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LCSW-C Robyn Hunt

Provides online counseling through BetterHelp

Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

And recovery is possible.

Robyn Hunt is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCSW-C
Years in Practice: 10
State: MD

You don't have to deal with overwhelming stress and anxiety on your own. Whether it's life changes, serious illness, or feeling overwhelmed in life where you once felt confident. You may be struggling to find your old self, balance, or it's time for renewal and change. Together we will build upon your strengths and allow a space where you can feel comfortable to express your experiences.

My style is warm, non-judgmental, and straight-forward. Whatever your stress, anxiety, or life change, I will work with you to build strengths that you already have, build on your own coping strategies or identify new coping strategies. We will work together to identify your strengths to grow on and how to build on those strengths. I will help you using a blend of approaches including mindfulness, meditation, and strength-based interventions in our work to address your unique needs. I am Certified in Mind-Body Skills through the Center of Mind-Body Medicine, as well as a Certified Yoga Instructor, and also bring that into practice.

I am a Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical. I earned my Master of Social Work degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Social Work. I have worked with individuals facing life event changes, specifically transitioning time- such as graduation from HS, college, or graduate school, working with individuals with disabilities, and those who are under a lot of stress in school or work. Coping with and overcoming burn-out is one of my specialties.

I do want to inform you that I am most accessible through the message board and have a limited live schedule but will work with you to find the best regular time for both of us.

I look forward to working together!

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Robyn is a great listener and doesn't make me feel left behind.

A.M.·Oct 25, 2020


She has been super professional and in tune with my needs—we have been able to find a schedule that works and keeps our sessions consistent, which is important to my mental health.

P.R.·Oct 19, 2020


Robyn was a kind, nonjudgmental support in a time when I was pretty down on myself and trying to get back to feeling OK about myself. We were able to get a lot done in a small number of exchanges with only written messages. This format has been helpful in forcing me to slow down to engage feelings and thoughts with more care than talk therapy--very useful!

B.R.·Sep 28, 2020


Robyn Hunt offers counseling online via BetterHelp

  • Affordable: Pay a low flat fee for unlimited counseling.
  • Convenient: Do it at your own time and at your own pace. Communicate as often as you want and whenever you feel it's needed.
  • Available Now: There is no waiting list and no calls to make. Simply fill out a short questionnaire and send your first message.