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LMFT Orin Conant

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Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

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Orin Conant is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

More about me

Licensing: LMFT
Years in Practice: 12
State: CA

Hello friends, my name is Orin and I am so grateful to be doing the work that I love. I am from Central California, born and raised, so I know the In-n-Out menu by heart, flip-flops are a wardrobe essential, and eating outdoors was the norm way before the pandemic. I am known for wearing colorful tie-dye shirts, because I love the symbolism of peace, love, and understanding. Those are the ideals that I try to embody.

I am driven by a desire to help others meet themselves with love and understanding, wherever they are in life. This is what gives me fulfillment. I accomplish this objective by collaboratively working with clients to establish a mindfulness lifestyle, focused on kindness, acceptance, respect for others, positive-states-of-mind, inner-peace, and love. In a world filled with constant distractions, demands, and stresses, it becomes clear that mindfulness provides needed focus, clarity, and (ultimately) fulfillment and happiness. Mental health services should be laser-focused on helping a client foster a way of life that can lead to greater peace, wisdom, and joy.

Life is full of so many challenges – everyone goes through some sort of difficulty over the course of their time on earth. There are important skills and concepts, which we can consistently apply to our everyday life, for improved personal insight and habits/behaviors. I teach my clients skills and concepts based on empirically proven forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), including Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP). I have had special training in all these evidence-based modes of therapy.

Scientific studies have confirmed that practicing mindfulness regularly allows you to begin to change the way that you experience life. As a direct result your brain is less stressed, focuses better, is less prone to automatic responses, becomes more resilient to future challenges, and becomes more efficient in regulating emotions. Your body also becomes less tense and improved at fighting disease. These factors help to improve relationships and to become more engaged in work/school. You may very well experience greater levels of happiness and peace in your life by living with mindfulness.

My education has consistently been geared toward my goal of humbly understanding the human experience. My undergraduate (BA) degree in psychology was completed at California State University, Fresno. I gained my master's degree in Counseling Psychology at National University, Fresno Campus. I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, since 2011. My credentials and granted by the state of California.

I have worked, as a clinician, in addiction/recovery settings, in community-based family mental health programs, in foster-care services, in group-home clinical services, as a child therapist, and as a crisis co-responder/clinician going out with police to address crisis situations. Prior to licensure I held over 20+ years of human-service work experience. In all these capacities, I have been dedicated to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

I am looking forward to working with you.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Thank you for choosing to help the people like me who need people and support like you. You really are needed and essential to my struggle and I Don't know how Id have gotten through a lot of difficult suffering if it hadn't been for our sessions

Jan 18, 2023


I have only been working with Orin for a few weeks, but he is always attentive and engaged with the challenges that I bring up in sessions. Orin listens, reflectively inquires, and then suggests tailored practices to help me toward my goals. He is clearly experienced, compassionate, and professional.

Jan 15, 2023


I have worked with Orin for over a year, and found his therapeutic approach to be compassionate, attentive, and always focused on presenting me tools and ways of seeing things that will make a difference for me in the "now" and in the "long run". I would recommend Orin to anyone looking for an experienced and compassionate therapist.

Nov 30, 2022


He's awesome!

Nov 08, 2022


Great l

Oct 30, 2022


I’ve been with Orin for almost two years and he really was a special send to help save my life. Before Orin I was lost in bad relationships one after another, he helped me navigate through my past trauma to help find more meaningful relationships. I was riddled with anxiety and had been muted so long I didn’t know how to have healthy communication and boundaries. Life still brings challenges but with his help I am able to navigate and live a more fulfilling life where my needs are a priority. I even applied for my dream job and am loving every day of it! I recommend BetterHelp to everyone I meet and refer Orin to people all the time. I’m in such gratitude.

Sep 29, 2022


Orin is a kind, compassionate person. He listens and tries to understand everything you are saying and feeling.

R.E.·Aug 16, 2022


I have been meeting with Orin Conant for some months now. He has worked hard to get me to analyze and express my concerns and issues and has approached my concerns and issues with expertise, patience and good humor. I think I have made real progress with Orin's help.

L.E.·Jul 18, 2022


Great experience with Orin. He has really guided me to use the right tools such as mindfulness to use in my daily life. He is a wonderful listener, and very respectful and kind. I really enjoy my sessions with Orin, therapy has brought me a lot of peace in my life.

T.I.·Jul 08, 2022


He has helped me soo much!!

S.A.·May 24, 2022


Orin is great. He is warm, welcoming and provides multiple approaches to problems you may have. He’s also quite flexible and makes time to discuss things with you.

