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Social Anxiety Test & Quiz

Nervousness, fear, and panic all describe the symptoms of anxiousness. Each one of these emotions tests one's levels of anxiety, and for some people this may be heightened by certain social situations. Social anxiety (SAD) is a common disorder that encompasses feelings of anxiousness in many social situations. If you experience SAD, know that help is out there. Before seeking treatment, there are many online resources, tests, and assessments, to help you understand your symptoms, including this social anxiety test. However, if you or a loved one is in a crisis, speak to a licensed professional today to receive the treatment you need and deserve. 


What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

What are the Signs of SAD?

How is Social Anxiety Disorder Treated?

Reviews for this test

Overall Rating

12 Reviews


This was super helpful. I wanted to clarify if I do have social anxiety and this really helped me to find out what to do

SH·Winston-Salem, United States·June 2021


it made a lot of sense.

BI·Hillsboro, United States·May 2021


This test helped me to realize that there are others with these difficulties and there is help. If others around you don't have these issues they don't understand and want to pressure you into doing things that is comfortable to them. And try to fix you which makes things much worse.

AG·Louisville, United States·April 2021


It is informative which is good.

EG·Windhoek, Namibia·July 2020


This is what I've been dealing with for I think 2.5 years .I get scared to leave the house because I'm scared of being judged and I feel like thousands of people are watching my every move , every mistake. I worry about how I dress , how I speak ... this test is great.

VN·Durban, South Africa·July 2020


I always feel like I knew I had social anxiety, but I just don't want to self diagnose. I really think this test helped me though.

IA·Perth Amboy, United States·July 2020


I have been trying to find out why I was feeling anxious at social events and after taking this test I realized I could have social anxiety. Now I hope to get help on this.

BK·Newport, United States·June 2020


I could relate to all these questions

UT·Antioch, United States·April 2020


KF·Washington, United States·October 2019


WR·Springtown, United States·October 2019


Most of the ones that said people i don't know very well, also happened to be a thing i experience with peopleni do know well, wish it had a question with those in it too

OE·Whitney, United States·September 2019


most interesting thing was seeing the questions and thinking about how many times ive felt that way and realize that its more often than i thought and more than just being scared of presentations things like going out seeing friends avoiding parties eating out and things like that

NF·New York, United States·July 2019

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