from my trauma and being able to lead a normal life without self imposed constraints. He is extremely reliable and understanding which has been amazing!his recommendations on books that could help, as well as different activities that could be beneficial have become very good tools indeed!

A.R.·Jul 20, 2020


intelligent and engaging. My part has been not participating.

J.I.·Jul 20, 2020


He has been very patient and understanding. Helping me to tackle my problems one at a time.

S.U.·Apr 23, 2020


Dr. Abbot is calm, listens without judgement, and gives practical counsel on how to tolerate distressing emotions and sensations. He has helped me through multiple crisis and given context to my overall healing process. He has been consistently encouraging and authentic. And he is both well educated and flexible in his mindset.

K.Y.·Apr 20, 2020


He is understanding and supportive.

J.E.·Apr 02, 2020


Dr Abbott is a nice gentleman and support me though out my difficult time. I'll keep my subscription until I found myself in a better place. Thank you for your help.

D. .·Jul 30, 2019


He’s a great doc - I’m tellin ya I wasn’t about all of this at first but he’s helped me a lot.

J.A.·Jul 15, 2019


He is very helpful in letting you tell him everything. There is no judgment. There does not seem to be anything that would shock him. It is a rock and in a world of uncertain things and sometimes that is all someone needs.

S.A.·Jul 05, 2019


Just talking to him short term has given me comfort and even some confidence. He's an excellent counselor

R.A.·Jun 09, 2019


One of the most positive people I know. After every session, I feel energized and keen to work on improving myself. Wish I could have him as my personal guru.

T.I.·May 20, 2019


Andy has been absolutely incredible. Hands down the best counselor I’ve ever had. He is able to help me with my anxiety regarding relationships, work, and day-today struggles I might encounter. Any time I have the option to talk about my anxiety, I talk about Andy and the BetterHelp application. I’m truly seeing a difference in myself and I’m loving it.

R.A.·May 06, 2019


I like that I feel supported and that he listens to what I'm saying. He is kind and nice, which is also. He makes me feel good about being honest about what I have going on and he isn't judging me for everything that I have going on.

L.I.·Apr 15, 2019


Dr. Abbott has provided me a channel to voice out my concerns and tell him things that I may be uncomfortable to bring up to my family or friends. For that I am grateful.

V.I.·Mar 13, 2019


Dr. Abbott has been a huge help in just the short time I have been in contact. It is nice to know that I can send a quick message whenever I'm having a weak moment and he will respond very quickly. He validates my feelings but shows me the bright side. He finds the good. I am so thankful I have found this super convenient way to get the professional help I needed!

J.E.·Feb 16, 2019


Dr Abbot was very helpful. I wasn't able to really dive in with him, but that was my limitation, not his. Good experience.

J.O.·Feb 01, 2019


I can say with out a doubt that Dr. Abbott is truly amazing. He has helped me with problems I never new even exited until we started talking. I know my journey will be long but he will be with me the whole way.

T.R.·Jan 23, 2019


Dr Abbott is the man. His perspective is always spot on when I need it. He gently guides you along the path that your true self chooses, but pulls no punches when appropriate. His support has changed my life.

B.E.·Jan 11, 2019


Dr. Abbott is a kind and caring therapist who creates a safe environment where he supports and helps with deconstructing our own stories, then helping the peices fall into place.

A.L.·Sep 27, 2018


I am really happy with Dr. Abbott. He listens me and it is a nice motivator.

V.E.·Sep 03, 2018


Our mental health industry needs to understan existentialism. That is what I like about Dr. Abbot. Our illnesses, our pain, is link in a lot of ways, to a lack of meaning. Dr. Abbot's empathetic ways makes it easier for you to explore that path.

S.A.·Aug 09, 2018


Talking to Andy feels like talking to an old friend that doesn’t reserve judgment and offers great day-to-day advice. Heck, he’s better than a friend!

D.R.·Jul 24, 2018


Andy is genuinely great, he makes people comfortable and listens well. He has been a great help.

G.A.·Jul 04, 2018


Dr. Abbott is a fantastic listener and has helped me understand the emotions and dissatisfaction I've been experiencing. He was responsive over messaging and our phone conversations felt genuine and productive. I felt encouraged and empowered after our several phone calls. I enjoyed Dr. Abbott's energy and passion for his field. I would especially recommend Dr. Abbott to anyone who is looking for self improvement, awareness, and wisdom on how to navigate life's hurtles.

M.A.·May 31, 2018


He is always there for me, and does not make me feel bad about what we talk about. He responds super fast and I like him for all of that. From past experiences with other psychologists I can honestly say that he is the best one I talked with.

