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Julia Walker-Sandoval is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: Licensed, Professional, Counselor
Years in Practice: 7

I am a licensed professional counselor with broad experience in assorted counseling techniques, such as Individual, group, couples, and family therapy. Seven years as a counselor have presented sundry opportunities to help individuals, especially survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

As a psychotherapist, I have guided numerous individuals to cope with grief, trauma, relationship conflict, low self-esteem, the effects of mood disorders and life's stress. Service in non-profit, public mental health, and private practice sectors has empowered me with a skill-set to formulate effective counseling strategies to address most challenges facing clients. Countless clients and I have worked together to confront emotional discord such as depression, anxiety, familial conflict, anger, and major life changes resulting in adjustment issues.

Most recently, I have served in a mental health clinic. This phase of my career has presented extensive opportunities to assist individuals and families from diverse demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds struggling with wide-ranging mental health disorders. In addition, becoming a new mother in the past year has further broadened my perspective and imbued deeper empathy regarding trauma that can impact individual development, especially during early childhood.

My counseling strategy is steadfastly client-centered and humanistic. Together, a client and I cultivate a strong connection based on open and honest dialogue. Therapeutic modalities are engaged and tailored to fit a client’s needs at all times. Your participation may involve various professional evidence-based practices such as cognitive-therapy, psychodynamic concepts, motivational interviewing, trauma-focused intervention, and dialectical behavior therapy informed techniques.

My profession is a life’s passion which compels me to provide unfaltering support and care to my clients. Every step in my practice is handled ethically with trust, respect, competence, and care. You will be empowered to achieve goals, dreams, and plans for the future as mutual understanding in the client-therapist relationship grows. Therapy requires courage to embrace, understand, and confront life’s difficulties. However, you will be rewarded as challenges are overcome. I will be here to guide and support you along the way.

Looking forward to this journey with you!


Licensed within the state of South Carolina

Master of Mental Health Counseling: Webster University Greenville, SC Metropolitan Campus

Bachelors of Psychology: Converse College Spartanburg, SC

Associate in Art: Spartanburg Technical College, Spartanburg, SC

More about my background:

My journey serving others began when I worked as an advocate and certified victim service provider. Wide-ranging experience in that capacity laid the foundation for me to become the psychotherapist I am today. In fact, the lessons of working as an advocate have been key factors to my becoming an effective therapist. Similarly, the work as a therapist has improved my skills as an effective advocate for my clients. The two disciplines are inherently connected. Unfortunately, as I learned while working in advocacy, my home state of South Carolina ranks in the top five nationally of deadly intimate partner violence. That reality led to frequent work with individual and family survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Serving those victims honed my abilities to engage clients about trauma and grief, to develop safety plans tailored to their unique circumstances, and to manage high level crises. I assisted clients with court hearings, orders of protection, job searches, resume building, group and individual therapy, and other matters. Over the past eight years, countless interactions with hundreds of clients have heightened my sense of discernment to design individualized treatment plans to match each client's unique circumstances. Care, love, and passion for my profession translate to an earnest drive and desire to help anyone who wants to help him or herself. When a client exhibits the courage to change and to move out of a comfort zone, I reciprocate by honoring his or her commitment with dedication and hard work. A client will find my unyielding support if he or she is willing to take that leap of faith and trust me. The central focus of my career has been to help, serve, and be an advocate for others. I will be an advocate for you as much as you will be for yourself!

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $35 to $80 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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She is very kind and sensitive

B.R.·Mar 14, 2022


I love working with her. She takes what I say and makes me think about it and get it off my chest and try to work things out.

J.E.·Jan 29, 2022


Julia has a realness that penetrated through so much fog I was able to clear through with her guidance.

B.R.·Nov 11, 2021


Julia is incredible, I am so very lucky to have her guidance and support. She is fantastic at her job, knowledgeable, experienced and empathetic. I rave about her to everyone. I couldn’t recommend Julia more highly!

L.I.·Aug 24, 2021


She is amazing. She truly listens and interacts in every way she can! I recommend her 10000%!!!

R.A.·Aug 16, 2021


Julia has helped me an awful lot since I've started this process. She knows exactly the right question to ask at the exact time, couldn't speak more highly of her, would highly recommend.

M.A.·Jun 28, 2021


Julia is a wonderful counselor! She has helped me in so many ways just in a few months. She's so compassionate yet professional at all times. I would recommend her to anyone.

