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Natalie Sanders is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCSW
Years in Practice: 19

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Virginia and have 19 years of experience working with adults who struggle with mental illness. It has always been my desire to help others, as I enjoy supporting and guiding individuals on this journey called life. I have worked with clients who have been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Schizophrenia, Alcohol use Disorder, Cocaine use Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. I have also worked with individuals who have dealt with relationship and severe family conflict. It is important to me that a trusting relationship be built between my clients and I, to ensure a healthy therapeutic process.

My counseling style consists of the utilization of Strength-Based, Cognitive Behavioral, Psycho-dynamic, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. It is my belief that it is important for therapists to understand that each client has varying needs, which requires the therapist to adjust their therapeutic approach to attempt to help the client. I value the holistic approach to the therapeutic process, as I feel I am able to help more individuals, when I am open to utilizing various approaches. I also believe that it is important to meet the client where they are and to assist them with what it is they feel they need help with. Utilizing a client's strengths is important, as I am here to help them build upon their abilities to manage their daily lives.

Taking the first step to reach out for help is huge, and I commend anyone and everyone who has decided to make strides to better their lives. Please know that it is an honor for me to be able to assist you along your journey of life, and I look forward to working with you to get you to the next step of where you would like to be. If you are ready to take that step I am here to support and empower you. Please know that I also offer live sessions, if this is something you would like to do at any point on our therapeutic journey together.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $35 to $80 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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She's a wonderful, knowledgeable, very helpful person that has guided me through in my issues and in faith. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone Christian centered.

T.O.·Jul 13, 2021


Natalie is great! We have been working together for close to a year. I strongly recommend her!

S.T.·Feb 18, 2021


Natalie seems like she can relate and understand my needs. I really enjoy working with her!

F.E.·Sep 09, 2020


Natalie is amazing! She helped me get though a couple huge life changes and manage dealing with a difficult work situation. I always felt heard and she always gave me great advice on how to respond in tough conversations.

N.A.·Aug 22, 2020


Very caring, intellectual, sensible, experienced. Gives good advice and walks me through my thought process so my thoughts become clearer and I have better decision making

N.A.·Jul 15, 2020


Natalie has been very helpful with my anxiety issues.

M.A.·Jun 11, 2020


You remember the one person growing up, that made a huge impact on your life, and helped guide you in the right direction? Well, she's the adulthood version. She will help you navigate and find strength in yourself, that you didn't know you had... AND if you don't hit every mark perfectly each time... she's there to remind you to be kind to yourself. We all get dressed everyday, but sometimes we throw on a shirt backwards, inside out, or even a dirty one. Doesn't mean we suck at dressing ourselves... we just had an off day. Just like the shirt, anxiety, our moods, and mental health all have off days. Natalie is the kind of counselor who depending on the situation; will tell you your shirt is inside out, listen to you complain about the shirt, or remind you... it happens to the best of us. She knows what you need and will adapt to the situation to help you navigate it. I couldn't ask for a more caring, understanding, and INTUNE counselor.

S.A.·May 26, 2020


Natalie made me feel so relaxed, and after two sessions I feel like I’ve already made huge progress! Highly recommend her.

K.A.·May 14, 2020


I’ve only had one real session so far, but that one alone was a great start. I got to finally get some things out that I couldn’t discuss. She would let me talk whenever something came to mind. She responds very quickly and I feel comfortable already. I am ready to see how future sessions will go.

B.R.·Apr 09, 2020


Natalie is amazing! She really understands me. I appreciate her flexibility and professionalism.

M.I.·Mar 14, 2020


She has been upgraded from a simple counselor to a dear friend, even though we do not know each other outside of BetterHelp. I always look forward to our calls, feel like she is listening and remembers what we have talked about all other times. I don't just feel like a customer, I feel like a valued human.

L.A.·Mar 06, 2020


I’m very impressed!

G.A.·Jan 26, 2020


Natalie is a very kind and thoughtful counselor. She gives me a lot of feedback and different things to try. I look forward to running things by her to see what she comes up with. Very pleased with our sessions.

M.A.·Jan 15, 2020


Natalie is a wonderful listener and counselor. She makes herself very available to you, so you always feel like you can connect easily and quickly. Natalie has provided an avenue for me to comfortable learn more about myself and become a better person.

E.V.·Jul 29, 2019


Natalie is wonderful. A very cheerful and understanding person. She is very engaged in the conversations and asks good questions that make you think.

L.A.·Jun 27, 2019


Natalie is everything I could wish for in a counselor. She is kind, warm, professional, and had helped me work through some big life changes. She is the best of the best!

M.I.·Jun 26, 2019


Natalie is great at really listening and engaging your with pertinent questions or views. I have found the sessions to be very eye-opening and they allow for self-reflection and understanding. I am grateful that the talks also turn into action, and there is a sense that you're progressing in a self-discovery journey.

