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LCMHC, MLADC Christie Faella

Provides online counseling through BetterHelp

Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

And recovery is possible.

Christie Faella is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCMHC, MLADC
Years in Practice: 10
State: NH


Do you struggle with anxiety?

Do you want your work performance to be better?

Do you struggle with depression or just want to be happier?

Are you having trouble adjusting to a new situation?

Let’s work as a team to find solutions to these challenges.

My name is Christie Faella and I go by "Chris." I am a licensed clinical mental health counselor in the state of New Hampshire. I have over 10 years of experience working with adults who struggle with substance use disorders and other mental health diagnoses.

My treatment approach is client centered, integrative and holistic. I use cognitive behavioral therapy, solutions focused therapy and strengths based therapy as interventions to help you. I believe in the life transforming power of mindfulness and self-compassion to invite the transformation of difficult places. I received my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University.

There is no doubt that seeking help is hard, however, I think counseling is one of the best investments a person can make in themselves!

Let's work together to help you generate more of the life you envision!

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Christie has been great to work with. I felt like I was on a guided tour of my own emotions and anxieties ("Let's look at this a little longer, what do you see?" or "Have you considered this thought" etc). Each step I felt like she listened and had my best interests in mind. Thank You

R.A.·May 03, 2021


Chris has been amazing helping me navigate my internal world. I am learning so much from her for helping me understand my emotions. She’s very open minded and non judgmental and she truly cares. She has been so helpful in my healing journey! Thank you, Chris!

M.E.·Apr 08, 2021


She’s great. She can usually always tell me the reasons behind why I’m thinking something.

A.S.·Jan 08, 2021


Christie has been very conscious of my concerns and thoughts as I discuss them with her, she understands what I communicate to her and she has given me helpful strategies to continue to deal with my anxiety and put my attention and focus to better things.

G.R.·Aug 16, 2020


Christie, or Chris as she likes to be called, is simply wonderful and a pleasure to work with. She is very insightful, great at analyzing the problems presented to her, and offers good solutions to experiment with. I wish all my counselors I have had in the past were as good as her. You're lucky to have her on your team.

J.O.·Aug 14, 2020


Great help, well worth the time and investment.

D.O.·Jun 11, 2020


Christie Faella offers counseling online via BetterHelp

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