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LPC Goldie Oakes

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Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

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Goldie Oakes is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LPC
Years in Practice: 16

Hello. My name is Goldie Marker Oakes, Licensed Professional Counselor, and I look forward to working with you. My professional clinical career began in 2006 providing treatment in the mental health field. My primary therapeutic modality includes a strong but eclectic therapeutic modality that incorporates a strong clinical perspective using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. If you are comfortable with this approach, I also use a holistic and Christian perspective using Mindfulness and Relaxation Therapy, prayer and scripture. My goal as your therapist is too help you find peace, joy, and happiness in life. My job is to help you learn how to overcome your life events, emotions and experiences that have caused you problems functioning normally, relating to others, or even finding motivation to continue on your life's path. My professional experience with both includes clinical approach with a Christian mindset that includes:

• treating clinical concerns such as anxiety, social anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, and other clinical concerns.

• relationships

• self-image, self-esteem, and efficacy

• anger management and self-harm behaviors and impulse control

My therapeutic approach often incorporates homework such as reading Christian literature or specific scripture, journal and self-reflective writing and practice of specific CBT and DBT strategies outside the clinical setting, at home, and in the community, all of which supports your growth and progress. My goal is for your growth to be internal as you move towards defining or redefining your relationship with Christ. This means a great deal of your progress requires your need to periodically evaluate your own progress through self-evaluation and self-reflection, in addition to my own clinical assessments with your progress.

My goal as a counselor is to help you find peace, joy, and happiness in life as you learn to overcome those things in your life that have caused a loss of functioning individually or within the family dynamic. This path is not always an easy one; however, God promises us that we Never have to travel that path alone.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $35 to $80 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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I have really enjoyed conversation with Goldie so far. We have our first phone session scheduled for tomorrow, and I’m really confident she will be able to help me!

K.A.·Oct 18, 2021


Goldie is absolutely amazing! She is very kind, patient, calming, and compassionate. She knows all the right questions to ask, and is so knowledgeable with the tools and advice she provides. I would highly recommend Goldie to anyone looking for help, but especially to those looking for a faith-based perspective.

L.A.·Sep 17, 2021


Goldie is a wonderful counselor who listens and shares her experiences in warm candor and confidence. She makes me feel so reassured and is just what I need at the end of the week to help me process. Love her!!

J.O.·Sep 05, 2021


She is awesome at what she does and very caring

K.E.·Sep 03, 2021


Goldie is wonderful!!

L.I.·Aug 16, 2021


She is wonderful . A good listener and she has a very sweet spirit. I feel better after talking with her

B.R.·Aug 04, 2021


Goldie is an absolute sweetheart. i’ve only have 2 sessions with her and already feel listened to and all around loved and supported. she’s a great person and i hope everyone finds a good counselor like her <3

R.O.·Jul 20, 2021


I appreciate Goldie listening to what I have to say and genuinely caring about me as a person!

E.L.·Jul 02, 2021


She's great!

R.A.·Jun 20, 2021


Goldie is very supportive, getting me to prioritize my thoughts.

S.C.·May 25, 2021


I like Goldie. She says what she thinks and is not afraid to use her life experience to solve issues. She's good at providing feedback and playing devil's advocate. She's also good at being present and discussing what arises in the moment. I signed up for better help for a lot of reasons that have actually not been the topic of discussion thus far. But in a roundabout way they are related. Goldie is not afraid to take these scenic routes. For me, it works.

H.U.·Apr 26, 2021


Goldie is amazing. I'm glad I have her.

H.E.·Apr 25, 2021


Goldie Oakes is an amazing counselor. She helps me talk through my issues in a way that leaves me feeling confident and better prepared to take on my issues. She is very supportive and knowledgeable. She has helped take me out of a dark time in my life and continues to perform excellently. She takes the extra time to address my concerns through texts and I always leave our video sessions feeling renewed with positive energy.

M.A.·Apr 11, 2021


I really enjoy busy with Goldie during our sessions she is very real down-to-earth in understanding.

A.S.·Mar 18, 2021


Goldie is great. 10/10 would recommend. Her communication coaching is improving me as a person and in my relationship. She also has a good sense of humor and makes it safe to talk about heavy issues.

D.A.·Mar 11, 2021


Goldie has already helped me so much and we’ve only had 2 sessions so far! So thankful for your understanding & knowledge.

M.A.·Mar 08, 2021


Goldie has been phenomenal. Not only do I feel heard and seen by her, I also feel loved and accepted. She is so easy to talk to and yet also very professional. She can be both blunt and gentle at the same time. And she gives very creative "homework" for the week that are actually helpful and makes me feel like I'm progressing even on my own from session to session.

C.O.·Mar 04, 2021


Goldie takes in all the information you give her and then makes an honest assessment of where you are. I feel very comfortable relaying my struggles with her. She makes you feel like the more you open up, the more she can help you. She listens and then asks probing questions that really make you think about what you're saying.

S.A.·Feb 18, 2021


Goldie was a pleasure to work with! She challenged me and encouraged me in various ways. Our first session I felt truly listened to and that she had paid close attention to things I was saying in order to ensure that our time together would be well spent! Throughout our time together she made me feel supported and gave me incredibly helpful feedback and goals for me to do throughout the week in between sessions. Would definitely recommend her!

H.A.·Jan 27, 2021


She is really nice. I feel comfortable talking to her and I really like her.

