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Elizabeth Diaz is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: MS, LMHC, LPC, NCC
Years in Practice: 11
State: VA

Some of our most joyful moments in life are also fraught with the discomfort that change can bring. Being a teen in today's world, becoming a young adult, parenting through the struggles, dealing with unexpected changes, living though a pandemic; so many things we experience that can bring on confusion, discomfort, and even feelings of hopelessness or helplessness. Sometimes the changes and challenges become overwhelming and you might find yourself thinking “How do I find my way forward?"

I’m no stranger to discomfort and pain, I’ve walked in those shoes throughout my life. Combining my life experiences and training while working with adolescents and adults in a variety of settings from inpatient hospitalization, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment, I am here to help guide you on a new path towards the life you desire most.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $35 to $80 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Elizabeth is an amazing therapist and has supported me through my hardest times. Her guidance has been beyond valuable and I don’t know where I’d be without her.

K.A.·Aug 01, 2022


She is extremely helpful and understanding of concerns.

V..·Jul 29, 2022


Elizabeth is a wonderfully gifted therapist. She is compassionate, caring, considerate, still very much down to earth and genuine. She works hard to deliver the best counseling taylored to my needs. Her dedication is impeccable. its evident that this is more than a job for her, just by the way she puts her heart and attention into every session. Her voice is pleasant and soothing at times. Her personality is contagious and I always leave our sessions feeling empowered. Her articles are excellent and super well written. I appreciate them so much! It seems she writes the right subject I need to read about at the time. I already recommended her to a couple of close friends who are looking for therapy. A good counselor makes all the difference! Elizabeth is not good... she is great! As Proverbs 11:14 MSG says: "Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances."

D.I.·Jul 22, 2022


I Had my first session with Elizabeth and it went better than expected. I'm excited about the next one.

S.H.·Jun 24, 2022


Elizabeth is an amazing listener, but she also actively gives tips and tools to help deal with your problems!

H.O.·Jun 22, 2022


So far she has been amazing!

K.E.·Jun 13, 2022


Elizabeth is the greatest therapist I’ve ever encountered. Our therapy has been productive and has helped me overcome a lot of obstacles during difficult times. Her guidance and support has been so beneficial and greatly needed. I’m so thankful

K.A.·Mar 22, 2022


Even though it’s the beginning for me, I really like having Elizabeth to talk to whenever I need to. Especially when it alleviates me from venting to my family. Elizabeth listens and really tries to understand your situation so that she can best support you and give advice.

S.A.·Mar 16, 2022


Ms. Liz Diaz is a wonderful therapist. She is compassionate, caring, considerate, down to earth, and genuine. She works hard to deliver the best treatment possible. I have learned so much from her. Furthermore, her dedication is impeccable. I can tell that this is more than a job for her. She puts her heart and sweat into every interaction :) On a lighter note, she gets my sense of humor and we always find something to laugh about. Her personality is contagious and I always leave our sessions feeling empowered to make changes in my life. Her counseling has helped me find my way. As Proverbs 11:14 MSG says: "Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances." It has been a blessing to work with her. If you choose to work with Ms. Diaz you will surely be blessed as well.

V..·Mar 12, 2022


I definitely can say that she has helped me evaluate myself and my choices .. I’m grateful

T.E.·Feb 28, 2022


I feel comfortable talking to her because im usually very reserved. I also love how she takes time to check on me randomly durring the week or when I have not responded in a couple of days. Its nice to know someone is looking out for me.

S.T.·Feb 22, 2022


Elizabeth has been very helpful so far in our sessions. I feel like she understands what I’m going through and gives me insight or tasks on how to work through things. She’s made very helpful suggestions and therapies for dealing with my anxiety. I plan to continue sessions with her for awhile.

K.A.·Feb 05, 2022


She is incredibly kind and always makes me feel understood and helps me so much. If any one would need a therapist i would recommend her in a heartbeat

C...·Feb 04, 2022


Elizabeth is awesome! I love to read her articles and speaking with her always makes me feel better. Thank you Elizabeth you are a pearl!

