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Mitch Artman is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCSW, MA
Years in Practice: 13
State: CA

I became a therapist to help people suffer less and grow more. I believe that therapy is a journey and that just as you wish to move past your pain, your pain has a meaning. Our goal is not to get you back to who you were before your issues began, but to integrate the lessons life is offering you through this challenging time.

I've worked in private practice, a mental health jail, a high-needs public clinic and in people's homes; I've exposed myself to a variety of human challenges and triumphs. Over a decade of practice, I've learned to have space for people's processes, to be a safe space as a container, to remain grounded in my listening and to be authentic in my practice.

I often use a spiritual approach in treatment -- not of any religion, but in the sense that a deeper, more meaningful and integrated you seeks to come forth. This approach has been fruitful for people of all beliefs, including atheists. I believe your life has a meaning, and that you are it.

I only do teletherapy via video - no messaging or phone calls. I also need to know the basics of your case and your needs before agreeing to beginning treatment, even if the algorithm matches us. This is to ensure I am a good clinical fit for you, and can responsibly and compassionately support you in therapy.

Finally, I write about therapy at and

Thank you.


About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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I’ve done therapy off and on for a few years with two other therapists but what I’ve learned in a few months with Mitch is huge. I feel like I found the therapist I click with and can get a huge amount from. This deels transformative. And what I also really value is his humanity and humour and the wide ranging references he can pull from to help things make sense to me. I found Mitch thanks to the betterhelp groupinars that he was doing on the hero’s journey amongst other things and what started out as just looking to attribute a nugget of wisdom on twitter turned into the best therapy partnership I’ve had. Turns out groupinars are also a great window to get a sense of fit for a potential therapist because I’ve always struggled with the idea of going on a bio and a chat.

Oct 13, 2022


Mitch is very professional and knowledgeable. He is also Spanish/ English bilingual.He understand well what it means to be part of 2 cultures, and he is able to provide insight with depth and a different perspective. All of the above characteristics are important to me in a therapist to support a path of growth and healing. I would highly recommend Mitch as a therapist for a person searching for similar path.

Sep 24, 2022


I’ve tried around 3 different therapists before Mitch and no one has been able to understand or help me in the same way that he has. I extremely recommend his counseling.

R.E.·Jan 06, 2022


Mitch has been an awesome therapist. He listens, responds with insights that land really well for me, and he is easy and comfortable to talk with. The best therapist I've ever had!

W.E.·Nov 15, 2021


Mitch is an empathetic and validating counselor while still encouraging and challenging you to do the work to see improvements in your life and relationships. Thanks Mitch!

J.A.·Aug 28, 2021


There will be a lot of people in your life that will only know a certain version of you - Mitch is such a great listener and communicator that I feel, very quickly, he understood me, my situation, my fears, and had a set plan and journey for me to reach my goals for a more “happy” life. 12/10 would recommend Mitch. Very grateful for his understanding and help.

B.E.·Jun 16, 2021


I have been participating in sessions with Mitch for about five months. He has helped me to learn and grow in more ways than I can explain. He listens with intention, asks questions that assist me with my own self-discovery and encourages me to get out of my comfort zone while adding a little bit of humor to make things so much more relaxed than previous therapists. He provides a safe space of care and compassion. I am eternally grateful for the person that I have become under Mitch's thoughtful guidance.

C.H.·Mar 29, 2021


Mitch is amazing! I’m very thankful for having him as my counselor!

A.N.·Mar 25, 2021


Mitch is great he and I always find good ways to cope with my problems together

A.D.·Jan 25, 2021


Mitch is hands down one of the best counselors one can work with! Even when we meet less often than I want due to my schedule, the time spent with him is very impactful and drives positive breakthroughs. 5 STARS!

G.E.·Nov 24, 2020


Mitch is a wonderful counsellor. He's compassionate, empathetic, & a tremendous listener. Mitch brings a wealth of knowledge to each & every session. I feel blessed to be working with him.

J.A.·Oct 09, 2020


Mitch is great! His unique style is both caring and thoughtful. I appreciate that he is spiritual and philosophical, while being therapeutic. Mitch leaves plenty of space for the client to contemplate and speak, while guiding when necessary. Though he doesn’t provide much in the area of advice or direction, he gives good points to consider that allow the client to discover options on their own. I truly appreciate his intellect and direct approach to communication.

L.E.·Sep 03, 2020


This may be a bit cliche but Mitch is an excellent listener. I feel like he really hears me, and understands my thoughts. He is kind, honest, and forward which I appreciate. He really gets me thinking about my life and gives great feedback that helps me move forward with my therapy. I really look forward to our conversations.

J.E.·Jul 25, 2020


Great, attentive listener

R.O.·Jul 20, 2020


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