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LPC Michelle Durham

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Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

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Michelle Durham is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LPC
Years in Practice: 16
State: MD

Welcome! My name is Michelle and I am a licensed professional counselor in Washington, DC. I have over 15 years of experience working in the mental health field. The majority of my work has been in nonprofit, community-based settings providing direct services and counseling to individuals living with life challenges such as severe and persistent mental illness (depression, anxiety, delusional and bipolar disorders), unemployment, substance abuse, trauma, chronic homelessness, self-esteem, relationship and family issues, among other challenges. My experience with such a diverse population has allowed me to build a skill set that enables me to connect closely with those with whom I work. I also have extensive experience working with those fleeing domestic violence, formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as those exiting the foster care system.

I work from a strength-based perspective using a client-centered, holistic approach that encompasses relevant cultural aspects. When applicable, I will use an integrative approach that includes evidence based techniques such as those found in solution-focused counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy; and motivational interviewing. Above all, I promote self-care and am able to explore creative ways to establish a self-care plan that is best for you. I have also completed TREM training for women (Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model) and training in providing trauma-informed care. I believe that while I provide the framework, treatment is driven by you. Joining you where you are in that moment is the best way to determine your path to healing. This encompasses your lifestyle choices as well as your unique cultural experiences.

My counseling style is warm, open, and approachable. It is my belief that our collaborative effort is key to making the progress you desire. If you are ready to take the next step in healing, self-discovery, and empowerment, my door is open.

I look forward to beginning our work together.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Michele is thoughtful and understanding -- she offers practical & meaningful approaches to overcoming issues

Jan 12, 2023


Michelle is very patient.

Jan 06, 2023


Best therapist I’ve ever had. Hands down.

Oct 28, 2022


I've worked with Michelle for quite some time, and have had a few therapists and counselors throughout my young adult life, but in Michelle, I've found my counselor for life! She listens deeply, reflecting together on what I've shared thought our time, and provides unbiased support. that fits my needs, helps me design programs to address depression and anxiety, and assists in strengthening my own self pracitce.

Sep 26, 2022


Michelle is easy to talk to. I immediately felt comfortable and safe to talk about how I'm feeling.

N.I.·Aug 04, 2022


Michelle brings sense to things that makes no sense to me. I have full confidence in her, always.

R.E.·Jul 25, 2022


I accidentally marked Michelle as not reliable, that was a complete mistake, she is more than timely in responding, please disregard that answer.

D.A.·Jun 23, 2022


Michelle is so helpful

I.V.·Jun 11, 2022


Michelle is a very kind hearted person with a great ear for listening to my concerns and reasons for therapy. She has been exponential in my on-going healing and development. I’m very grateful for our sessions!

D.E.·May 17, 2022


Ms. Michelle is a real comfort to me.

R.E.·Mar 23, 2022


Michelle is amazing!! She makes me feel seen and heard without pacifying me. I look forward to every session. :)

J.O.·Mar 18, 2022


Too soon to assess, have only had one interaction.

J.O.·Mar 15, 2022


I truly enjoy talking with Michelle. She is so kind and understanding!

C.L.·Mar 01, 2022


Michelle is compassionate and understanding. I feel better when I tell her my troubles and what I can overcome along the way!

I.V.·Feb 07, 2022


Michelle Durham has been very compassionate and responsive, and has really let me just talk and talk and talk, which is what I feel like I’ve needed most at first here. I was extremely impressed when I told her that I hadn’t reacted well to advice she offered a few times - there was no reaction other than “ok” and we moved on productively. She pivots so well - I honestly wasn’t sure at first because of some of the early advice she gave, but I know she’s been getting to know me. I like that she’s matter-of-fact, too. I don’t always respond well to ultra-positive reinforcement - but she’s someone figured out how to offer me as much as I need, when I need it. I’m so grateful to her for what we’ve already accomplished.

H.E.·Jan 23, 2022


Michelle is a wonderful therapist and professional. I highly recommend her.

D.O.·Dec 30, 2021


Michelle is the best person to have come into my life. The past two years have been extremely challenging and I don’t know how I would have dealt with it all without her help.

M.A.·Sep 23, 2021


Michelle is thoughtful and easy to talk to. She is a great listener and she has great empathy. She takes the time to understand my concerns and gives great advice to help me address them. After each session, I always feel encouraged and empowered to take on my next challenge.

R.O.·Jul 30, 2021


Ms Michelle is amazing. She's kind ,patient, and affirming. I appreciate her

N.I.·May 05, 2021


Michelle has been so instrumental in my growth after going through really difficult times. She goes above and beyond, I can’t speak enough of how great she is.

M.A.·Feb 22, 2021


Michelle has been an excellent resource and sounding board during a very difficult year. She seems to genuinely care and is very helpful in putting things into perspective, especially when so much seems to be happening at once. Very understanding and highly recommended.

