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Nichole Molnar is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: MS., LCPC
Years in Practice: 8
State: CA

I have extensive experience helping those with depression, anxiety, trauma, and behavioral issues. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who works with individuals, groups, couples, and families. I have a lot of expertise in helping my clients with stress management, self-esteem issues, communication skills, peer conflict, women's issues and men's issues. I believe in building a strong therapeutic relationship and I approach each client individually to determine their course of treatment.

I use Cognitive-behavioral therapy/behavioral modification. Both have been researched and supported for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems. I also use Mindfulness techniques to help individuals be present in the moment and learn to take a step back and empower themselves to handle any situation.

My philosophy is that clients already hold the skills/tools necessary to improve. I work collaboratively with the clients to help them to achieve their goals. I prefer to see clients as quickly as I can.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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36 Reviews
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I've had two sessions with Nicole and already noticing a difference in my every day life. I look forward to more growth with the more sessions I have.

Feb 08, 2023


Very nice I'm usually apprehensive with therapists cuz I've had a few that were not helpful but I feel very optimistic about Dr Molnar being my therapist

Jan 13, 2023


Nichole is really empathetic and always makes me feel my feelings are valid. She provides really practical advice on what I can do to deal with difficult situations which helps me to turn our conversations into actions

Dec 30, 2022


Nichole has so much space to meet me where I'm at! She's helped me see more where I was putting pressure on myself in an unhelpful way, and her communication style gives me time to run my mouth but steps in when I don't know what to say. After my previous experiences I felt like I was up against a wall, but Nichole helps me see new ways forward. She is a gem and I feel blessed to get her attention

Nov 18, 2022



S.I.·Jun 23, 2022


Nicole is amazing and she keeps me on track with tackling one issue at a time to tackles other when my mind wants to focus on everything. She’s super accommodating and all around awesome!!!

A.S.·May 04, 2022


Have liked Nichole as my therapist. She’s been relatable, I’ve felt heard by her and have confidence that she understands why I want the help.

K.H.·Apr 26, 2022


Absolute lifesaver!! Couldn’t put this into any better words or think of anyone who encapsulates it better. She’s been a really amazing support in a very difficult time. I’ve had more on than I could manage and didn’t even realise the extent of my stresses until Nichole guided me through. Still a long way to go but I wouldn’t be where I am without her. Thank you!!

R.Y.·Apr 19, 2022


Nichole has been so helpful as I unpack a lot of my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. She balances patience and accountability and will challenge you, but whether you mess it up or do it perfectly, will work with you to keep brainstorming new options. Nichole makes it easy to talk to her and I have no doubt that she truly cares about her clients. I feel lucky to be a part of her caseload.

K.A.·Apr 17, 2022


Nichole has been my therapist since the Fall of 2021 and she has helped me to improve SO much over the last 6 months. Her style of therapy feels like I am talking to a friend and it allows me to feel that much more comfortable and ZERO pressure. She listens while also providing tools to put in my "mental health" tool box. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing therapist.

E.L.·Feb 28, 2022


Nicole is fantastic and I wish everyone had a therapist like her. She listens and understands. She also provides manageable tools that don’t make you feel overwhelmed. Very grateful to have her as my therapist.

M.A.·Nov 17, 2021


I greatly appreciated working with Nichole! Looking back, I benefitted a lot from my therapy sessions with Nichole over the course of a couple months. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Y.E.·Oct 12, 2021


Nichole has super helpful, I love we can talk casually but also hit all the parts I need to work on.

S.A.·Oct 12, 2021


Nichole is a wonderful therapist, she listens to me and my issues and offers her help and insights to what I'm facing. I appreciate her and I would love for her to stay as my therapist.

J.A.·Aug 16, 2021


She’s awesome!! I would recommend her to anyone looking for some advice on making your way through life :)

N.I.·Jul 23, 2021


Nichole is a fun presence and a clear confidant. She modelled support and care most when reminding me that my experiences were valid and my self-worth was important. She got me to move myself from “ah!” to “it will be ok” many times. Grateful for her practice!

A.D.·Jun 19, 2021


Nichole has been amazing. She has been helping me over come my anxiety issues that have to do with starting a new job and just life in general. Nichole is supportive and you can tell she is passionate about what she does and cares a great deal about her clients. I would recommend her to anyone.