F.A.·Jun 19, 2019


A great counselor who is easy to talk to and share with, also with solutions that are helpful.

C.A.·May 23, 2019


Natalie is amazing, considerate and always takes time to touch base even when I lack the initiative/motivation to do so.

T.A.·Apr 16, 2019


She doesn't judge and is truly there to help when needed. Always available and willing to maneuver her schedule to help. Natalie has helped me resolve and better manage 4 different crippling anxieties, as well as give me strength, when I struggle tackling an issue. Many therapist have worked with me in the past; she is the only one I felt comfortable talking to. Natalie has a gift, a gift she uses to its fully ability to help others. I am truly thankful BetterHelp has such a remarkable employee!

S.A.·Jan 21, 2019


I was skeptical to do online counseling but I feel like I am face to face with her when we do live chat sessions. I sign out of the live chat feeling so much better each week. She offers suggestions on how to approach problems and asks me the kind of questions that get me thinking. No joke I've had several breakthrough moments during sessions and things become very clear. So many 'ahhh hah' moments. I appreciate her wisdom and her encouragement.

D.A.·Dec 19, 2018


Natalie is a caring and experienced therapist who took the time to understand my problems and give me emotional support. Her godly wisdom helped to uncover some really key issues and helped me to move past them. I can’t say everything is fixed but at least I am on the right track to manage them. Thank you Natalie.

L.E.·Nov 20, 2018


Working with Natalie has been one of the best thing I could do for myself after i began a stressful new job and got out of a relationship. The transition into getting to know and take care of myself better was really because of her help and support. She is so personable, accessible, and enthusiastic to extend herself that it makes it so enjoyable. I look forward to each and every one of our sessions.

H.E.·Oct 31, 2018


Love Natalie. She is right on. Personable and easy to talk too

D.E.·Jun 28, 2018


I have been working with Natalie for about two weeks now and she's already helped me so much. She listens to everything I have to say and tries to help me dig down deep into my feelings and emotions to discover and help with my issues. I would and have already recommended her to a few people. She is truly a blessing. Thank you so much Natalie and I am excited to keep working with you!

K.E.·Jun 23, 2018


Thanks so much Natalie for all your guidance. I want you to know I heard you and my eyes are opening wider every day!!! My time speaking with you as been some of the most productive time I have spent in quite some time. I cannot express my gratitude enough for your aid with me identifying my path.

D.A.·May 25, 2018


I'm very pleased with my working with Natalie. Even though we're talking over the phone, I feel as if you was present in person in the moment. I also feel that she gets me and I feel hopeful about moving forward.

J.A.·Apr 23, 2018


Natalie is great. This is my first therapy experience and it’s been amazing and has added so much value. She is truly a great listener but also provides wise perspective and Christian based teachings.

T.A.·Mar 08, 2018


Excellent! Better than I thought this type of counseling could be.

R.E.·Mar 06, 2018


Natalie is a very nice person. Listens to me.

H.U.·Feb 20, 2018


I think Natalie Knows exactly what questions to ask to get me to think about my own life and my own behavior. She’s encouraging, and intelligent, And speaks in a way that is clear and appropriate. I enjoy speaking to her.

R.E.·Feb 08, 2018


I haven’t been in counseling for long, but Natalie is great so far! She understands my concerns and responds in a timely manner.

A.M.·Jan 28, 2018


Natalie is gentle, kind, and very focused on my concerns. She brings wonderful insight along with giving me the opportunity to figure some things out on my own. I feel very comfortable and non-judged when communicating with her. She definatly has my best interest at the forefront.

L.Y.·Jan 21, 2018


Natalie is a great therapist! She is very easy to talk to, and she truly understands your issues and can provide support and guidance utilizing a strengths-based approach to empower you. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work to address there issues of trauma , toxic stress, and family conflict. If you are ready for change and healing, contact Natalie!

M..·Dec 22, 2017


She is awesome!

K.I.·Nov 16, 2017


Natalie and I just started working together but she is everything that I've looked for in a counselor. She is open, understanding, and empathetic, and I feel as though she does care about me. This job isn't just a paycheck for her. It's a calling, something she's passionate about, and it shows. Her advise is always spot on and people around me have already seen a positive change in the way I've started to view and approach the world.

E.L.·Nov 01, 2017


Amazing! Its taken my years to find a counsellor who genuinely can relate to my issues, and I feel actually cares about me as a person, not just 'trying to read me and tell me what to do with my life'. She opens up about her life which builds that rapport and makes you feel as if shes a close friend not just a counsellor. My experience with her has been life changing and I am so grateful to God for bringing her into my life! Would definitely recommend! <3

M.A.·Oct 15, 2017


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