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LCSW, RN Barbara Ramsey

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Barbara Ramsey is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCSW, RN
Years in Practice: 35
State: IL


My name is Barbara Ramsey and I am a licensed therapist ( License number 44SC01482000). Welcome to the on-line counseling room, which will be our private, secure place to communicate. You can enter this room from any internet connected device wherever you are.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I'm a nurse and clinical social worker with a masters degree from Rutgers University. I have worked in the hospital and home care but most of my professional career has been as a psychotherapist.

When someone starts counseling with me, I try to get to know them and, at the same time, help them cope with their immediate problems. I'm a good listener and easy to talk to. My years of experience have given me perspective. I try to notice patterns and sensitivities and reflect these back to my clients. Considering a member's values, hopes and dreams help us shape goals and support is given along the way. By seeing how things can get better, stress is reduced and clearer thinking results.

I hope that you are interested in working with me. Let's start helping you feel better.

To help us get started, please tell me what brought you here. Just a few short sentences that describe the challenges you are facing and what you would like to talk about. It will help me know what you are going through and we'll schedule a live session to go on from there.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Style: empathetic, insightful

Specialties: depression, anxiety, life crisis, parenting, work and career issues, family and relationship problems, self esteem, coping with physical illness, disability, pandemic isolation and loneliness

Also experienced in: grief and loss, trauma, personality problems, bipolar and serious mental illness

Clinical approaches: psychodynamic psychotherapy, client centered and strength-based therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution based and analytic style therapy, and Bible based counseling

Years in practice: 35 years

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Reviews for Barbara Ramsey

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Barbara has been such an amazing and pleasant therapist who listens intently. She has never failed to assure me or validate my feelings. During difficult times, I found comfort in our conversations and took away many valuable lessons that I can apply in my life.

Feb 04, 2023


Barbara is a life changer. I’m so thankful to have her and my therapist. She is kind and caring. She listens and is so respectful. I have never trusted a therapist as much as I trust her.

Feb 02, 2023


I feel very comfortable with Barbara & inspired to work hard for my mental health.

Jan 25, 2023


Barbara is the first therapist that I’ve had ever where I thought that I could actually move forward with my life. While we do access my past, Barbara is wonderful at helping me look ahead to see that there is so much opportunity in front of me.

Jan 11, 2023


She's is amazing, even after so much time away! She's always there for me

Dec 27, 2022


Barbara is incredibly kind. She listens and helps direct the conversation. I am appreciative of her soft tone and mindfulness. I really can’t be happier than to have her as a therapist.

Dec 23, 2022


Barbara is fantastic and a huge help, all around! Attentive, responsive, caring, pragmatic and always working to solve problems and provide concrete and actionable advice.

Nov 30, 2022


A great listener she is and also helps me to learn more about myself and build up my self esteem.

Aug 31, 2022


Barbara has changed my life for the better. Deciding to start therapy with her has been the best decision for my mental health. She is such a blessing.

A.S.·Jul 27, 2022


Barbara is so wonderful. I feel like she truly listens to me and offers wonderful tips / strategies for me to use in my everyday life.

N.I.·Jul 21, 2022


Barbara has been the only person who listens to me with a real open mind. It's nice to have someone who finally just listens and doesn't judge me. Really she's saved me in a lot of ways.

S.E.·Jun 23, 2022


Barbara is so friendly and approachable. I feel I can share anything with her without being judged. Just having someone to talk to at anytime has improved my mental health significantly. I would highly recommend.

L.E.·Jun 13, 2022


After trying 5 therapist outside of better help. No one understood me as Barbara she been an amazing listener, caring respectful and motivated me to at least leave my bed. Thank you Barbara and god bless you.

R.O.·May 14, 2022


Barbara is wonderful all around!

M.A.·Apr 20, 2022


Very easy to speak to with a lot of insight to offer.

R.I.·Apr 19, 2022



J.U.·Feb 24, 2022


Understanding, kind, and patient.

D.A.·Jan 18, 2022


Barbara is exceptionally kind and caring. I had my doubts about Betterhelp but she has been incredibly helpful for me in an extremely difficult time.

T.I.·Jan 17, 2022


Barbara offers such an understanding calm vibe. She really listens and provides meaningful feedback. I’d recommend her to all my friends that want just a little bit more boost in their day to day :)

A.N.·Jan 15, 2022


Barbara has been such a beacon of light. I’m so thankful she is my therapist.

A.S.·Jan 11, 2022



A.S.·Dec 24, 2021


I really enjoy Ms Ramsey and our weekly discussions. I feel like I can speak my thoughts and always feel better after our calls.

A.T.·Dec 22, 2021


Barbara is very insightful and attentive to understanding. She offers a warm and open presence consistently. Barbara touches base throughout the week even just to say “hope the week is going well.” I strongly recommend Barbara to anyone that comes across her profile.

D.A.·Nov 15, 2021


Barbara has been of great help listening to me. Her kindness and knowledge allows me to understand me and others better. She is super patient and goes out of her way to support me. Thank you Barbara!

I.M.·Nov 01, 2021


Barbara is great! She compassionate and very easy to speak to. She is patient and doesn’t get upset with my million distractions.

Z.A.·Oct 25, 2021


I started therapy with Barbara after my dad died, my therapist died, and a dozen other complications. Barbara has been nothing but supportive, kind, generous, gentle and responsive.

S.U.·Oct 21, 2021


Barbara is the absolute best! I have been seeing her for almost a year and she has been tremendously helpful. If you have a chance to have her as a therapist I would not hesitate!

A.L.·Sep 15, 2021


What a wonderful woman. She makes me feel like I have another bestie I can confide in that dosnt judge me and helps with my choices. She is a pet of my self care and I appreciate her !