C.H.·May 12, 2022


Orin has been amazing. Helpful, skillfull, and on point. A new trusted advisor!

K.E.·Apr 21, 2022


The therapist is on top of our session and responds in a timely manner and has great insight

B.R.·Apr 20, 2022


Orin is kind, thoughtful, connected and positive. There were many moments where he listened carefully and helped me recenter my approach to situations that were causing me stress or anxiety. I would highly recommend Orin as a positive guide through therapy.

A.M.·Apr 07, 2022


Excellent therapist understands the issues I am dealing with. helps with coping mechanisms. Helps me to negotiates through my feels and fears!

H.A.·Apr 01, 2022


Orin and I just began working together but he has been fantastic. I appreciate the conversations we have at our therapy session and I’ve already learned some things from him that are helping me with my emotions and life.

M.I.·Mar 10, 2022


Orin is a wonderful therapist. He’s very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. He gives great advice and he’s a fantastic listener. He also gives you the proper tools to help better your life and situation. Highly recommend.

L.E.·Feb 06, 2022


Orin has been a lot of help to me and is great at what he does

B.R.·Jan 20, 2022


Orin is awesome! great listener, wise guidance and counsel, Fun to listen to. He has a hippy spirit about him and I like his positive attitude.

D.A.·Jan 17, 2022


He is so kind and listens very well. I've never felt embarrassed with any of my concerns or felt like I couldn't talk to him about something. He's like the therapist equivalent to a care bear.

R.E.·Jan 12, 2022


Great guy very insightful

K.A.·Jan 08, 2022


Orin is a great therapist, easy to work with, punctual, bright, caring of my therapy goals, emotionally available, open-minded, professional and solutions-oriented. I highly recommend him.

J.O.·Nov 12, 2021


I stayed with him for almost a whole year, and he's always given great insight. I'll definitely be able to use a lot of my therapy exercises he provided and use it into my daily life and self-work.

J.E.·Oct 13, 2021


I connect with Orin very well. I feel like we've hit the ground running and immediately feel a sense of direction that I have been missing, where life before was much about wading through the chaos. The tools he offers and the response from emotion dumps are effective.

P.H.·Sep 12, 2021


Orin is compassionate and empathetic and genuinely cares about his clients. Highly reccomended.

L.Y.·Aug 19, 2021


Orin Conant is a compassionate, thoughtful and creative counselor who is successfully helping me through a difficult grieving time as well as some long term challenges. Along with being patient and kind, he clearly has great counselor chops! He is making a big a big difference in my life.

N.A.·Aug 19, 2021


Orin is the sweetest kindest person, he knows how to get to the heart of something and helps you pull through with methods that really get you to see your own self worth. He's compassionate and listens perfectly.

R.E.·Aug 06, 2021


Orin is an amazing therapist. When I first came to him I was lost , couldn’t sleep, riddled with anxiety and was just barely getting through life. Now I’m doing better everyday and always on a path of healing. I have tools that help me get through the struggles of living this life. I was also from a family that doesn’t believe in therapy and have encouraged some of my siblings too attend therapy too. I truly believe Orin is helping break that cycle. I’m so grateful for therapists like Orin that really want to help their patients.

K.A.·Jul 16, 2021


Orin is wonderful and compassionate. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

J.E.·Jun 24, 2021


I’ve been working with Orin to help me gain the confidence to build boundaries along with coping with anxiety & anger in my daily life. Being able to cope & reinforce my boundaries in my relationships has made me feel so much more confident & capable. I truly appreciate the work I’ve been doing with Orin.

S.H.·Jun 15, 2021


Orin is very patient and understanding with me.

E.R.·Jun 10, 2021


Orin has been incredibly thoughtful and helpful with helping me navigate a period of family trauma. He has provided effective exercises and and truly cares to listen to what I have to say. I would definitely recommend Orin.

B.E.·Jun 05, 2021


Orin is very helpful with a focus on mindfulness.

A.L.·May 26, 2021


Orin has helped me understand myself in so many ways. I really enjoy his personality, and he's like a really good friend that you can tell anything to and not be judged. I feel free to say anything that's on my mind, and Orin is an excellent listener and understands where I'm coming from. Orin really wants to help. He's genuinely concerned and puts his heart in it. He has an excellent memory, and is real good at reminding me of things we've discussed in the past (I may forget things; he'll remind me). I've been doing sessions with Orin for quite some time (I've taken some breaks in between).

