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LCSW Sarah (preferred name: Yan Lin) Tso

Provides online counseling through BetterHelp

Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

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Sarah (preferred name: Yan Lin) Tso is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCSW
Years in Practice: 7
State: GA

Do you find yourself asking questions like this: Why can't I ever relax? Why do I lack motivation or confidence? Why do I allow myself to be treated badly by my partners? How do I overcome this anger I feel about the injustices I am facing? How can my partner and I learn to resolve arguments without hurting each other?

I work with people regardless of ability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation and gender identity. I am committed to offering culturally conscious therapy, overcoming bias and stigma with a healing justice framework. In addition, I use a strengths based approach to build upon skills clients already have to strengthen coping and resilience to trauma.

Welcome and congratulations on your commitment to health and healing! No matter what leads you to counseling, there is always hope for a better day. Sometimes finding the right therapist is difficult. I'm Yanlin and I'm looking forward to meeting you! To tell you a little about myself, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I received my Master's in Social Work at Florida State University and since then I have worked with diverse people for 6 years in a variety of settings. Congratulations for taking the first step! Starting with a new therapist can be uncomfortable, but is well worth the time and energy when you find the right fit. Let me tell you a little about my approach to help you make your decision.

First my goal is to build a supportive relationship, which must include safety, trust and acceptance. I believe that therapy must center on you, your strengths and how you define your own needs. I use a strengths based approach to help you recognize your own resources and supports available to help you achieve your goals. I also like to acknowledge the incredible challenges we face in our world today. Our lives are changing so quickly that it can be difficult to know what the future may hold. I am happy to help you stay resourced and grounded to find the path and coping skills that work best for you. Also know that I am open to working with anyone regardless of race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, politics, ability, career related issues, sexual orientation or gender identity.

My experience includes working with adults who may be facing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, discrimination, substance abuse, relationship issues, codependency, LGBT related concerns and trauma. My approaches include motivational interviewing, mindfulness therapy, reality therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. In therapy, I always ask how we can build on the strengths to adapt to the circumstances at hand, while identifying barriers that keep you from achieving your goals. Online therapy offers great options for accessibility. I'm willing to offer multiple modalities, but I also work best if we can have live sessions, either through Phone or Video. I believe you will get more out of therapy that way rather than through messaging alone. Anyone can benefit from this type of therapy and we can work at many levels to see you through to reaching your goals.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Reviews for Sarah (preferred name: Yan Lin) Tso

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27 Reviews
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Yan Lin is incredibly kind and understanding.

L.A.·May 10, 2022


Thank you Yan Lin for being available.

M.E.·May 09, 2022


Sarah is an amazing therapist who has helped me with so much. She deserves a raise.

K.A.·Jan 03, 2022


She always is there and gives me great advice

J.E.·Nov 19, 2021


Sarah has truly helped me address some major concerns with regards to my anxiety, depression, and self-confidence. Sarah listens with an attentive ear and enabled me to see the best path forward to face my insecurities in a meaningful way. Her calm and open manner reflects her compassion to support my concerns with a realistic mindset. I am thankful that I was able to find such a wonderful and professional therapist. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who truly wants to work to address their issues in a honest manner.

T.H.·Sep 08, 2021


Sarah is an awesome therapist. I would absolutely recommend going to her.

K.A.·Aug 26, 2021


Sarah was an excellent and adaptable therapist. I have worked with others on BetterHelp and felt she did an excellent job at offering support, and explaining thoughts and feelings I was trying to express but could not comfortably put into words. Our counsellor-patient relationship stayed professional but she was not afraid to be friendly and talk about normal subjects when I wasn’t ready to talk about personal issues during our sessions. We worked through specific goals in healing we discussed periodically during the months spent together and I feel much more confident in my ability to take care of myself and my trauma as a result of her guidance and the work done between sessions. Very grateful to have worked with Sarah, she was an excellent fit.

