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MA, LMFT Camilla Ford

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Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

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Camilla Ford is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: MA, LMFT
Years in Practice: 25
State: CA

Hi there! I applaud your courage in reaching out. I am a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist with 25 years experience working with individuals, children, couples and families. I am a Stanford graduate with a Master's in Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. I offer compassionate listening, presence and guidance for people in crisis, transition, or who are seeking healing, growth, clarity, and connection. All communications are confidential.

My experience covers a spectrum of clients and settings. I have provided therapy in day treatment facilities, schools, hospitals, and in private practice.

I take a Humanistic/person centered approach to therapy and strongly believe that you have the tools you need to heal and achieve your goals, and that I can help support you in this process. I focus on your strengths and am a supportive and empathetic listener. My therapy style is collaborative in which you and I work together to discover creative solutions to presenting problems. My work draws from the counseling theories and styles of Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir and Murray Bowen.

Seeking help takes courage. I honor this and will treat you with the respect and warmth you deserve. I am here to help you "live well and be happy"!

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Stress Anxiety Relationship issues Grief Parenting issues Coping with life changes Addictions LGBT Family conflicts Trauma and abuse Intimacy-related issues Eating disorders Sleeping disorders Anger management Self esteem Career difficulties Bipolar disorder Depression Coaching Compassion fatigue ADHD
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She is great at keeping my focus on me, reminding me that these are my experiences, feelings, and perceptions. My perspectives. And she shows me exercises that help me to calibrate my life. Truly great experience

Jan 30, 2023


She’s fantastic, great listener, a lot of experience. Very helpful in times of ease and turmoil. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Jan 29, 2023


I appreciate Camilla’s guidance in my life to take life in small realistic steps. I am Able to cope in difficult situations, much more than without therapy. I am Moving toward having more joy in more moments and living more presently.

Jan 23, 2023


I like my therapy with Camilla Ford and I am working on to get better with therapy

Nov 26, 2022


Camilla, is a patient and helpful therapist. I recommend her.

Oct 25, 2022


Great mirror in which I am learning more of myself!!

Sep 30, 2022


Camilla has helped me, from the very first session, handle the most complicated period of time in my life so far. She’s invaluable. Super patient, empathetic, and such an amazing listener. I feel very lucky to have met her.

Sep 14, 2022


Camilla had been there for me for all of my ups and downs. She has guided me to putting myself first and allowing me space to speak my truth and find my voice.

Sep 13, 2022


Camilla is exactly what you need in a therapist. An active and engaged listener, a challenger and encourager, as well as a reinforcer and perception shifter. Every meeting is stimulating, eye-opening, and extremely insightful. I always look forward to our next engagement and I feel real growth after every session.

J.A.·Jul 21, 2022


I like my therapy with Camilla Ford 5stars sofar , I just started about one month ago Hope I will get better very soon

E.M.·Jul 15, 2022


Camilla helps me feel my feelings instead of skipping over or pushing them down.

L.A.·Jul 08, 2022


Camilla, continues to be a positive and helpful therapist with a broad range of expertise for us to grow together.

S.T.·May 28, 2022


Camilla is an awesome cheerleader for my goals and well being. I am Very grateful for her guidance.

J.E.·May 09, 2022


Camilla has a gift for listening and empathy, paired with her knowledge… she has empowered me to continue to grow and is teaching me to nurture myself and practice feeling my negative emotions in a constructive way.

E.R.·Feb 28, 2022


I'm thankful to have a therapist that supports my rather unconventional views on life. She even refers to books, psychologists, or philosophers who have similar ideas as myself, which just goes to show how knowledgeable she is!

A.M.·Feb 16, 2022


Camilla is a helpful, patient, professional therapist. She has provided various tools to help reframe the way I approach thoughts and feelings. She patiently accepts where I am and allows me to grow at my own rate.

S.T.·Nov 17, 2021


Camilla challenges me to dig deeper into my thoughts in a gentle and respectful manner.

E.R.·Jul 26, 2021


Camilla helps me slow down and feel the feelings.

L.A.·Jun 07, 2021


She is the best therapist I have ever had hands down.

B.E.·Jun 07, 2021


I have grown so much with Camilla. She has helped me get through a really tough year. I don’t know where I’d be without her!

M.A.·May 26, 2021


Camilla is a wonderful, patient, and knowledgeable therapist. I recommend you talk with her.

S.T.·May 18, 2021


Camilla is a loving and understanding counselor. She has guided me back to myself. As the world got more and more scary, she helped me to see that I can Feel safe inside me, before I ever Have to deal with the outside. I feel as though she’s the friend that reminds you how to care most for yourself before you can love those around you. At last, I’ve come to be able to love others as they are and accept that it is not my responsibility to change anyone. This has released so much exhaustion from my usual anxious self.