D.E.·May 17, 2021


Amazing experience such a top notch service

B.R.·May 06, 2021


A great counselor with kindness and an ability to listen/respond thoughtfully. Overall a beneficial experience.

R.Y.·Apr 13, 2021


He really listens to your goals and considers what your needs are and meets you where you are to work collaboratively instead of telling you what to do

J.U.·Apr 09, 2021


Orin is perceptive and invested with his clients, and creates a comfortable space to address oneself

L.Y.·Mar 14, 2021


He's very compassionate and understanding. He really helps me to realign my focus on more positive aspect of myself, while not ignoring the trauma but allowing me to come to peace with my past and utilize the strengths I've gained from them.

R.E.·Feb 21, 2021


I had almost given up on finding a compatible counsellor till I met Orin. I am very grateful for having found him. His guidance was crucial in helping me with my family issues. He is also helping me with my personal issues. I feel like I am talking to a friend. I find it very helpful and comforting.

E.S.·Feb 16, 2021


Orin has one of those personalities that immediately makes you feel at ease. He's provided me with a lot of tools for managing my anxiety, and I really appreciate his advocacy for meditation. Our sessions were always helpful, and he was great about sending little messages or links throughout the week about things he thought might be helpful for me. I feel much more confident in handling my own anxieties and issues, and am so thankful for being paired with him!

E.M.·Feb 02, 2021


Orin is really good at helping to find the answers. I feel like he's giving me great insights and tools. I highly recommend him.

M.E.·Feb 01, 2021


he really understands and makes you feel less alone. he’s amazing!

M.E.·Jan 01, 2021


Very understanding and informative. Never says anything negative and provides a lot of alternative solutions to my concerns. My favorite thing is he never speaks over me, and waits for me to finish talking before commenting.

N.A.·Dec 26, 2020


Orin has been very helpful in getting to deeper issues and providing support and techniques for dealing with my issues.

E.R.·Dec 05, 2020


Orin is a great listener and provides great advice.

D.A.·Dec 04, 2020


Orin has been a calming presence and a dependable calibrator for the voice inside my head. He does an excellent job of asking open-ended and non-judgemental questions to find solutions to my underlying issues and keep me focused on what's important. He gives advice when needed, with plenty of compassion and understanding, and not before he's come to a working knowledge of the specific details of the problem I'm having. I'm grateful that I found Orin and I would recommend his counseling to anyone who needs someone to listen attentively

M.I.·Dec 03, 2020


Orin is a great great listener and I am very happy I chose him as my current therapist. I feel like I can simply express myself and have him give me the right guidance with our sessions. Analogies are always on point and his expertise says a lot about the people he’s helped! 10/10 would recommend (:

H.E.·Dec 01, 2020


Orin has been a wonderful resource in helping me receive the appropriate counseling and support that I need. He has such a calming presence and is very knowledgeable in providing you tools and tips for how to help you in your current life situations. He's non-judgmental and incredibly supportive. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for someone that you can trust and gain useful insight from.

C.E.·Oct 26, 2020


Orin is thoughtful and kind, he has helped but things into perspective for me.

A.R.·Oct 13, 2020


Orion was the best option of therapist I could have, he was understanding, patient, funny in appropriate situations and in general someone that made me comfortable to open up with. He helped me become a better version of myself.

A.R.·Oct 09, 2020


Orin is very patient and understanding. I find the meditations and worksheets he sends me to be very helpful and I like that he checks in on me if I don't get back to him right away.

R.E.·Oct 08, 2020


I found Orin to be a great therapist. For me, he guided me through the issues that I had with compassion and understanding, without judgement. His methods were spot on for what I needed. The tools he gave me I will continue to use. I would highly recommend Orin to anyone else who needs help.

S.C.·Oct 05, 2020


Orin is a wonderful counselor and I consider myself lucky to have been matched with him on the first go. From the short time we were able to connect, I am able to say that I would definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with anxiety and stress. Right off the bat, speaking to Orin is like speaking to an old friend. His voice is calming, he is very understanding and open, and makes it very easy to open up to him. I know the tools he has given me will immensely help my day to day life and mindset overall.

J.A.·Sep 24, 2020


Thanks for all the support and kindness. You listen and you stay in touch. I hope you have someone like yourself in your life to talk to. Always thought therapy was not for me “who needs that stuff - you have a problem you fix it, it’s all in your head”. Thanks so much for the help Orin. I’ll get there yet, with your help.

A.L.·Sep 04, 2020


Orin is very responsive, respectful and compassionate. He provides a lot of tools for me to try out.

A.N.·Aug 29, 2020


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