S.I.·Jan 13, 2021


Goldie Oakes is an awesome counselor. She provides a safe place for people to practice vulnerability and to be heard. I've only met with her a couple of times but in this short time I've been able to open up and share without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

A.M.·Jan 12, 2021


Goldie is warm and kind, and dove right into the issues I wanted to discuss. She gave me practical tips and exercises I could use immediately. I felt better after our first session!

J.E.·Jan 12, 2021


Goldie is caring and attentive.

O.R.·Dec 17, 2020


She is doing a great job

J.U.·Dec 16, 2020


So far very pleased with the service

T.R.·Dec 15, 2020


She is wonderful. Makes me feel safe and heard.

L.I.·Dec 12, 2020


I like Goldie's demeanor. First, she is a good listener. Key to success. Second, she says what needs to be said calmly and then, allows the statement to have the impact. She does not try to make the impact. She is wise and kind. By the end of the session, her kindness and acceptance, along with her wisdom helps to encourage and motivate. Thank you.

R.E.·Dec 02, 2020


Goldie is nothing shy of amazing!! She listens, cares, supports, helps, understands and is so nice and realistic. Every time I talk with her, I feel better. She's given me so many tools and so much knowledge. Talking to her is like talking to a long time friend or a family member. After our first session, I felt so much more hopeful and I still do after each session. She also replies in a very timely manner. She has changed my life, for sure!

K.E.·Nov 18, 2020


Goldie has a huge listening ear and is very respectful to my situation. Thanks for everything

M.A.·Oct 30, 2020


So far she's been so amazing. After two sessions she feels like a friend that doesn't judge me when I have certain feelings or thoughts. It's really reassuring.

A.N.·Oct 29, 2020


She is very kind, supportive , and great listener.

T.H.·Oct 19, 2020


Goldie has been a tremendous support, and made a difficult journey much less scary. She has helped me dig down and discover what really was bothering me, and the exercises she gave me to try have made a world of difference. I'm so glad I gave Betterhelp a try, its given me my life back.

M.I.·Oct 15, 2020


I LOVE Mrs. Oakes ! She’s so amazing & very strategic! I’ve learned so much about myself in these last 7 weeks and I’m so thankful that I was paired with her. This has been an awesome experience!

D.A.·Oct 11, 2020


She is an absolute sweetheart. I feel comfortable sharing my issues with her and she does her best to understand. She ensures that I am progressing in ways that I can have a stronger and positive mindset.

D.E.·Sep 02, 2020


Comforting, a great listener

C.H.·Sep 01, 2020


Goldie is an exceptional therapist. In my life, I've spoken to many therapists and counselors and Goldie, in our short time working together, has proven to be among the very best. Not only is Goldie timely and responsible with her replies, she genuinely cares and puts a tremendous amount of effort in her feedback. I highly recommend to anyone who seeks an active partnership with their therapist.

R.A.·Aug 31, 2020


Goldie is kind and listens intently. I appreciate you demeanor and desire to help others with their healing. Blessings

C.A.·Aug 28, 2020


Goldie is everything a counselor should be. She makes it easy for even the most guarded to be vulnerable and safe with her. She takes me to task, but only in the kindest and gentlest way. I’ve had a few counselors over the years, but none like Goldie.

M.E.·Aug 19, 2020


I am happy with services!

J.E.·Aug 11, 2020


Goldie’s approach is very welcoming and professional. I feel heard and seen whenever we talk and always leave a session feeling lighter and adequately equipped to take the next steps. After just one meeting, I felt like I could breathe again and like I could get through anything. Thank you, Goldie!

S.H.·Aug 07, 2020


She is a wonderful counselor; because she listens to the client's reason why they came to counseling. She also helps you to overcome issues with the goals that she sets; and she is very understanding of why someone feels a certain way.

M.I.·Aug 05, 2020


Working with Goldie this first month has been a pleasure. She listens well and puts to words the feelings that I sometimes struggle phrasing. I think the tips and activities she has had me do are super practical and things that can become a useful habit to continue even after our time together. It has been an overall positive experience thanks to her.

K.A.·Aug 05, 2020


So far I’ve been enjoying my counseling sessions and my messaging with Goldie. There is something about her where she listens thoughtfully and doesn’t interrupt when I speak. She has this deep understanding of what I’m going through without me having to backtrack very far. And she mirrors my words well so I can take time to reflect (if that makes sense). Her counseling has helped me keep a calmer mind and learn that counseling is a tool in my bag but not something I should use a crutch or a band-aid. I love how I can grow while having her counseling support me. I will continue to have Goldie as my counselor as I continue to work on myself and how I interact in my relationships.

J.O.·Aug 05, 2020


Ms. Goldie Oakes have been continuously checking on me much as possible she offers great advice thank you so much you are the best!

T.I.·Aug 04, 2020


I truly enjoy speaking with Mrs. Oakes. She is the first counselor that I have spoken to on BetterHelp and I truly am thankful for it. She is full of personality and even though we can talk about tough things she will always end the session on a positive note.

S.H.·Aug 04, 2020


Goldie is WONDERFUL. I've had two sessions with her so far, and they've been life-changing, significantly for the better. She has a strong sense of understanding of the issues I struggle with, and her guidance has helped me work through my issues with understanding, solution discovery, and empowerment. Goldie's compassion and her regular follow up gives me the sense that this role is a calling for her, more than just a profession. I greatly value her wisdom, care, and accountability. Thank you Goldie!

H.A.·Aug 04, 2020


She has been very helpful. She listens and is very encouraging and has really good insights.

P.E.·Aug 04, 2020


So far Goldie has definitely helped me with my family issues! In a short time she has given me some great tools to work with! She also responds very quick and is always a message away if I need her!

K.R.·Aug 04, 2020


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