Can Sex Addiction Meetings Make A Difference In Your Life?

Reviewed by Laura Angers, LPC

Published 06/21/2022

Have you determined that you are addicted to sex? Millions of people are struggling with sex addiction worldwide, and the WHO has categorized compulsive sexual behavior as a mental illness. You know that this is a real problem that makes it tough for people to live their lives like normal. If you’re still struggling to get things back on track, then you might be wondering what treatment options there are. For many people trying to recover from sex addiction, sex addiction meetings will make a real difference.

Sex addiction meetings are group meetings where people who have problems with sexual addiction meet up. They talk about their problems and what they have been going through as of late. There is a real therapeutic element to these sex addicts anonymous meetings that makes them perfect for many individuals. Can sex addiction meetings make a difference in your life? Keep reading to learn more about sex addiction meetings and whether they can help you get your life back to where you want it to be. Sex addiction meetings might not be the magic solution to your woes, but they can be a part of the healing process.

Why Sex Addiction Meetings Help

These sex addiction meetings help so many people because they are easy for them to relate to. Groups are made up of people who are at various stages of sex addiction recovery. Some people might be new to the recovery process, while others will be people with years of sex recovery under their belts. You can get a lot of information from people who have been through the wringer and come out okay. Talking to people who have experienced similar things to what you are going through will be beneficial.

A therapist leads most of these sex addicts anonymous meetings, but some of them might be led by faith leaders or individuals who have been successful in their recovery. It depends on what type of group you’re meeting with and what is available in your area. The general idea of sex addicts anonymous mirrors the concept of alcoholics anonymous. It’s about learning to live with addiction and acknowledging that you have a weakness. For some people, having a faith element added to the meetings will help them to stay on track, but you don’t need to be religious to benefit from this. In fact, some people will benefit more from seeking out completely secular sex addict meetings.

You can turn to the group to get support when you’re having a tough time with things. There might be times in your life when you will feel particularly weak. You might find yourself wanting to make bad decisions again, and your group can be there to support you. It’s not unusual for newer group members to get the contact information of older members or leaders. You can call someone that will act as your “sponsor” like in alcoholics anonymous. When you’re feeling like falling off the path to recovery, your fellow group member or leader can help you turn things around.

It’s a support group in all the right ways, and it has the potential to make you feel much more confident in yourself. If you feel weak when it comes to your sexual impulse control, this group idea can help. That being said, the group isn’t going to do you much good if you haven’t gone through the sex recovery process yet. Before you start going to sex addicts anonymous meetings, it’s going to be wise to seek professional help.

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Medical Help

Medical help is often necessary when people are struggling with sex addiction. Many sex addicts also happen to have problems with depression and severe anxiety. If you’re worried about depression, then you can take a depression test to see how depressed you are right now. This isn’t a diagnostic tool, but it can show you that you may need to talk to your doctor about what is going on. Once you’ve spoken to the doctor and set up an appointment, you’ll be able to receive treatment.

Getting your depression and anxiety under control will make it a lot simpler to control your impulses. This doesn’t mean that it will suddenly become simple, though. You will likely still have very strong impulses that make you want to seek out unsafe sex practices. Hopefully, getting on antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications can make a difference in your life. It likely won’t be the only thing you will need to do to get things on track. Your doctor might be able to recommend a good sex rehab clinic that can assist you.

Sex Rehab Facilities

Sex rehab facilities are fantastic for those who need extreme recovery help. Many sex addicts are not going to get things under control unless they take the right actions. Sex rehab works a lot like traditional rehab facilities that you might have heard about for drug addicts and alcoholics. You might even need help with drug and alcohol issues yourself since many sex addicts also struggle with those types of addictions. Whether you need that or not, you should just know that sex rehab is a safe place where you can recover and try to get well.

The process is going to involve abstaining from sexual activity while you focus on your physical health. You’ll be eating well, staying away from things like alcohol, and you probably won’t have access to a phone. This is because many sex addicts also have pornography addictions and compulsive masturbation habits. If you’re trying to break all of your bad sexual impulses, then you need to try to abstain from everything. It might seem a bit daunting to some initially, but the environment at these facilities is very supportive overall.

During your time at sex rehab facilities, you’ll be able to start attending group meetings as well. The first sex addicts anonymous group you attend might very well be in the clinic you’re staying at. This is a place where you can start opening up about your issues to get better. Having other people around to support you will be beneficial. You can get advice while also having people around you that do understand your struggle. It might not be easy to get through sex rehab, but it’s going to be a lot better when you approach it with the right attitude.


Therapy is important because you need help staying on the right path. Group therapy with sex addiction anonymous meetings is great, but sometimes one-on-one talk therapy is going to be even better. You might want to do both, and this will involve connecting with a therapist. You might be able to keep getting help from the therapist that was at the sex rehab facility. If that therapist isn’t in your area, then you can always look into available therapy centers in your area to see what you can work out.

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In modern times, it’s pretty simple to get therapy help even when you live in a rural area. You can get online therapy to help you work through your issues just like you would at a standard therapist’s office. It’s easy to video chat with a therapist, but you can also just talk on the phone or text with them if that’s what you would prefer. Online therapy options have opened things up for those who need treatment. You can get help if you’re feeling weak one day, and your therapist will always be there to listen if you’re a bit depressed. Going to therapy is a great idea when you’re a recovering sex addict because you want to keep yourself from falling into old habits.

Finding Sex Addiction Anonymous Meetings

If you’re on the road to recovery already, then you might be wanting to find sex addiction anonymous meetings near you. One way to find what you’re looking for is to simply Google “sex addicts meetings near me” or “SAA meetings near me.” You should see some results pop up to give you information about what is available in your area. Some cities might have more resources than others when it comes to SAA meetings, but most cities with AA meetings will also have something like this to help you.

You could also speak to your doctor or therapist about any options that they may know about. Your therapist would be especially likely to have some information that will be of use to you. You might be able to find a meeting that your therapist hosts, or your therapist could know someone that does sex addict groups. Just asking a few questions to those in the know can point you in the right direction. You shouldn’t have too tough of a time finding sex addiction anonymous meetings overall, and the process has the potential to make an impact in your life.