D.I.·Feb 01, 2022


Elizabeth is a cool person with a laid-back demeanor and asks great questions to get to the heart of whatever problem I am dealing with.

M.E.·Jan 26, 2022


Liz has helped me gain confidence in myself and focus on what my priorities are. She is kind, genuine, and listens to what you are saying to her. Great for career advice, self help, stress management, and anxiety specifically.

D.A.·Dec 19, 2021


Liz has been extremely helpful. She gives valuable feedback and you can tell she truly enjoys what she does. So blessed to have her as my counselor!

V..·Nov 26, 2021


She’s the best!!!! My experience with Elizabeth has exceeded expectations. She has gone above and beyond what I would have expected from a therapist as far as attentiveness goes. She’s extremely human and down to earth. I feel comfortable to share things I never would have been able to talk about with therapists in the past. She will take things at your pace and give you the hard answers you need to hear. 10/10 would recommend.

A.L.·Oct 27, 2021


Elizabeth is the best therapist I’ve ever worked with. She knows me and guides me daily. She has the best tools and gets me through the hardest of times. I appreciate her more than she will Ever know!

K.A.·Oct 27, 2021


Elizabeth Diaz was great

K.E.·Oct 27, 2021


i have been working with elizabeth for about 2 weeks now, and i do not have anything negative to say! so far i am loving her methods, and is very personable. doesnt feel like im talking to my "therapist" which I love.

K.E.·Oct 21, 2021


I really like that she keeps asking questions ad makes me think a lot about why I feel the way I do

M.E.·Oct 19, 2021


For the first time I feel like I have a therapist who understands me and what I need.

V.I.·Sep 17, 2021


Elizabeth was great. She helped me work through some issues in a caring, logical, supportive way. She is very good at what she does and getting to the root of the issues, and how to process and progress through them. I can’t recommend her enough!

N.A.·Sep 14, 2021


I’ve been with Elizabeth for a few montha and from our first session she gave light to patterns i didnt know were a thing. She’s so intelligent and specialized that talking to her really expanded my knowledge on my issues and made me feel like they were okay. She helped me manage ever i was going through . I really recommend!

N.A.·Sep 05, 2021


I love my therapist, She helped me so much.

M.A.·Aug 17, 2021


We’ve been working together for several months now and I can already see a change in my behavior for the better. She’s really helped me understand why I do/feel the way that I do, and it’s brought so much clarity into my life because now understanding those things I can better work through them.

S.A.·Aug 13, 2021


Elizabeth has been great. She immediately understood what my issues and concerns were, and was super helpful digging into what was bugging me. :)

D.A.·Jul 31, 2021


Elizabeth is a great therapist, really warm and personable. You can say anything without feeling judged, and I felt like she could relate to any situation I'd been through. Fully recommend!

C.A.·Jul 07, 2021


Elizabeth goes above and beyond. I appreciate her adaptability, calm, and ability to spot the things I’m avoiding and gives me ideas on how to get there. She is gentle, kind and stays with me when I need it most.

C.H.·Jun 14, 2021


Elizabeth is extremely easy to talk to, non judgemental, open and very good at asking the right questions. Feels like talking to a friend but with objectivity!

K.A.·Jun 08, 2021


She's really understanding and a great listener, i love talking to her.

A.L.·Jun 08, 2021


Brilliant, she listens and is logical in her approach and overs a diversity of tools to help me though. Few can listen to the diatribe of nonsense in my head, but she does, and she does so well.

J.O.·Jun 07, 2021


Miss Eli Is a kind sweet councilor who takes the time to listen and respond meaningfully I have had a wonderful experience with her

M.E.·Jun 03, 2021


Liz is the best. She’s qualified, an amazing listener, and has helped me so much.

K.A.·May 18, 2021


Elizabeth was a gentle and friendly guide but also smart enough to challenge me with questions that ALWAYS unlocked insights that helped me to live a happier life. She enabled me to manage my mind for the better. I'll ways be grateful :)

L.A.·Apr 29, 2021


I have met with Elizabeth a few times and in just a short matter of time she has provided support and understanding on things I may not have thought before. I’m excited to continue my journey with her and would recommend her!

