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John Hanig is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LMFT
Years in Practice: 6
State: CA

It is normal for traumatic life events (such as near-death experiences, being the victim of violence, or the loss of a loved one) to cause us to become stuck in patterns that prevent us from exploring emotional pain in order to let go of it; in this way, staying stuck further perpetuates ongoing suffering, like a “snake eating its tail.” I am here to support you with untangling these patterns in order to reclaim who you are and gain satisfaction with seeing how who you are can glow brighter than ever in your relationships and community.

With our work through Better Help, I usually ask lots of questions not only to get to know you better but to also provide an opportunity for you to express yourself and see how it feels to release some of your more intense emotions through the power of words. I also ask lots of questions to guide you with exploring your relationships (such as family, friends, and intimate partners) and provide suggestions on ways to improve communication, since the majority of problems that occur in our relationships usually come from miscommunication and as a result not receiving the most mutual support that we could receive from our relationships. I can also teach techniques (such as breathing exercises and affirmations) that you can actually use at moments when you might feel particularly overwhelmed or “freaking out,” and I can help you adapt them to your unique lifestyle and personality so that it can hopefully feel easier to put them into practice in the real world.

I am a queer man who specializes in providing psychotherapy to other queer men and LGBTQ people in English, Spanish, & Brazilian Portuguese. I am most passionate about serving LGBTQ people experiencing severe and persistent mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As LGBTQ people, engaging in therapy is more important than ever.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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