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Rebekah Wolff is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: MS, LPC
Years in Practice: 6
State: WI

Hello there, I'm Rebekah. First off, congratulations for taking the first step in getting help. This is the most crucial step you can make toward your wellness.

I'm a multicultural therapist who utilizes different modalities, to help YOU reach your therapeutic needs. I'm here to serve you, and will gladly work with you through messages, live chat, or phone. I'm out here in Wisconsin, the United States (CST). However, I'm open to working with you and making it work no matter what country and time zone you are in, as you and your mental health is very important to me!! I look forward to helping you in a variety of issues, I have worked with those coping with depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, self-esteem, life transition, relationship and family issues, health issues and many more. My modalities include the Client-Centered Approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy, and Playtherapy for children and adolescents. I've also worked with a diverse of population of children, teens, young adults, couples and families. I thrive in providing a caring and supportive environment for sessions. I'm open to all those who have Christian faith, or are spiritual, or neither, liberal or conservative. My sessions will be tailored to fit your needs as your sessions are all about YOU.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Reviews for Rebekah Wolff

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38 Reviews
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Rebekah is a personable and respectful therapist. I have felt listened to, and Rebekah addresses my concerns during our sessions.

Jan 31, 2023


I was very excited to work with Rebekah and struggled to do much talking while I did a lot of listening to her. There was also a lot of talking at me, with a lot of adjectives (felt as if she was being very dramatic assumptions) rather than simply listening.

Nov 27, 2022


I am very grateful for Rebekah. She is very genuine, caring, and helpful with keeping me ground and with reasonable expectations.

Nov 26, 2022


Rebekah is very easy to talk to. I can feel that she’s there for me and she’s really helped me process a lot of the difficult things I’m going through to the point that even my friends have noticed how much I’m getting better at handling my problems by the way I talk about them.

Nov 14, 2022


Rebekah is amazing

Oct 13, 2022


Attentive Supportive Extremly good listener

Oct 03, 2022


It has been very helpful talking with you.

Sep 14, 2022


I have worked with a Rebekah for the past year and she has so helpful. She has helped me so that I can manage my anxiety, depression and ptsd. I 100% recommend her to anyone

Sep 13, 2022


When I first joined I was a mess, my mind was in pieces and I didn’t know who I was anymore. But after many sessions with Rebekah, she helped me find myself again and live to love myself. The most rewarding decision I’ve ever made was to choose her to help me develop myself.

Sep 13, 2022


I really like her. She's great.

C.O.·Aug 21, 2022


Rebekah definitely has helped me navigate some deep/dark parts of myself. She listens really well and there’s always a safe space with her. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat ^_^

L.I.·Aug 18, 2022


She listens to my concerns and responds with help to make sense of things as well with giving me tools to help myself stride for my goals

M.A.·Aug 17, 2022


This year is my first time trying therapy and I was so nervous. However, a big and great thanks to Rebekah, my therapy journey has been pleasant. Rebekah is knowledgeable and provides different tools for me to overcome my different challenges. Rebekah provides a safe space to share vulnerable experiences which I highly value. I always feel better or inspired after every session. I highly recommend Rebekah.

A.L.·Aug 06, 2022


I appreciate Rebekah. She has been a therapist that I have been able to connect with and she is very supportive and helps me stay grounded when I starting to go off the deep end. She also responds to my messages in a timely matter. I greatly appreciate it.

T.I.·Jul 18, 2022


Very helpful, listened well and gave good insight!

C.A.·Jun 29, 2022


Rebekah has been a wonderful support during a difficult time for me. She has offered great insight into my situation, as well as solutions and things for me to work on to better myself. Her personal experiences help her connect even more with empathy and resolution. I highly recommend her!!

C.H.·Jun 06, 2022


Rebekah has helped me deal with guilt and shame that have been hanging over my life for a long time. She listened to me and helped me understand my experiences outside of my head.

