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LMHC Tunjua Nathaniel

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Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

And recovery is possible.

Tunjua Nathaniel is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LMHC
Years in Practice: 20

I provide social and psychological services to at-risk adults, adolescents, and children. I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor I am trained as a Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator. I am also trained Certified Correctional Health Professional and a Certified Addiction Professional. I started my career as working with youth at risk. I also have extensive experience working with Law Enforcement, Mental Health Court, Psychiatrists, and Corrections Officers, inmates and their families. I specialize in treating individuals with Anxiety and Depression, Bipolar, Trauma/PTSD from Sexual or Physical abuse, as well as Behavior issues,emotional abuse and anger management . A majority of my career has been spent working with dual diagnosis clients, and individuals suffering from severe mental illness. I believe that early intervention can help transform children and their parents into empowered families and individuals. I utilize a mixture of the cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, strengths-based, and postmodern theoretical approaches that assist individuals in consciously deciding what to focus on and not allow unwanted or intrusive thoughts in. These modalities also help a client to envision a future and acquire the coping mechanisms and skills to achieve the goals he/she desires.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $35 to $80 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Anger management Depression Coping with life changes Stress Anxiety Addictions LGBT Relationship issues Family conflicts Trauma and abuse Grief Intimacy-related issues Parenting issues Self esteem Career difficulties Bipolar disorder Compassion fatigue ADHD
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Reviews for Tunjua Nathaniel

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49 Reviews
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Straight forward communicator and also easy to talk to.

W.A.·Nov 06, 2021


I have only had one session with her so far, but she was lovely. I’m looking forward to working with her more.

P.A.·Oct 28, 2021


Miss Tunjua is great. I honestly love her. She's wonderful and feel great after my sessions.

A.N.·Oct 18, 2021


she really vets to know you as a person and helps in ways no one ever did or thought of. she doesn’t judge and does not hesitate to get you back on track and help you correct it

C.A.·Oct 07, 2021


I find her easy to speak to but have had only a few sessions and hope I am able to move on from previous behaviors limiting my potential.

J.E.·Oct 05, 2021


I have had many counselors in my lifetime, and Ms. T has been the greatest one of all. She not only listens to what I say, but she says exactly what I need to hear, no matter how difficult it may be. Her empathy and expertise has made a significant impact in my life for the better and I wouldn't be where I am today without her.

A.L.·Aug 22, 2021


Absolutely amazing! 10/10 recommend. Out of everyone ive talked to, she has been the only one who’s gotten through to me truly. She’s very attentive, and straightforward, and doesn’t sugar coat the truth for you. She tells you what you need to hear, and makes you take a long reflective look at yourself, to find what’s truly causing problems. Definitely something I was looking for in a therapist. 10/10 recommend.

B.E.·Aug 16, 2021


Excellent counseling

M.H.·Jul 30, 2021


Mrs.T has been very supportive and honest with me in my journey of self love & personal growth. I felt comfortable with her since day 1 and very excited to continue working with her.

J.A.·Jul 25, 2021


Incredible therapist! It is my first time being consistent after years of going once and not being ready to face myself. She has helped me begin to cultivate a different outlook and perspective on a multitude of things and we are just getting started! Her way of separating facts from feelings and finding the root cause of behavior is probably my favorite thing I’ve learned and I have implemented it in my every day life. Can’t wait for my next session!

M.I.·Jul 21, 2021


She’s the Best!! Direct, to the point and helps with teaching the tools to put your wants and needs first. Glad she’s on this journey with me!

L.E.·Jun 28, 2021


T has helped me understand and deal with my feelings. Love her!!!

P.A.·Jun 26, 2021


I am a queer, immigrant, woman of color, and I feel really grateful that I found Tunjua. She just gets it! She keeps it real, and she's really open. I don't feel like I have to code switch my language in our sessions. She's easygoing, sharp, and doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to her advice. Ms T is responsive on chat as well, and she sends me practical tools to have on hand for my anxiety.

F.A.·Jun 25, 2021


Thank you so much for believing in me and getting me through this tough time.

M.I.·Jun 13, 2021


Tunjua is very personable and great at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone!!

N.I.·May 23, 2021


Tunjua seems very warm, spiritual, and affirmative. She's a great listener AND provides great advice. Also she sends the most uplifting messages. I want to recommend her to everyone.

A.I.·May 18, 2021


She’s down to earth, professional, and approachable. She knows her field and cares about those she helps.

J.U.·May 17, 2021


Tunjua is such a good therapist! She is very in tune with herself and so she is very in tune with me and my needs. I feel heard and supported every session.

R.Y.·May 09, 2021


She is the best counselor anyone could ask for. She is very helpful and gives great advice. She is also a great listener and puts things into perspective. She’s awesome!

S.U.·May 08, 2021


Tunjua is real. In a difficult time, she is a genuine person with truly insightful words and impactful experience to share.

K.A.·Apr 27, 2021


Very accepting and caters the client’s individual needs with no hesitation! Would highly recommend her to anyone!

M.A.·Apr 16, 2021


Dr. Tunjua Nathaniel (Ms T) has been a valuable resource in my healing journey. She shoots straight from the hip and is no-nonsense when it comes to helping you become a better version of who you are meant to be. She CARES about your healing. She is principled in her methods while being positive and hopeful about my journey. I would highly recommend her (I already have!) She gives a beautiful balance of clinical experience, principled wisdom and patient listening.

D.A.·Mar 19, 2021


She is really good!