A.M.·May 10, 2021


Julia understands exactly how I feel and helps out with every single thing thats wrong and what I've been through, her guidance has helped me a lot and I'm grateful to have her as a counselor.

A.M.·Jan 16, 2021


She has been very helpful and I look forward to working with her more

D.A.·Dec 17, 2020


Very informative

A.R.·Dec 03, 2020


Julia is a fantastic therapist. She is understanding and honest. I've truly enjoyed my time with her

K.Y.·Oct 09, 2020


I couldn't be happier to be paired with such a wonderful professional. Since I have started to get help I feel like the better old version of myself and also being able to talk to someone who is very understanding and thoughtful of what I have been through makes it easier for me to progress and get to where I want to be in life with my problems. Thank you Julia you are fantastic at your job .

L.U.·Oct 07, 2020


Julia has been a tremendous source of support for about a year now I believe. She shows no prejudice in any way at all, despite some of my more controversial beliefs. Even my girlfriend thinks I am better with a councilor to talk to.

M.A.·Sep 29, 2020


Julia has been great! She is a professional that makes you fee at ease and “at home” just by the calmness of her voice.

L.I.·Sep 02, 2020


Julia is so helpful to me and really helps me to understand why I think the way I think and why I act the way I act. She gives me constructive responses and looks out for my best interest at all times. Best relationship I have had with a therapist for my entire adult life.

M.A.·Aug 28, 2020


Had my first meeting with Julia yesterday. She was very present, respectful, and professional. She and I have come up with a starting point. I look forward to my new beginnings with her. Much better experience!

C.L.·Jul 30, 2020


I have been working with Julia for about a year now and it has been the best thing for me. She is great with response time and makes sure to really hear all my thoughts.

M.A.·Jun 25, 2020


Julia is so easy to talk to and I find it very easy to relate to her. Especially given the current pandemic, she is really helping me control my anxiety and depression. I would highly recommend her.

C.O.·May 14, 2020


Julia is a capable, dedicated, compassionate counselor who listens as well as she speaks. She uses evidence-based methodologies to encourage steady progress while never shaming or judging the rate of that progress. I am so lucky to have her as my counselor and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

P.A.·May 10, 2020


She's awesome, she listens and she's very encouraging. I would recommend her to anyone.

I.S.·May 08, 2020


She was very professional and understands my needs for therapy.

D.A.·May 06, 2020


I had done face-to-face therapy for a long time. With one virtual session with Julia I was able to disclose to her some things I hadn't in the past. She was also able to describe long-term issues in a way that no one in the past had ever done. I appreciate her timely responses to manners going on in between sessions. She is very knowledgeable and pushes you to dig within yourself. I am thankful to have her as my therapist.

A.D.·May 05, 2020


Great therapy session today. Her insights lead me to a profound realization today. I felt deeply listened to, and sensed a need from Julia to understand and learn from me who I am and what I will need in therapy moving forward without frustration; I could tell a sensitivity towards addressing my issues, yet without judgment which takes discipline, restraint, empathy and experience. She seems to be an expert in her field with a natural talent for deep insight either due to her nature or due to her extensive experience as a therapist, or more than likely, due to both merits. She gives a strong impression of being very competent, professional and most importantly, deeply ethical. All the latter of which I have been searching desperately for in therapists for years. Looking forward to continuing my therapy with Julia.

K.A.·Apr 25, 2020


Love her!

K.I.·Apr 06, 2020


She has helped me turn my life right around! I definitely feel 1000 percent better talking to her.

M.E.·Mar 23, 2020


Amazing conversationalist, well spoken and provides unbiased opinions on a wide variety of topics all with a professional and assuring expertise.

J.E.·Mar 19, 2020


Julia is compassionate, understanding and empathetic. I feel very comfortable opening up to her. She has been a true gift in my life in the short time I have been working with her. I am dealing with a lot of issues at the moment and she tackles them all with professionalism and expertise.

M.E.·Mar 04, 2020


We all juggle a life of ups & downs, don't we? The downs can become over-powering and it's difficult (especially for men) to talk through "feelings". It's unlikely that some men will ever be able to express their concerns to even the most caring person in their lives, which makes having people like Julia work with me really superb. Of course, Julia knows what she's doing and the online method allows more open communication without the discomfort of trying to put uncomfortable emotions into spoken words. How Julia and other counsellors manage their own lives & then help us is amazing.

I.A.·Feb 28, 2020


She’s respectful, insightful, and clearly cares about my needs.