C.A.·Feb 11, 2021


Michelle challenges me in all of the best ways! She’s so compassionate and supportive, but also encourages me to see things from a different perspective.

B.L.·Feb 04, 2021


So far, Michelle has been an excellent counselor. I appreciate that she centers our sessions around the therapy goals that I set forth at the beginning of the year. I feel confident that I will see some personal growth as a result of our time together. She has been very warm and encouraging while offering valuable feedback and advice that will push me to tackle some issues I have been facing.

D.A.·Jan 21, 2021


Michelle is a very skilled counselor. She brings a great degree of empathy and insight to her clients. She listens, probes, ask questions and makes recommendations. I also sincerely appreciate her mid-week follow ups, even when I am unable to respond in a timely manner. She is awesome.

A.N.·Jan 11, 2021


Michelle is very kind, a thoughtful listener, and offers practical advice. Highly recommend!

C.L.·Jan 05, 2021


Even just one session and the ability to message back and forth, I am enjoying the time she has taken to assist me with everything currently going on.

E.D.·Dec 07, 2020


Than you for your patience with me and encouragement to continue to draw and share.

S.E.·Nov 16, 2020


Michelle is lovely and is a very supportive counselor!

I.V.·Oct 13, 2020


Michelle is a phenomenal counselor. She’s open, honest and always willing to go the extra mile to help you with whatever it is you’re going through. I am extremely grateful to have her!

J.A.·Sep 30, 2020


Amazing sessions that have been very helpful for me.

V.I.·Sep 28, 2020


She’s great

L.O.·Aug 18, 2020


I have been working with Michelle for almost three months now. She is great to work with and I really look forward to our session each week. She has been very helpful, patient, and professional and I highly recommend working with her!

C.H.·Aug 13, 2020


Michelle is so caring and compassionate! She reminds me of who I am underneath all the trauma and in spite of it.

T.A.·Jul 30, 2020


I love Michelle. She is warm and caring, and has helped me a lot already.

K.I.·Jul 30, 2020


I have only had one session with Michelle so far, but I have found her to be incredibly understanding and helpful so far. She heard me out and helped me deal with my immediate concerns, gave me some specific things to do and think about, and let me know what to expect the next time we talk.

C.H.·Jul 28, 2020


I’m so lucky I was matched with Michelle. She is an incredible professional and it is a pleasure to be her patient. She has guided me though immense healing and I’m forever grateful.

E.L.·Jul 09, 2020


She's great! Very understanding and listens well. Really helpful I would recommend her to anyone!

A.L.·May 26, 2020


Michelle Durham is probably the best counselor I could have asked for. Her background gives her an appreciation for some of my own unique experiences I am navigating and her skills as a compassionate listener fill in any gaps. I am thankful for her help.

H.U.·Apr 29, 2020


Michelle understands me in my situation and everything that she has asked me to do and the techniques that have been presented to me have been working and I have nothing but admiration for her. This has been one of the best decisions that I have made this year to get these sessions. My girlfriend has over 200 friends and possible and she will be recommending all of them to you guys.

C.A.·Apr 21, 2020


Michelle is patient, thoughtful, insightful, listens to me and offers helpful advice and ways for me to reflect on the experiences I'm having. I so appreciate her guidance.

D.A.·Apr 15, 2020


Michelle has been very instrumental in improving my mood, and the way I view conflicts. She’s always available, and provides an honest opinion on my situations. I truly admire that I can come to her for any issues.

C.A.·Apr 13, 2020


Michelle listens. I feel heard and validated when I meet with her. I value the time I've spent talking with her. Her style is understated and I feel comfortable trying things she suggests because I trust her judgment. She's been excellent so far.

L.A.·Mar 28, 2020


I love Michelle. She’s the best therapist I’ve ever seen. I can be so honest with her and she helps me empower myself.

M.A.·Mar 11, 2020


Michelle is professional, kind, and empathetic. She is open minded and very understanding. I would recommend her to my friends and peers.

R.A.·Feb 16, 2020


Michelle is so nice and understanding and is really helping me through my problems. Since I met her my mood and personality has changed a lot.

L.O.·Feb 15, 2020



M.A.·Feb 07, 2020


Michelle is a wonderful person with a strong level of expertise to talk through issues. She offers practical and actionable advice for how to manage stress and communicate your feelings and needs to others. She is genuine, kind, understanding, and readily available.

J.A.·Jan 31, 2020


Michelle has been great - she is kind and genuine while also providing an honest perspective to help me move forward and heal. She has a wealth of toolkits to help me, and she is so prompt with getting back to me on anything and everything - questions, concerns, journal entries, etc.

C.A.·Jan 29, 2020


Michelle Durham offers counseling online via BetterHelp

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