J.A.·Aug 25, 2021


Sarah has been very helpful helping me discover the triggers and lack of boundaries that were troubling me. She has provided consistent understanding and care with multiple suggestions for resources and self care.

E.R.·Aug 13, 2021


Sarah has helped me talk through things that are uncomfortable for me to face as well as given me coping mechanisms for my anxiety. She’s awesome.

I.V.·Jul 28, 2021


Awesome therapist and does what she can to provide best support. Would strongly recommend.

J.E.·May 27, 2021


I was only a patient of Sarah's for a short period of time. From the very first session, she helped me understand my most recent trauma as well as provided me with grounding exercises that I'll likely be using for the rest of my life! If it wasn't for me moving, I would've stayed with Sarah, but due to licensing I was not able to continue being her client. If you are able to have her as a counselor, you are lucky!

S.A.·May 06, 2021


Sarah is an awesome therapist! She has been helping me a lot. I would absolutely recommend going to her.

K.A.·Apr 21, 2021


Sarah is a wonderfully patient, compassionate, and thoughtful counselor. I love her approach on mindfulness and non-judgment. She gives a warm presence that allowed me to open up and thoughtful nudges that made me curious about new, compassionate ways to approach my own healing. I highly, highly recommend Sarah as a counselor if you're looking for someone to give you the space to be authentic.

K.R.·Apr 20, 2021


Sarah is patient, thoughtful and generous with her knowledge. I have felt supported and encouraged in making progress toward my coals, and her kindness and candor gently pushed me forward. I'm grateful to have been connected with her through Betterhelp.

R.I.·Apr 07, 2021


Sarah is very easy to talk to. If I had more time I’d say more. But she’s been lovely.

Z.U.·Apr 07, 2021


She is wonderful, helpful and a great resource.

E.R.·Feb 05, 2021


Sarah is a kind, patient and caring counselor who bring a calm and focused presence to her therapy sessions. I have gained very specific insights based on her ability to hear what I am dealing with and presents sound concepts that I can understand and implement in my daily life. Sarah reflects a strong sense of caring without pressing me into a specific way of thinking. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who is searching to gain understanding and continued improvement in their emotional, as well as, psychological well-being.

T.H.·Feb 01, 2021


Sarah is a fantastic counselor. I am both grateful for her and my experience with Betterhelp. As a gay man, I have felt safe, seen, heard, and supported. I would highly recommend Sarah as a counselor. She has helped me get my YASS back;)

T.O.·Feb 01, 2021


she’s friendly and professional

A.U.·Jan 07, 2021


Very nice and heartwarming person that calmed me down and gave good advice.

T.E.·Nov 30, 2020


Sarah is a great therapist. I fully recommend her services.

A.M.·Nov 18, 2020


Sarah is amazing and offers a very intelligent, unbiased perspective. She's helped me cope with several traumas related to my sister's death. I highly recommend her to anyone!

J.A.·Oct 31, 2020


Sarah has been my counselor for 3 months. She helped me navigate a difficult transitionary period which was greatly aided by her counseling. She is receptive to understanding my problems and addresses them in past, present, and future contexts. I understand myself better and am able to identify realistic and healthy objectives to pursue. Personally, she is warm, intelligent, and easy to confide it. I recommend Sarah!

A.N.·Oct 07, 2020


Kind, responsive - Sarah helps me work on my goals and suggests helpful tools to work with. From meditations to worksheets, to book suggestions, I enjoy this type of "homework".

B.U.·Sep 19, 2020


Sarah is a very kind person who truly puts you first. She cares and checks up on her clients to make sure they’re well, also shes a great listener and it’s always a pleasure when I get a chance to talk with her and listen to her advice. She truly knows what she’s talking about

J.O.·Aug 13, 2020


very kind and welcoming! Would recommend :)

G.E.·Aug 09, 2020


Sarah has helped me with so much in such a short amount of time. It's not easy but I feel better and better everyday!

K.E.·Jun 18, 2020


Sarah (preferred name: Yan Lin) Tso offers counseling online via BetterHelp

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