A.I.·May 23, 2018


I have worked with Dr. Abbott over three months to address an issue that has impacted my life very deeply and that I was not able to solve myself. I can confidently say that without his help I would not be were I am now. I admit that I was skeptical regarding online therapy at the beginning, but working with Dr. Abbott has completely changed my perspective on that. He is a wonderful therapist and a great person to work with. The support I received from him has benefited me tremendously.

M.I.·May 19, 2018


Very kind and understanding! He truly had an insight of the situation.

G.E.·Apr 20, 2018


Dr. Abbott is amazing. He is kind and genuine. He has taken the time to rearrange his schedule to try and fit me into it even though I am on the other side of the world. I really appreciate how kind he is and how he helps me to break down big things into smaller goals. I feel I am making more progress now than I have in many years. Highly recommend him.

S.T.·Mar 02, 2018


Dr. Abbott was a wonderful help. I am so grateful for his advice and expertise. I would recommend Dr. Abbott and BetterHelp to anyone.

C.A.·Dec 07, 2017


Dr. Abbott was a great counsellor. Sincerely cared was incredibly pragmatic in his approach. I feel more empowered now that I've met him and feel that I'm on the right path

J.O.·Nov 15, 2017


I not only appreciate Dr. Abbott's attention to detail but his overall approach to rather sensitive topics allowing me to feel comfortable enough to open up to him and give his suggestions an honest try to help myself deal with life in a more effective manner. I feel he respects my experience and I respect his opinion.

D.W.·Nov 04, 2017


Dr. Abbott is a great counsellor. I only worked with him briefly but he was compassionate and understanding. Would definitely recommend him!

R.A.·Sep 08, 2017


Dr. Abbott is an amazing person to talk with. Helped me not only to get through some bad events, but also to choose what's right for me and what's not, and how to deal with stressful days and more. I'm really happy about how I feel now.

L.I.·Aug 21, 2017


I have appreciated Dr. Abbott's help and advice greatly. This is a very convenient, easy way to interact for busy people. I would warmly recommend him!

B.O.·Jul 08, 2017


Andy is incredible. He's helped me overcome a multitude of items and has been incredibly encouraging during the process. He made me feel validated, understood and eased my mind when it came to the harder days. I'm so thankful for Andy and our work together has been truly fulfilling!

N.A.·Jul 06, 2017


Work with Dr. Abbott was very helpful and supportive. It took just one month to considerably change my current situation into a very healthy direction.

A.L.·Jun 29, 2017


Dr. Abbott is very precise and kind. He really knows how to translate your feelings and understand you.

E.V.·Jun 28, 2017


He has been fairly responsive and helpful

R.A.·Jun 18, 2017


Since finding this online therapy and speaking to Dr. Abbott, he has made a big difference in the way I view my life and the world around me. I now feel a lot happier with myself! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It's great talking to someone who isn't a family member or a friend, to get non-biased advice and help.

J.O.·Jun 14, 2017


I never thought I could trust an online therapist, although Dr Abbott connected with me online and he understood what I was going through and understood how lost I was. He is always full of encouragement and always makes me feel better after talking to him. he always listens and provides the best advice, thanks Dr Abbott I so appreciate everything and looking forward to our work together in the future

L.O·May 18, 2017


Dr. Abbot was able to identify my core issues immediately. He's very responsive and checks up on me if I haven't checked in.

N.A.·Apr 28, 2017


Excellent in every way!

L.A·Mar 30, 2017


Very nice and helpfully in every matter. Thanks a lot!!

R.I·Feb 17, 2017


Dr. Abbot is very helpful and understands quickly what I am going through. My sessions with him are helping me to understand myself and encouraging me to embrace the changes that I need to make in order to face my depression. Glad to be in his care.

V.I·Feb 05, 2017


Dear all! This is my first ever experience having a chat with a doctor online. I am very happy with Dr. Abbott- he has clearly understood me understood me in just few chat exchanges!! His positive approach with me, makes it easy to open up with him, and for me it's like speaking with a friend. I really want to say thank you to him for being there, supporting me, and helping me as a very good friend does.

D.O·Jan 27, 2017


Dr. Abbott is a very encouraging counsellor who is helping me with all my struggles I am facing. I am much grateful to him with all the advice and encouragement he has given me and hope to work with him into the future.

V.I·Jan 23, 2017


He has been very helpful and instrumental in allowing me to feel centered during a very difficult time in my life. He has been kind, reassuring and truthful in his assessments, and has helped me greatly.

S.I·Jan 02, 2017


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