K.A.·Jun 07, 2021


She is great! She listens and takes everything into deep consideration. She also has a cute dog!

T.Y.·May 04, 2021


Nichole is wonderful! Not only is she a great listener but she offers many resources or activities to do for me to handle what is going on in my life. I’m so thankful that she is my therapist and I would recommend her to anyone I know!

M.A.·Apr 20, 2021


I am really happy with Nichole as my counsellor. She has a very relaxed approach and is able to give me a fresh viewpoint in a way that makes me feel heard. I feel very comfortable talking about any issues I may have with Nichole and couldn’t recommend her enough!

A.M.·Apr 08, 2021


Nichole has been extremely helpful to me during a difficult time. She is very easy to talk to and has insightful comments and suggestions. I feel like I’m talking to a really level-headed and impartial friend.

B.E.·Mar 30, 2021


Nichole has really helped me gain a new mindset towards things and has helped me place boundaries where needed and also step outside my comfort zone to address things when needed. I can’t thank her enough for her help these past few months. I feel calmer and happier. So glad I took the step finally to invest in myself

L.A.·Mar 22, 2021


Nichole is a great therapist and has been helping with me with some very complex issues with a lot of ease. Highly recommended. The app is great for busy individuals who require phone calls too!

D.I.·Mar 11, 2021


I worked with Nichole for a couple of months and found her to be an extremely professional yet friendly therapist. Her intro questionnaire asks all the pertinent questions which enables her to get right to the issues from the get go. She makes each session feel like a natural conversation but always has great insight even when you don't realise you've been saying anything important. I think this is the mark of a great therapist. I am not from the same country (or continent!) As Nichole but I don't think this impacted our sessions in any way - she was able to connect with me irrespective of our different backgrounds. I would recommend Nichole to anyone who prefers a more informal therapy experience - it was this way of working that enabled me to be open and honest and really get to the bottom of my reasons for coming to therapy, without it feeling stiff and clinical, and also to work through the issues with her. She gave me practical advice as well as general techniques to address my issues head on and I feel like I overcame the main issue I was having in the short time we had together, and for this I will always be grateful. Thank you for everything Nichole!

P.H.·Feb 23, 2021


I absolutely appreciate Nicole because in a short time she has really helped me tremendously. She’s the best!

T.O.·Feb 08, 2021


Lovely lady!She has good ideas and know how to talk to you. Just tell her what hurts and she will fix.

C.R.·Jan 28, 2021


I've been counselled by Nichole since October, and its been immensely helpful to have had her as my therapist. She is super down to earth, understanding, insightful, and brings forth very tangible as well as pragmatic suggestions. She has helped me cope with my anxiety, stress, anger, and she has my warmest recommendations. Do not hesitate to accept her as your counselor.

E.E.·Jan 21, 2021


I love working with Nichole. She is relatable and empathetic without being unprofessional. She listens and is proactive in helping me work through things and find appropriate coping skills. I would 100% recommend her.

S.A.·Jan 11, 2021


I feel Nichole listen to my concerns and makes me feel they are valid then helps me deal with then

N.A.·Dec 29, 2020


Nichole is an excellent listener, with a wast experience. I was able to trust Nichole after the first session, and I have faith she is the ideal guide for my explorations.

M.A.·Dec 21, 2020


Nichole was such a great help. Very easy to talk to and she really helped me get through and how to manage my anxiety. I’m really happy I was able to work with her

L.U.·Dec 12, 2020


Nichole continues to be the best. I’m so happy I was connected with her!

L.Y.·Dec 05, 2020


Nichole is a great listener and always has great insight. I look forward to our meetings every week.

T.A.·Nov 24, 2020


Nichole is a friendly and warm counselor, who is open to working with me in the ways that I prefer and provides strong evidence based support and counseling.

H.E.·Nov 09, 2020


Nichole has really helped me through a challenging time in my life. She is a great listener and distills complex information into simple, actionable items that have helped me overcome the obstacles I faced. I look forward to our meetings!

J.E.·Oct 19, 2020


Nicole has been very helpful with easing me into talking about what has been bothering me. She's kept it casual but also professional. I'm very grateful to have connected with her on this platform. : )

S.U.·Sep 25, 2020


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