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MSW, LCSW Rebecca Solomon

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Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

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Rebecca Solomon is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

More about me

Licensing: MSW, LCSW
Years in Practice: 21
State: NJ

I am originally from Boston, but I spent the last 20 years in Chicago. In July, 2021, I moved to New Jersey with my family. I am married with four children (a 16 year old son, 13 year old daughter, and twin 10 year old sons). I love spending time with my family and friends. Some of my favorite activities are going to the beach, riding my bike, traveling, reading, watching sports, playing at the park with my kids, cooking with my husband, and sharing a meal with loved ones.

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and my Master's of Social Work Degree at The University of Michigan. I have been working with children, families, and adults for over 20 years. I have worked in juvenile detention, schools, private practice, and as a home-based therapist. Most of my experience has been working with clients who are struggling with mental health concerns, such as Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, and Psychosis. I also have worked extensively with clients who have experienced relationship issues, trauma and abuse, and interpersonal conflict.

I believe that my role as a therapist is to listen and understand the needs and motivations of my clients. Once there is understanding of the client's goals, then we can work together to help him/her/them get there and conquer obstacles that may be getting in the way. I typically use Cognitive Behavioral strategies to work with clients on changing problematic behaviors and thought processes. I approach therapy through a Humanistic lens that examines all of the systems in one's life and how they are working/not working for that client. My style is warm, open-minded, and supportive. However, I also believe in honesty and the need for direct communication. Asking for support is a brave first step in working to create the life you want to live. I'm excited to work with you on this difficult, but rewarding journey!

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Amazing therapist. Honest, attentive, and extremely assertive. Has been a blessing for us.

Jan 31, 2023


Rebecca is the best therapist I have known and is always there when I need it10/10

Dec 15, 2022


Great therapist. She is helping me with managing my anxiety.

Dec 04, 2022


Rebecca Solomon is an incredible therapist. I went through major life changes, grief, death, divorce, and she stood by my side. She articulated many insights so that I could extricate myself from bad situations and kind of look at tough life situations from different angles. I grew a lot with her support. I am so thankful for my life.

Oct 20, 2022


Rebecca has been great with communicating and understanding what my needs are!

Oct 20, 2022


She is great.

L.I.·Jul 19, 2022


I appreciate the enthusiasm and support that Rebecca Solomon has shown me over the last few weeks! She has made my first step into therapy a foundation to my recovery and I will be forever grateful for that. Worth every message.

M.A.·Jun 30, 2022


Rebecca has been amazing. She has helped me to focus my thoughts and to calm my emotions. She is very direct and doesn't sugar coat anything. Which has definately been extremely helpful.

J.A.·May 18, 2022


It has been a pleasure working with Rebecca for the past couple weeks. I joined Better Help in an attempt to find an outlet of communication that I wasn’t getting at home. Rebecca provided me with all that I needed. She is kind, patient, and thoughtful and immediately makes you feel comfortable in the Better Help setting.

I.A.·Apr 25, 2022


She's great

L.I.·Mar 11, 2022


Rebecca truly seems like she wants what is best for me as her client. She takes the time to check in with me and follow up on issues we have discussed which holds me accountable. I trust her and she is great at challenging me but respectfully on areas of my life where I may need to be more assertive or set better boundaries. Rebecca is an excellent therapist.

M.A.·Nov 29, 2021


She is awesome and responsive.

L.I.·Oct 30, 2021


I love how she keeps you focused and provides resources has a consistent time frame of responding

N.I.·Oct 12, 2021


I'm someone who typically likes to talk things out, so I was initially thrown off by the idea of primarily messaging for therapy. However, after just a couple of days of messaging with Rebecca, I felt the benefit of being able to be intentional with what I shared instead of just word dumping. It was also extremely helpful for me to be able to back and reread what we had talked about. I'm very grateful for her insight, support, and patience.

J.O.·Sep 16, 2021


Rebecca makes me feel validated and helps me to examine points in my life that I might be overlooking or having a hard time grasping. Her counseling style is encouraging and kind but firm.

R.A.·Apr 27, 2021


Rebecca had been an amazing help. I'm not the best at explaining things and she still gets me and understands what I mean. 10/10 definitely recommend. I can't thank her enough for bringing my life and mental health more peace

J.E.·Mar 25, 2021


Rebecca is very insightful and concise in her advice. I really appreciate her guidance!

A.N.·Feb 17, 2021


Rebecca is doing a great job

D.A.·Jan 25, 2021


Rebecca is kind in her response but very on point..makes me think but helps me to s healing place or get there..I find i really want to share with her and get her feedback I depend on her next steps..she is great

L.A.·Dec 30, 2020


Rebecca is a great listener and is very empathetic but also supportive and gives tools and strategies for helping to deal with what life throws at me. I am lucky to have been matched with her!