J.E.·Apr 12, 2021


Camilla has saved my life. In the middle of a pandemic , I really needed help and she was the perfect fit as I requested specific qualities in a therapist. She listens and has amazing insight for me. She’s truly there for me. I look forward to our weekly visits, always.

J.E.·Feb 10, 2021


Camilla helps me see things in a different perspective. She is gentle in her recommendations, doesn’t judge you.

E.R.·Jan 05, 2021


Unbelievable, I’m incredible lucky to have met Camilla.

K.E.·Nov 22, 2020


Camilla is absolutely incredible, professional, and empathetic in the perfect way that fits my needs emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I have had many counselors over many years, and Camilla is the perfect fit for where I am in my life as of right now. I’ve already recommended her services to a colleague that’s how much I have gained from our sessions together. I would have made it through quarantine, but I don’t think that I would have grown and worked on myself in the best way for me if it wasn’t for sessions with Camilla.

K.A.·Oct 06, 2020


Camilla is just wonderful. She truly listens and cares. Her advice is always candid and honest, which is good for me. After years of never finding therapy very helpful, Camilla showed me the power of finding the right counselor.

M.A.·Oct 06, 2020


Camilla has been the guidance I needed to get through one of the hardest phases of my life. Her tough attitude, some super useful techniques and those periods when she genuinely listens have been a major guiding factor through the last several months. She genuinely cares and makes sure to check up after tough sessions/days. I could never thank her enough for all her help.

A.K.·Oct 04, 2020


Couldn’t have made the very big and scary life changes without her help! Great listener, gave me very honest and compassionate feedback along with helpful tools to help me help myself. She’s the best!

B.E.·Aug 12, 2020


I appreciate Camilla's understanding, and her encouragement to be more gentle with myself.

L.I.·Aug 04, 2020


Mrs. Ford is one of the greatest things to happen to me! It’s only been about three-four weeks that we’ve been talking and I already feel muuuuuuuch better. She’s an angel sent from heaven, truly.

S.C.·Jun 30, 2020


Camilla Ford takes spends the time to listen and get to know you. She recommends outside resource. I appreciate that she checks in throughout the session to see what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. I’d recommend her to a friend.

L.I.·Jun 11, 2020


I have only had two sessions with Camilla and already have had a huge shift in my way of thinking. My quality of life has improved drastically by just making a few small changes suggested by her. I can't recommend her enough!

S.A.·Jun 10, 2020


Very good listener which helps me to get valuable insights. She also got good suggestions that already helped me and will help me in the future, to release unwanted habits and beliefs, and to gain better ones.

Y.A.·Jun 02, 2020


Camilla is very compassionate and understands my situation. What she demonstrates to me is not only her extensive experience but also humanity, respect and care. She is my first counselor and I’m truly luck having her, to support me, guild me to walk through my life challenges. Words limit my gratitude but thank you, Camilla.

J.O.·May 12, 2020


Camilla Ford is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a calmness and positive energy to her that made me feel comfortable right away. She has a lovely way to her that made me want to open up even more and her abilities to guide me were exceptional. Everything she suggested helped me move towards the direction of self healing. I would recommend working with her to everyone. I have nothing but good things to say.

I.N.·May 05, 2020


So far, so good. Enjoying the experience with Camilla! She is patient and a good listener.

R.A.·Apr 27, 2020


Camilla listens to me and offer s feedback in a welcoming way. She is already helping me cope with family members and I appreciate her perspectives.

R.O.·Mar 30, 2020


Camilla is a wonderful counselor! She see’s my perspective. She also sees my situation in a light to know what I can work on to bring my life more peace and happiness. I really appreciate her sensitivity to the spiritual side of life.

A.M.·Mar 30, 2020


Camila is a really good listener and is also highly intuitive. I've been going to therapy for years and recently moved across the country having to not only switch to a new therapist, but due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, I've also had to switch to online therapy. Working with Camila has been seamless, as she keys into my habits, tendencies and needs easily. I've really enjoyed our sessions and look forward to new discoveries.

T.Y.·Mar 27, 2020


Camilla helped me during the hardest time of my life, when I was so lost that I couldn't find my way back or what I was doing next. She guided me through my re-birth, helping me with my marriage, my social life and my self esteem. I cannot say enough. Thank you Camilla! Talking to her was really life changing. Like I told her I am now myself again but with an antivirus installed because I have the tools to guide me and a firewall to protect me against the challenges that will show up.

D.A.·Jan 12, 2020


Camilla is absolutely wonderful. She's thoughtful, encouraging, kind and generous with resources, insights, and practices. I feel like she's present to my experiences and helps me navigate with calm and clear wisdom.

M.E.·Nov 22, 2019


She is friendly and open from the very beginning, it’s almost like talking to a friend.

T.I.·Nov 18, 2019


Camilla is a kind, compassionate therapist who makes you feel at ease when confiding in her about your most personal details about your life.

A.D.·Oct 21, 2019


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