S.A.·May 28, 2022


Really been positive with me and helping me. There are sessions where she has to go through things with me that honestly don’t make that much sense, but she is super patient and kind. I love her to bits ❤️

L.I.·Apr 15, 2022


Rebekah has been a good fit with my mental health needs. She shows compassion and empathy. Also has been nonjudgmental and supportive with all my issues. I truly enjoy working with her.

T.I.·Feb 22, 2022


Rebekah has and still is amazing. She listens or reads what your saying and truly understands what your going through.

S.A.·Jan 20, 2022


Love Rebekah she is great.

K.A.·Jan 13, 2022


She has been the most understanding Therapist I have had

P.E.·Jan 07, 2022


Rebekah has had her fair share of knocks in life. And yet she has bounced back and continues to bounce! Her advice and wisdom come from the highs and lows in her life. She is relatable and approachable. She made me feel validated and heard. And if I am honest - inspired. Thank You Rebekah

M.I.·Dec 28, 2021


Rebekah, has been really helpful. She opened me up to knew possibilities to explain my block. It has been incredibly helpful and has given me hope that I can overcome the issues I am faced with. Thank you Rebekah I really appreciate your time and effort.

R.U.·Dec 06, 2021


Rebekah is amazing! She listing and when I have a problem she always try and do her best to come up with solutions, thanks to her I’m starting to feel better and heal from my burnout, it’s still a process but she helped me tremendously!

E.D.·Nov 28, 2021


Rebekah, is attentive and good at listening. She knows hot to give good feedback with a constructive conversation that gives a lot of feedback on questions one might ask, she has helped me a lot only within the two sessions we had.

P.A.·Nov 03, 2021


I greatly appreciate my counselor Rebekah. She provides positive feedback and helps me dealing with my anxiety and on going stressors in my life. It has been a positive experience and one of few gifted counselors I have work with through the years.

T.I.·Oct 14, 2021


Rebekah always provides some useful ideas for me and for my family. Our conversations are valuable to me, and I learn a lot from her that I can take into my time outside of our talks.

S.U.·Sep 16, 2021


Rebekah is amazing and has been (and still is) helping me get through all the things that I'm going through.

S.A.·Aug 26, 2021


Rebekah has been amazing so far. I've had two sessions with her so far and I feel that her counseling has been very helpful. She provides very insightful feedback and she has quite a bit of availability. I am happy that I selected her as my counselor :)

A.N.·Aug 20, 2021


Rebekah is amazing! She listens without judgement, I feel so comfortable talking to her. She has helped me so much and offers tools, strategies and advice to deal with any problem. I am very grateful for her help!

A.L.·Aug 10, 2021


Rebekah is lovely and very warm and empathetic. In our first two session together, she has already given me some food for thought on how to deal with my anxiety as well as some helpful tools.

D.A.·Jul 23, 2021


Rebekah is so great. There have been times where I’ll message her saying I hate myself for doing this thing and what not and she always asks me why o feel the way o do and will pull the positives out of any situation while also helping you and giving you guidance. Definitely recommend Rebekah as a counselor.

K.A.·Jul 23, 2021


Rebekah is extremely helpful. She’s always responds in a timely manner when I do my journals or message her. When we’ve met for live sessions she is thoughtful, encouraging, and has helped me navigate issues. I feel like it would have taken me much longer to work through things without her help.

J.E.·Jul 22, 2021


Right now we did around 2 calls, and I experience some burn out Rebekah helped me tremendously in just 2 calls and support on messages, she is very caring and attentive, until now I felt alone in this, but with Rebekah I feel that I have someone that got my back! And in just in 2 calls Im starting to feel Better. Of course there is more work but some of my dizziness (that happen trough the burn out) start to go down with just couple of tools she showed me. If that’s the beginning I can’t wait to see what comes next :) will definitely continue with her!

E.D.·Jul 21, 2021


I like the way she delivers advice by real and personal examples

L.E.·Jun 23, 2021


Nice to get started .Just met once.

G.E.·Jun 19, 2021


Rebekah is helpful and caring councillor, she has good practical advice that help day to today, I have only had two sessions with her and already feel my confidence and coping mechanisms are healthier.

D.A.·Jun 15, 2021


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