M.I.·Feb 10, 2020


Julia is being a tremendous source of support, and I appreciate her input and timely responses. Our first live call was productive.

M.A.·Jan 23, 2020


Wonderful person in my opinion. Very understanding and caring woman who listens and understands your issues without making you feel lesser than

K.Y.·Dec 29, 2019


Excellent so far.

A.N.·Nov 06, 2019


She a very good listener and gives great advice on each topic. I have faith she will lead me on the right path of healing.

B.E.·Nov 06, 2019


Julia is both a counselor and a real person. The online method offers quicker and more frequent contact, which slowly integrates into our busy daily lives. There are no quick fixes for most of us, but gradually working through our individual issues starts a process of self help. Julia is an awesome support when I try the next thing and maybe slow down on the past things.

I.A.·Oct 08, 2019


Julia’s the best don’t know what I would do without her.

M.I.·Oct 08, 2019


Julie has been a great listener, asks supportive questions, and has provided me with positive resources

B.R.·Sep 18, 2019


Julia is a very calm, reassuring spirit. I enjoyed talking with her and she really understood my concerns and worked well with me to address my issues one by one. Highly recommend!

M.A.·Sep 18, 2019


Julia Walker-Sandoval is extremely knowledgeable, professional, listens, responds to questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her as a counselor.

C.H.·Sep 06, 2019


I think Julia is a great counselor. Seeking help is very new to me and it’s been hard to find someone that I feel like I can trust. I look forward to our talks because I always feel better and it’s a charge to do better. Glad that I got her in my corner.

W.I.·Sep 02, 2019


I’ve been to many different therapists but Julia ranks 1000% over the others. She’s honest, I feel like she would never judge me and the fact that I have a rare disease, the fact that she took the time to research actually brought me to tears. She’s pretty amazing.

K.I.·Aug 09, 2019


Julia has been extremely helpful throughout our sessions. She is attentive and always provides beneficial feedback. I feel connected and comfortable discussing all topics and situations with her. I would highly recommend her.

J.O.·Aug 07, 2019


Julia has been amazing!! I can’t say how much she has helped me overcome some really hard areas of my past and move forward positively. Not out of the woods yet but starting to see the clearing

B.I.·Jul 02, 2019


Julia is both receptive to my correspondence and enough of a professional to not let it sway her from a better path. This could go very well.

I.A.·May 20, 2019


Julia has turned my whole perspective around on life and how I handle day to day issues. I love how she works on things in the moment then prolongs it to help in the future instead of giving me temporary solutions. She has really opened my eyes and I'm extremely grateful for her.

N.I.·May 08, 2019


Julia is wonderful! She has helped me through a very tough time in my life. I was so glad to be able to connect with a professional who was able to give me solid advice and consult me on some difficult decisions. I highly recommend Julia.

B.E.·Apr 30, 2019


Julia respected my decision to only stick with messaging as that’s what I’m most comfortable with. And although we’re in different time zones, Julia is quick in replying my messages. She doesn’t seem judgmental and openly hears and understands what you are going through. She also provides prompts to help me get through my difficulties when needed.

A.N.·Apr 30, 2019


Julia is very empathetic and caring. She really helps me understand and dig through my past trauma. Together, we are identifying lots of ways for me to heal and become a happier person.

R.A.·Apr 11, 2019


Professional. Client-centered. Objective. Helpful. Honest.

J.I.·Mar 25, 2019


I feel lucky to have found Julia. She is a kind, compassionate and empathetic soul and offers me a non-judgmental space to speak about some very painful issues. She has a lot of expertise in abusive relationships in particular and it has been a blessing to find someone who am I able to confide in and who understands my situation. She offers me to support, not just in the video sessions, but also by reaching out by message at times when I would normally be inclined to isolate myself and it is a relief to be able to respond honestly to her how are you questions. Julia is an absolutely excellent therapist, and I would highly recommend her.

R.E.·Mar 08, 2019


Julia was so knowledgeable, receptive and encouraging! I very much enjoyed my sessions with her and found them useful!

H.A.·Feb 06, 2019


Julia knows her stuff! She is so attentive and I feel like she truly cares about me. She also gives me practical exercises that have already been helping me only a few weeks in. I feel so grateful that she is my therapist.

G.A.·Jan 24, 2019


A very kind hearted good listener

H.A.·Jan 24, 2019


Julia is amazing. She made me feel confident talking to her which was not an easy task. Highly recommended!

R.U.·Jan 19, 2019


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