M.A.·Nov 05, 2020


Rebecca has a magical ability to really *get it* when you describe or share a problem/issue you have. She's absolutely kind, encouraging and honest; I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to generate positive changes in their lives without the fear of criticism or the unknown. For those with stubborn minds (like myself) who joined with half-skepticism, her intelligence and care really shows in her responses. If you have the slightest willingness to be helped, you'll appreciate her knowledge and her ability to deliver it. She's mostly messages-only - this confused me at first, but I quickly appreciated being able to think/reflect/study between the messages as well as having a full transcript of the counseling. She's extremely quick to reply but always with great detail, so if your concern is of her potential attentiveness to the issues you might be going through, let this review put that to rest.. Highly recommended!

S.E.·Oct 07, 2020


Rebecca gets me. I write a ton of stuff, meandering, almost diary-like stuff that often goes nowhere. There's a lot of layers in my life and somehow she manages to put the whole picture together very very quickly and succinctly. Sometimes I read my entries back, from months earlier to understand who I am in process and I am always surprised that her responses went to the heart of the matter that was eating at me, even if I wrote copiously. Thank you for making sense of just a ton of stuff.

C.L.·Sep 22, 2020


I absolutely enjoy having Rebecca as my counselor. She looks at issues from your prospective and helps you get through to a solution. So glad I have had her at this low point in life.

K.R.·Aug 03, 2020


I am only begining with her, she is very attentative. It is me who is struggling to use her to the fullest potential.

S.H.·Jul 31, 2020


Rebecca is wonderful!!

D.A.·Jun 06, 2020


She is a very understanding person that really pointed out things that could help me. She gave great advice on how to fix things and work with my emotions. One thing that I wish she would have done is offered more ways to communicate with her. Other than that she has been great.

R.E.·May 31, 2020


Amazing person! Gave me some great advice.

M.E.·May 08, 2020


Rebecca has been there for me as a trusted advisor, not only to listen but give great guidance. She helps me think about situations in different perspectives and respects my decisions. I have more than once vented to no end and knowing she’s on the other side given an objective view of my situation means so much. I feel like I look at things much differently now and use a lot of the tools and techniques she has given me in my day to day life.

D.O.·Feb 26, 2020


She is very compassionate and I feel she really listens to me.

K.I.·Dec 23, 2019


I have been talking to Rebecca through BetterHelp for only a short time, but those around me can already tell a huge difference. I went through some pretty serious trauma, and it has taken me a great deal of time to actually talk to someone. Even when I feel overwhelmed and disappear for a week, Rebecca repeatedly checks in, remembers key details, and lets me know she is ready to talk when I am. That really means everything to my success with this process, as avoidance has always been an issue for me. I will continue to work with her, and I would highly recommend Rebecca based on our time talking and her obvious expertise.

J.O.·Jul 19, 2019


Rebecca is extremely attentive and caring. She is very smart and really cares about her clients.

P.A.·Jun 25, 2019


Amazing listener. No judgement and let’s you be heard. Also provided amazing recommendations in a no pressure well to help you get through times in your life where a little direction is needed. She is amazing and I would highly recommended her.

B..·Jan 18, 2019


I could not speak more highly of Rebecca. She is empathetic, listens, and actually provides me with tools and tips I can use to move forward. I have never felt more respected or comfortable with a counselor. It feels as though she genuinely cares and wants to see me happy. She gives incredible advice, and has a lot of insight about the human mind, and why we think or act certain ways, which is helpful to hear. I would recommend her to anyone.

M.A.·Nov 23, 2018


Rebecca has helped me navigate a complex issue, and has done so with extreme care, encouragement and wisdom. Being able to talk with her whenever I needed to has made such a difference at a time when life was messy, fast-paced and complicated. I appreciate her thoughtful responses and feel more confident knowing someone is always in my corner.

B.E.·Sep 25, 2018


Wonderful counselor and a great listener. The worksheets she chooses to assign are helpful if you are looking how to organize an approach to your issue.

M.I.·Sep 21, 2018


Talking with Rebecca feels like a weight lifting off my shoulders. She’s very responsive and intuitive, and I can tell she understands what I’m saying and where I’m coming from. I’ve been to quite a few counselors, but Rebecca is the only one who has shown me a new perspective on my situation, and I’m very grateful for that. She also regularly checks in on me if I haven’t responded in a few days, which definitely makes me feel cared for. Rebecca, you are awesome!

M.I.·Sep 20, 2018


I have only had a few conversations but all have been positive and help me explore myself.

C.L.·Apr 16, 2018


Rebecca has been a good helping me process and have tools to use with anxiety and stress and worry.

V.A.·Apr 07, 2018


Rebecca has been so attentive and so helpful. I'm grateful that I have someone like her to talk to.

C.H.·Oct 22, 2017


Rebecca is very open and helpful. She listens and tries to help me figure out ways to better myself and see another perspective. I'm completely satisfied.

J.O.·Oct 17, 2017


Rebecca has been incredible. It's been good to have someone listen and then provide constructive feedback. Sometimes the feedback has been hard to hear, but it's been spot on and isn't that one of the main reasons to talk to a counselor? If you need help, Rebecca can help.

J.E.·Sep 21, 2017


Rebecca has been very helpful and very patient with me. I enjoy working with her very much :)

K.A.·Jun 23, 2017


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