B.E.·Mar 03, 2021


I’ve just started BetterHelp and only have had one counseling session with Ms. Tunjua Nathaniel and I must say the first impressions is a lasting impression. She is a awesome listener and has great feedback. I was nervous about my first session, but she made it very comfortable for me and easy to open up. The best counselor I’ve ever talked too.

S.A.·Feb 04, 2021


If you've avoided therapy like I have for years, I promise you one session with Tunjua will change that. Thorough and straight to the point with a warm demeanor, she's everything I didn't know I needed in a therapist!

C.A.·Jan 28, 2021


She’s awesome!

C.H.·Jan 15, 2021


Dr. Tunjua has been a great therapist in my time of need. She is very straight to the point and does not sugar coat. She is also very personable and makes me feel comfortable at the same time. I am grateful to have her as my therapist.

K.A.·Jan 04, 2021


I love her attitude! She gets straight to the point and doesn’t sugar coat things. I like therapists that help me work on myself rather than just empathize and allow me to stay stagnant. If you want some real results, she’s your girl.

D.A.·Dec 20, 2020


I look forward to my counseling sessions with Ms. T. She shares insights and introduces thoughts for me to consider that support my growth .i appreciate her perspective and direct way of communicating.

A.M.·Dec 16, 2020


Very down to earth and supportive

N.A.·Nov 17, 2020


Tunjua was kind and thoughtful with her approach.

C.H.·Oct 28, 2020


She is amazing! She gets straight to the point. She is very good about flipping around what you are projecting. And she is 100% honest at all times. people should definitely recommend working with her if possible she's helped me in so many ways. I don't think anyone could ever have anything bad to say about her she's so caring and logical. She's exactly what my ideal therapist would be.

E.U.·Oct 26, 2020


Mrs. T brings great insight into how we approach our emotions, and she discusses relatable concepts, while also sharing her personal and professional experiences to help understand these concepts. I am extremely grateful for the time I have been able to spend sharing thoughts with Mrs. T.

D.A.·Oct 19, 2020


Dr. Tanjua is personable, relatable, funny, tells it like it is. She is able to give examples that connect in my mind and help unlock further pathways and realizations. I don't value myself, because I don't think I'm important. I feel like a failure (especially compared to gross expectations of myself when I don't even try) and I feel stagnant and stuck and unworthy because I have stopped growing. I'm no longer challenging myself to learn new things that are important to me and make me happy. I've begun my healing journey and I'm ready to open all the boxes of emotions I've been avoiding.

A.N.·Oct 19, 2020


Going into this, I was afraid this wouldn’t be personal because it isn’t face to face. Ms. T made me be comfortable IMMEDIATELY! She is real and she is inviting. I connect with her and I look forward to our conversations each time.

W.H.·Oct 12, 2020


I am so happy I got to know Ms. Tunjua! She has played a positive role as my therapist. I feel as if I can achieve my goals that I have set out with her guidance! Thank you so much for everything you do!

R.E.·Oct 08, 2020


She’s awesome

T.A.·Oct 08, 2020


Ms.T has helped me so much in a short time we’ve been working together. I look forward to our sessions and I feel I gain a lot from each session. She is wonderful at what she does! I’m so grateful to have met her.

G.I.·Sep 09, 2020


Ms Tunjua helped me a lot to view my past traumas in a different point of view, and she gave me really great advice that has helped me better myself. Always a good time talking to her :)

D.E.·Sep 03, 2020


Ms. T is a saint. Honestly, I was in a really dark spot when I had my video message with her. I felt hopeless, and truly felt like nothing could help me. We had our session and she was receptive, professional, and kind. I knew immediately that she was someone I could feel comfortable sharing my troubles with. We had a session exactly 29 days ago, and I feel like a different person. I feel a vigor for life I haven’t felt in a while. I don’t know what the future holds in store for me. However, I do know I have Ms. T to thank for helping me when I felt like no one could, to help me heal myself for myself.

G.I.·Aug 23, 2020


“T” is a breath of fresh air. Very real and authentic person with a lot of wisdom. She’s a woman of Christ and I very much appreciate her guidance in my time of need. Thank you “T” :) God Bless.

J.E.·Aug 20, 2020


great supporter of my needs and my issues

L.O.·Aug 12, 2020


She's a beast for real. I love her so much!

A.R.·Aug 05, 2020


T has been a saving grace in my life since the first day we met. I couldn’t be more happy I found a therapist in her!

T.A.·Jul 25, 2020


Tunjua is a gift from God to me. I prayed for someone who would listen to me, take my upset and teach me strategies on how to lead a hapoy, healthy life after trauma. She is extremely knowledgeable and I'm blessed to work with her.

A.L.·Jul 22, 2020


Ms T provides open and honest guidance as together we walk through areas of my life that need refinement. Just as you would rearrange the furniture in your home for a "fresh look and new feel" the same holds true for us as individuals, sometimes you simply need to rearrange the old thoughts and practices and and open the door to new perspectives.

M.I.·Jul 21, 2020


Ms. Nathaniel has been very professional and attentive in following up with during the week. The counseling sessions are open, relaxing and informative . I would highly recommend ms. Nathaniel to other people in need of this counseling.

F.A.·Jul 18, 2020


Miss T is really caring. I believe she truly listens to me and hears my concerns. I also like that she’s real with me, genuine and caring

C.A.·Jul 07, 2020


I really enjoy my sessions with Tunjua Nathaniel. She has helped me to view things differently and gave me some techniques to use in moments when I feel unbalanced. I appreciate her calming voice and suggestions, Thank you!

K.I.·Jun 05, 2020


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