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Katherine Page is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCSW, 24000
Years in Practice: 12
State: CA

I am a licensed clinical social worker and have been working in the profession for over 10 years. My style of therapy combines classic approaches, such as cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, humanistic, motivational interviewing, with body centered philosophies including yoga (completed teacher training in 2007), trauma release exercises, and bioenergetics (completed 2 years of training). The skills I have learned through my education and training's have allowed me to help many individuals who are effected with depression, loss, anxiety, trauma and individuals who are going through a difficult transition.

Whatever brought you here today, I would be honored to help you through it. I believe that you have the ability to feel better and be happy, I would like to help you connect with that ability. Therapy is a unique experience which can help someone make subtle or vast improvements in their life. Making the choice to "show up" is the first and sometimes hardest part. As a therapist, my goal is to help you explore your own thoughts and emotions to understand how they effect your current situation by building your capacity to overcome the challenges you experience. I look forward to joining you on that journey.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Ive been working with Katherine for the past 7 months, and she was just who i needed to be paired with. She is super patient, understanding, and caring... and I got really lucky! She has provided tons of support while some past trauma details were uncovered, and even in the middle of my chaos, she remains calm and helps me through it. There are many times that i've needed to take a moment to make some sense of everything and process... and she will sit there with me and hold a safe and judgement free space which is what i've needed more than anything. She's helped me uncover some great qualities in myself and has taught me tools that i can always have with me, all of the time... and for that, i'm forever grateful!

J.O.·Jan 15, 2019


She is very calm and composed. She is a great listener and offers perspectives that make you analyze your situation in a completely different manner. She is proactive in replying to messages and genuinely cares about her patients.

N.I.·Jul 29, 2018


I love Katherine. She has insights I did not think of. She is very kind and patient and supportive.

B.O.·May 31, 2018


I have done therapy for decades, and Katherine had turned out to be my favorite female therapist. She is highly empathic, knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor, extremely supportive and working with her is fun. She has mastered the art of therapy and I have made great progress working with her. Thank you, Katherine.

C.O.·Oct 24, 2017


She looks to help me in every way so that I feel the comfort to share with her all the things I've been going through and helps me control anything that's been bothering me.

E.R.·Aug 19, 2017


Katherine is an exceptional therapist- kind, empathic and compassionate. She is extremely supportive, knowledgeable, understanding and timely replies to posts. I would highly recommend her to anyone as his or her therapist.

C.O·Apr 17, 2017


I love talking with Katherine, its not been a long time but she really helps me.

S.A·Mar 21, 2017


Katherine is a very great therapist!I have only been working with her for a week but I am able to see things in a different light now

J.E·Feb 14, 2017


Katherine is very helpful and understanding. I am so grateful to be working with her and feel like I can really get some real help.

A.L·Nov 21, 2016


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