G.A.·Apr 20, 2021


Elizabeth is brilliant, not pushy, just understanding, very good at listening and helping you notice patterns and ways to help with your behaviour.

C.H.·Apr 20, 2021


Even before my first session I felt confident she is a match (as a therapist). Thoughtful, focused and seems to enjoys her work. Perceptive and organized. I'm looking forward to work with her.

D.I.·Apr 20, 2021


She’s great. Really helping me along with my problems at the moment. I feel like I’m speaking with someone who cares.

K.U.·Apr 12, 2021


She is very attentive and genuinely care about her clients. She is just like a friend to me and a therapist:)

M.U.·Apr 06, 2021


I’ve only had 2 sessions with her and I already feel so comfortable talking to her about my mental health. I can’t wait to see the progress we’re making over time!

S.A.·Apr 05, 2021


Liz is an incredibly insightful therapist. She has helped me identify patterns in my life that were not visible to me, and she is supporting me through the necessary unpacking of life events. I feel appropriately challenged and supported at the same time with Liz. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking help especially with relationship, family, sexuality, and social issues.

C.H.·Apr 03, 2021


Elizabeth is an amazing therapist, and gives me the most ideal tips on getting better with certain struggles, very kind and patient, and couldn’t ask for a better therapist!

S.A.·Apr 02, 2021


Elizabeth has helped me in ways I didn‘t even know I needed before. Working on myself with her help has turned the whole process into so much fun and a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I couldn‘t have found a better counselor!

A.D.·Mar 16, 2021


She is perfect! Couldn’t complain if I tried

L.U.·Mar 14, 2021


Elizabeth is extremely understanding and I feel very comfortable talking to her :)

S.H.·Feb 16, 2021


Elizabeth is always adapting to my needs and priorities and keeps me accountable with kindness and transparency. I would definitely recommend working with her!

C.H.·Feb 14, 2021


Appreciate Elizabeth’s insight. She is easy to talk to, offers great direction and advice. I enjoy our conversations and it has helped me tremendously

A.N.·Feb 12, 2021


Wonderful therapist. Huge heart.

A.L.·Feb 09, 2021


I am really pleased with my first few interactions with Elizabeth. I have found a very competent and professional counsellor who I would recommend to others without hesitation. Thank you Elizabeth!

N.I.·Jan 28, 2021


Really kind, patient, and smart!

A.L.·Jan 27, 2021


She has been very kind and understanding and helpful as well as insightful in a short period of time. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Seems like a sweet person that genuinely cares and knows what it’s like to go through struggle in life

M.I.·Jan 27, 2021


Elizabeth is great. She made me very comfortable from the first time we spoke. I love all her suggestions.

C.A.·Jan 11, 2021


I enjoy talking with Elizabeth and appreciate her perspective, insight, and encouragement. She’s great at following up and keeping track of what’s going on week to week.

K.R.·Jan 10, 2021


Elizabeth is such a great listener and works with me on my schedule. She has really good advice and I look forward to our meetings together.

K.A.·Jan 08, 2021


She is an awesome councillor who understand who I am as a person and what my needs are. Shes helpful if youre someone who is a bit more spiritual.

K.I.·Dec 17, 2020


She is a very understanding person. I really love the way I’m getting alone with her so far and her techniques are really good.

B.R.·Dec 16, 2020


Elizabeth is very patient and kind, she understands that people come from different backgrounds and experiences and is very respectful of that. Talking with her helped me a lot.

K.H.·Dec 15, 2020


I love my sessions with Elizabeth. She really seems to understand my struggles and where I’m coming from.

J.A.·Dec 15, 2020


I have a very short experience with her but so far she has been great I would highly recommend her.

M.A.·Dec 13, 2020


She is a very understanding lady helping me with unbiased opinions and chats freely and has great skills in understanding and listens very well. She has offered to be of assistance regularly and is of great help

R.A.·Dec 13, 2020


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