T.R.·Sep 05, 2021


Barbara is awesome ! She has helped me so much during my time using better help! I am truly thankful for all of her help and guidance!

S.A.·Sep 02, 2021


Barbara was wonderful. I so appreciated her help, kind words, and advice. She was very affirming and I really enjoyed our conversations.

H.A.·Aug 23, 2021


She is the nicest, sweetest therapist I've ever had, i have never had a therapist as understanding and empathetic as she is

K.A.·Aug 15, 2021


Barbara always makes me feel validated and heard. Each session I get a lot out of and I always feel like I can open up without any judgement

K.A.·Jul 22, 2021


I am enjoying talking with her as I work through my recent losses. She is patient, listens, and is allowing me to work through my feelings at my own speed. I like that she sends me messages throughout the week unsolicited. To me that shows she is thinking about me and caring about my well being.

H.O.·Apr 21, 2021


So I am very new to therapy. I’m 23 and just starting this journey, and I am only on my 3rd session coming up. But I really look forward to talking more with my counselor. I feel confident that she really listens and understands where I’m coming from and I can’t wait to see what we uncover together. Really grateful for this process ❤️

A.L.·Apr 15, 2021


Barbara is the best counsellor that I've ever have. I can really feel that she is very kind and supportive. My anxiety and mood greatly improves since I've had sessions with her, and my insomnia is getting better too! She also helps in my family, relationship, and career issues. It is amazing how she is able to help and give me advices and still incorporating cultural and religion perspective. Barbara Ramsey is highly recommended. Thank you Barbara for your support and help! :)

R.C.·Apr 05, 2021


I’m happy that I was matched with Barbara regarding my marriage and communication issues. She helped clear my mind and focus on what is important and was direct and honest. I hope to do therapy again in the future if needed and be matched with her again. Thank you Barbara.

J.A.·Feb 25, 2021


Amazing and patient

V.I.·Feb 13, 2021


Barbara is amazing!! she is a great !!! I like talking to her . Barbara is helping me and my family with a very difficult situation . My wife and I are very grateful for all her help.

C.A.·Feb 09, 2021


She is very caring, understanding and also gives good advice.

J.E.·Jan 31, 2021


Barbara makes me very comfortable to speak my mind without judgement and when shown concern offers a variety of solutions allowing me to cater to the problem I am having. I look forward to continuing my counseling with her. 10/10 would recommend.

C.H.·Jan 05, 2021


Barbara is a wonderful, positive light in my life. She is always genuinely concerned about my well-being and makes extra time in her schedule when she knows I need it. I am very thankful for her and her guiding support♥️

C.A.·Dec 30, 2020


I truly appreciate the time I've spent with my counselor. She has helped me express myself and she has shown support to me in many areas. She has also prayed for me and I appreciate that so much!

A.T.·Dec 22, 2020


She's patient, trustworthy and doesn't sugarcoat anything you need to hear in order for you to thrive .

S.A.·Dec 15, 2020


Barbara has been a phenomenal guide and coach for my life at a crucial time when so many big changes have been happening all at once. She had a keen sense of listening and assessing what’s happening for me and able to allow me to see what’s happening from a high level perspective to connect the dots and create most the most desirable solutions in my life. I am so grateful for her to be in my life at this time. She’s amazing!

D.Y.·Dec 07, 2020


I feel so at ease with Barbara. Our conversations flow naturally and I get the sense that she genuinely cares. When I reach out to her she responds quickly and thoughtfully as well. I'm happy that I was matched with her.

T.I.·Dec 01, 2020


She is very patient and also flexible with regard to making the time work. Thank you.

E.L.·Nov 09, 2020


I've only had three sessions with Barbara but I am so very pleased with her. She has already had a big impact on my well-being. The first thing she did that helped me was just affirm the trauma that I had gone through in my childhood -- it did happen, it does affect me to this day and it was a big deal. As a survivor of childhood trauma, we often sweep our past under the rug and try to make it seem like it was "normal". Just in that first session Barbara affirmed me and helped me to see that I am doing the right thing in reaching out to get help with it -- that I am worthy and deserving of help and finding peace. Other things have come up during my time with Barbara such as relationship issues, anxiety and OCD, and she has been brilliant with all of these. Every time I end a session with her I feel like I've made so much progress. To top it all off, Barbara is very nurturing, gentle, kind and respectful. You can tell she really cares so much about her clients.

M.I.·Oct 18, 2020


Barbara is anything you could ask for in a counselor. She is a genuine listener who goes that extra mile in a way only a professional could do. After many counselor changes, she is clearly the best. I call myself lucky for having met such an incredible therapist – right before I was about to lose any hope in finding someone who could truly understand me and my problems in an authentic manner. Her way of working with people and caring about them can be described as excellent. She really helped me go through one of the hardest times in my life. Thank you, Barbara!

M.I.·Oct 05, 2020


Barbara has been very supportive of me and has offered some insights that are helping me realize my patterns. Patterns that have kept me locked.

J.O.·Sep 27, 2020


I wasn't sure if this would help me. But Barbara lets me talk through all my problems, past, present and future, and helps lower my anxiety every single time I hang up a call with her. By helping me see my issues a different way and supporting me when I need it. 10/10 this has been my best choice, to use this service and spend time talking with Barbara. Thank you

T.A.·Sep 19, 2020


Barbara is the goat.

K.A.·Sep 13, 2020


Barbara is AWESOME! Great listener and offers constructive advice and suggestions. I’m so pleased to have found her!

K.I.·Sep 08, 2020


The session was very helpful

M.A.·Aug 23, 2020


Barbara, allows me to voice my feelings and assists without bias. If it appears wrong she will not hesitate. Works for me!

S.H.·Aug 23, 2020


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